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Hoshin Kanri
A strategic management system where the strategy is passed down through the organization. This strategy is implemented across all areas; it is lined to functional or tactical activities and improvements.
A proactive, immediate step in implementing lean. Kaizen seeks to eliminate waste and make on-the-spot decisions on issues. Kaizen also helps employees become more efficient, creating immediate change.
An information system that uses cards to signal the need to start an event, such as to produce more products or order more supplies.
Value Stream Mapping
A visual way to map out product and information flow.
Anything that stands out of the norm then becomes obvious to the onlooker. Once something is caught out of place, the situation can then be immediately addressed and, in most cases, easily corrected.
Poka Yoke
The awareness, detection and prevention of errors that adversely affect customers and employees.
Standardized Work
All tasks are organized in the best known sequence and by using the most effective combination of resources.
Lean TemplatesThese templates help fully employ the organizational learning loop, a foundational concept of Lean.

Learning Enrichment Activities

Learn more about some of the Lean tools through these activities.