Housing Team Receives the 2018 Team Award from Oakland University

Housing Team Receives the 2018 Team Award from Oakland University
2018 Housing Team Award

The Housing Assignment Policies and Procedures (HAPP) team received the 2018 Team Award from Oakland University. The university recognized the team’s effort to streamline the housing assignment process. The collaborative effort specifically addressed the issues associated with the student experience, using the existing system capabilities, and improving overall satisfaction to both first year and returning students. 

The project was evaluated by the Pawley Lean Institute, led by Professor Mark Doman (SEHS), sponsored by Glenn McIntosh (Vice President – Student Services) and included the following team members:

Zac Budrow (Data Analyst – Student Tech Center)
Leo Debiaggi (Senior Director – Student Tech Center)
Kelly Garnett (Assistant Director – University Housing)
Bill Johnson (Senior Systems and Data Analyst – First Year Advising Center)
Adam Sternburgh (Systems Specialist II – Student Tech Center)
Dennis Wade (Director – Pawley Lean Institute)
Jim Zentmeyer (Director – University Housing)

Leo Debiaggi and Jim Zentmeyer were responsible for bringing this project to the Pawley Lean Institute as a lean workout opportunity. The team met weekly for 4 months to develop implementable changes into the current process. The changes had to be completed and tested by the end of January to address the March housing process that returning students use for the 2018-2019 school year. Complicating the process was the increase of 750 beds that would be available with the opening of the new dorm, Hillcrest Hall, in the fall of 2018.

The HAPP Team policy and resultant process they implemented stopped system crashes, increased student satisfaction, and made dramatic improvements for returning and first year students seeking housing. Housing contracts have exceeded objectives for both returning and first year students. Glenn McIntosh believed that another measurement from his perspective was the number of complaints regarding the process from both parents and students. Glenn stated, “This year I did not receive one single complaint, a tremendous improvement from the previous two years.”

Mark Doman commented, “We had a team that understood the problem and was committed to making the recommendations that would lead to real change. Given the student feedback, this is a real success story.”