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2017 Pawley Lean Institute scholarships awarded

2017 Pawley Lean Institute scholarships awarded
2017 Pawley Lean Institute Scholarship Recipients
Front Row: Andrew Kwietniewski (MBA/SBA), Bill Edwards (Visiting Instructor - Industrial and Systems Engineering), Sarah Dyson (Human Resources Development/SEHS), Erika Palaian (Industrial and Systems Engineering/SECS), Taylor Van Dyke (MBA/SBA), David Tindall (Development Officer/SEHS)

Back Row: Dennis Pawley (Founder - Pawley Lean Institute), Dennis Wade (Director - Pawley Lean Institute), Robert Van Til (Chair - Industrial and Systems Engineering Department)

Oakland University's Pawley Lean Institute is pleased announce that Erika Palaian (Industrial and Systems Engineering/SECS) and Sarah Dyson (Human Resources Development/SEHS) have each been awarded a $1250 undergraduate scholarship.

The Pawley Lean Institute is also pleased to announce that Andrew Kwietniewski (MBA/SBA) and Taylor Van Dyke (MBA/SBA) have each been awarded a $3000 graduate scholarship.

Dennis Wade, Director of the Pawley Lean Institute, notes that “All of these students demonstrated working knowledge of lean concepts as well as practical application of those concepts. We are very excited to use our funds to support the education of Oakland University students, and know that the lean concepts these students have acquired will serve them well in the future.”

Dr. Robert Van Til, Pawley Professor of Lean Studies and Chair of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, adds, “We are honored not only to have Erika, one of our undergraduate ISE students receive this scholarship, but also to have Taylor, one of our ISE alumni receive a graduate scholarship. Lean is a an important component of an engineer's skillset, and the School of Engineering and Computer Science works closely with the Pawley Lean Institute to improve our students ability to apply lean concepts and tools to real-world projects."

Dr. Vijayan Sugumaran (Chair of the Department of Decision and Information Sciences) states, “Providing awards at both the graduate and undergraduate level enhances the partnership of the Pawley Lean Institute and students in the School of Business Administration.”

Dr. Eileen Johnson (Chair of the Department of Organizational Leadership), added, “We are so pleased to see our students embrace our lean curriculum and be rewarded within the School of Education and Human Services.”

Wade adds that these scholarship awards are interdisciplinary in nature and available to all students from Oakland University that have demonstrated lean learning, projects, or practice in the workplace. For more information on, including how to apply for the 2018 awards, visit the Pawley Lean webpage.

Designed to benefit Oakland University students, schools, nonprofits, government and industry, the Pawley Lean Institute shares concepts and practices of Lean thinking to create leaders and learners in the University, public and private sectors, and the community. Dennis Pawley, Founder of the Pawley Lean Institute, was present for the student recognition. He commented, “To see students grasp these concepts is extremely satisfying to me, I want to personally recognize the accomplishments of these student award recipients.”