Quartile Authority Guidelines

Authorizing Body: Student Performance Review Committee
Author: Robert J. McAuley, Ph.D.
Date Issued: August 7, 2017
Scope and Applicability: All students enrolled in the School of Medicine

Rationale: The School of Medicine uses quartiles to rank students
for the Medical Student Performance Evaluations

Standard Practice Guideline: Quartiles are calculated based on methodologies approved by the Student Performance Review Committee (SPRC).

Procedures: An ad hoc committee of faculty and staff members will be appointed by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The committee will recommend a methodology for calculating student quartiles to the SPRC. Student quartiles must be based on academic performance. Any modifications to the methodology will be submitted to the SPRC on an as needed basis. The SPRC has final authority on the approval of a methodology for calculating student quartiles.

Definitions: Medical Student Performance Evaluations: The MSPE is a summary letter of evaluation intended to provide residency program directors an honest and objective summary of a student’s salient experiences, attributes, and academic performance. (https://www.aamc.org/members/gsa/54686/gsa_mspeguide.html, accessed 7/20/17)

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