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China Clubs and Taiwan Week

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Jason Gierman


Melanie Chang

2019 - 2020 Molly Berish
2019 winter Noah McGivern
2018 fall Andrew Lekarczyk
2017 - 2018 Jesssica Duronio
2015 - 2017 Brandon Metcalf
2014 - 2015  April Lardie
2013 - 2014  Yen Tran
2012 - 2013  Jamie Moy & Yen Tran
2011 - 2012  Henry Yuen
2010 - Christie Lin & Daniel Szubielski
2008 - 2009  Jenny Htang

2008 - present  Melanie Chang
(2014-2018, Co-adviser)

2017 - 2018 Xue Jiang

2014 - 2017
 Wendy Shyu


National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society Oakland University Chapter

Founded on January 19, 2016.  Chinese Honor Society-OU is the first of its kind in Michigan.  Its members share a common passion in Chinese language and culture.  All activities are open to everyone!!

Membership (by invitation only)

Prospective members of Chinese Honor Society-OU must be enrolled as a Chinese minor and meet the following criteria, as set by the national headquarter, to be inducted into the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society and receive its certificate. 

  1. Must be a full-time student who has successfully completed five semesters of Chinese language courses at the college undergraduate level, or have been placed in the third year Chinese after the placement test.
  2. Must have enrolled in the sixth semester of the Chinese course.
  3. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4-point scale in Chinese language courses and have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale for all college level courses taken.
  4. Must demonstrate strong evidence of engagement and commitment to Chinese language and culture related in school or community activities.
  5. Must preserve an excellent record of behavior in and out of school.

The deadline for submitting the application form to the Chinese Honor Society-OU advisor, Dr. Melanie Chang <>, via email is February 15 each year (no late application will be accepted).  The completed application should be accompanied by US$20 cash (the lifetime membership and the cost for certificate shipping and handling).  Candidates may submit the membership fee to their Chinese instructors or Dr. Chang.

For inducted Honor Society Members, please visit CHINESE HONOR SOCIETY , OU Chinese Student Awards and Recognition or National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society Webpage


中文角 FLYER. Visit Facebook for activities.

WHEN : Every Friday, 2:40 - 3:30 p.m. 
(10 meetings per semester in Fall and Winter)

WHERE : 301 O'Dowd Hall or Visit our Facebook

Chinese Conversation in an Informal Atmosphere.

**All levels (+ native speakers) welcome!** 

Louis Liu
Molly Berish  

More ConversationTopics/Questions
For 100-level and above
1. Greetings
2. Family
3. Dates and Time
4. Hobbies
5. Visiting Friends
6. Making Appointments
7. Studying Chinese
8. School Life
9. Shopping
10. Transportation

For 200-level and above
1. Weather
2. Dining
3. Asking Directions
4. Birthday Party
5. Seeing a Doctor
6. Dating
7. Renting an Apartment

For 300-level and above
1. 开学
2. 宿舍
3. 在饭馆儿
4. 买东西
5. 选课
6. 男朋友女朋友
7. 电脑与网络
8. 打工
9. 教育
10. 中国地理
11. 中国的节日
12. 中国的变化
13. 旅游
14. 生活与健康
15. 男女平等
16. 环境保护与节约能源
17. 理财与投资
18. 中国历史
19. 面试
20. 外国人在中国


Y Louis Liu 9/2018-present
Y Lillian Liu 9/2016-5/2018
John Kruse 9/2015-5/2016
Albert Wu 9/2015-12/2015
Olivia Miller 1/2014-5/2015
Ryan Johnson 1/2013-12/2013

Host & Facilitator

Y Louis Liu 1/2016-present


Dr. H Melanie Chang

Do you want to...
  • meet interesting people?
  • help Chinese or American students improve their language skills?
  • improve your own language skills?
  • learn about another culture?
  • have fun while trying a new experience?
View FLYER for more information.

Become a conversation partner!

It’s easy to join.
Just email your full name to Bianca < > or any of your Chinese Language instructors and you will be paired with a Chinese student if you’re American and vice-versa. You and your partner can take it from there! OU students, faculty, and staff…You are ALL welcome to participate in the program regardless of your knowledge of Chinese or level of language proficiency.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Gary Barber
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Dr. Melanie Chang

~~~ Taiwan Week 2018, Sept. 6 (Thu) - Nov. 11 (Sunday) ~~~

2018 Main flyer ] 


9/14 (Fri)  [ Flyer 9/14 ]
     • 12-1 pm, Gold BC, OC, Chinese Music and Culture Seminar & Luncheon: Introducing “National Chinese Orchestra -Taiwan”
     • 2-3 pm, Banquet A, OC, “Splendid Taiwan” Music Performance by National Chinese Orchestra-Taiwan & OU Glee Club

9/15-16 (Sat-Sun)
Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), “Taiwan Festival” [Event link]
     • Crystal Gallery Café, Cooking Demonstration
     • Student Lunchroom, DIY Activities: (1) Dough figurines; (b) Color painting of door gods; (c) Paper folding of 12-sided cubes
     • Great Hall, Multimedia Display and Demonstrations
9/15 (Sat)
     • 12-2 pm, Detroit Film Theatre, DIA, Movie Screening: “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” (2013), Discussion Host: Dr. Chiaoning Su [Event link]
     • 3-4 pm, Detroit Film Theatre, DIA, “Splendid Taiwan” Music Performance by National Chinese Orchestra-Taiwan
9/16 (Sun)
     • 12-2 pm, Detroit Film Theatre, DIA, Movie Screening: “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” (2013), Discussion Host: Dr. Chiaoning Su [Event link]
     • 3-4 pm, Rivera Court, DIA, “Splendid Taiwan” Music Performance by National Chinese Orchestra-Taiwan & OU Glee Club

11/9 (Fri) Time TBA, Detroit Institute of Arts, Grand Opening of the “Asian Gallery”
11/10 (Sat) 2 pm, Detroit Film Theatre, DIA, Puppet Performance by Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Troupe [Flyer]
11/11 (Sun)
     • 2 pm, Macomb Center of Performing Arts, Puppet Performance by Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Troupe
     • 7 pm, OU Student Theatre Lab, Master Class of Taiwanese Shadow Puppet Troupe [Flyer]
11/12 (Mon) 7 pm, Ann Arbor District Library, Puppet Performance by Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Troupe
11/13 (Tue) 7 pm, Oakland Community College, Puppet Performance by Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Troupe
11/15 (Thu) 7 pm, University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Puppet Performance by Yung Shing Le Shadow Puppet Troupe

Taiwan Week Photo Albums

2018 Photos , 2017 Photos , 2015 Photos

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Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

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