Graduation Requirements

Authorizing Body:

Curriculum Committee


Robert Noiva, Ph.D., Lynda Misra, D.O., FACP, M.Ed.

Date Issued:

August 1, 2011

Last Update:

June 22, 2017


Students are required to complete a specified set of educational experiences in order to graduate from the School of Medicine. These experiences are part of a larger set of requirements that must be satisfied in order for a student to graduate from the School of Medicine.

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in the School of Medicine.

Standard Practice Guidelines:


Students must successfully complete the following courses and clerkships in order to be considered for graduation from the School of Medicine.

M3-M4 Year Courses and Clerkships:

  • Required clerkships
    • Internal medicine 
    • Surgery 
    • Pediatrics 
    • Psychiatry 
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    • Family Medicine 
    • Neurology 
    • Ophthalmology
  • Required courses
    • Embark Research
    • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Four required M4 year clerkships
    • Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
    • Diagnostic Medicine
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Sub-internship
  • M4 Sub-Internship
  • Required Electives (16 credit weeks)

Other Requirements

  • Gateway Exam
  • USMLE Step I Exam
  • USMLE Step II CS Exam
  • USMLE Step II CK Exam


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