Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

Wilson Hall, Room 203
371 Wilson Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48309-4486
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The Oakland University Police Department operates a state-of-the-art dispatch operations center staffed by highly trained police personnel. These individuals handle emergency calls for police, fire and emergency medical assistance, as well as non-emergency calls and inquires.

How do I reach the OUPD?

  • Dial 911 from a campus phone
  • Dial (248) 370-3331 from a cell phone
  • Send a text message to 67283. Include "OUPD " at the beginning of your message.


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Title IX Coordinators

The Title IX coordinator team at Oakland University addresses faculty, staff and student concerns related to sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and other actions that fall within the university’s obligations under Title IX. This work includes:

  • Educating the campus community about Title IX and the prevention of conduct it prohibits;
  • Tracking and monitoring reported incidents, and;
  • Ensuring that the University responds effectively to each complaint.

Coordinators are knowledgeable about and will provide information on all options for complaint resolution. They also work closely with the Oakland University Police Department and Graham Health Center to ensure that campus community members utilize their access to the full range of resources available to effectively resolve Title IX issues. Together, the coordinators play an integral role in carrying out the University’s commitment to creating and maintaining a positive learning, teaching and working environment for the entire community free of discrimination.

The Title IX compliance team consists of:

Title IX Coordinator
Joi Cunningham
Director of Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives
(248) 370-3496
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Michael Wadsworth
Assistant Dean of Students
(248) 370-3352