See Something, Hear Something, Say Something


1-2:30 p.m.

Microsoft Teams

Inappropriate or unethical behavior in the academic environment comes in many forms; including but not limited to aggressive behavior (bullying), rude jokes, micro-aggressive comments, & sexual harassment. As members of the OUWB community we have a moral responsibility to say something when we see something. This is an interactive workshop for faculty, staff and students where key concepts associated with inappropriate behaviors will be defined and discussed. 


  • Identify what constitutes inappropriate behavior in the academic environment. 
  • Describe the importance of direct intervention.  
  • Apply techniques to confront the discomfort associated with addressing incidents of inappropriate behavior. 
  • Summarize the process how to report incidents of bias/inappropriate behaviors.

Deirdre Pitts, Ph.D. M.A., SCP-IPMA
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Faculty Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion;
Assistant Professor, Department of Foundational Medical Studies
OUWB School of Medicine