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HC 100
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     Headshot of Karen Conn

"Welcome to HC 1000! My name is Karen and I am the member of The Honors College staff who works with your class.  Your TA will be your primary contact, but if there is anything you need extra help with, I am always here to help.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you this year!" - Karen Conn

Dean's Student Fellows
Headshot of Liz Bulliner
Liz Bulliner

Major:  Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration, Exercise Science Minor
Campus Involvement:Pre-Physical Therapy Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Intramural Sports, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Admissions Ambassador, Parent Ambassador, and Nightwatch
Areas of Expertise:  Google calendar, anatomy, and breakfast & dessert making
Fun Facts
: I was homeschooled K-12 and loved it. Now, I am applying to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs hoping to continue my education upon graduation. One of my favorite ways to spend time is exploring new coffee shops; there's a cool one in Port Huron called the Exquisite Corpse. 

Headshot of Morgan Mrowca

Morgan Mrowca

Major: Biology with a Psychology minor
Campus Involvement: Research Assistant in the Biology Department, Presidential Scholar, ALD member
Area of Expertise: Biology, Harry Potter, Netflix, and puppies
Fun FactsI am obsessed with Harry Potter and my dog, Bart, who I will gladly show anyone tons of pictures of!

Headshot of Julie Paula

Julie Paula

Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement
Presidential Scholars, Docent at Meadowbrook Hall, Admissions Programming Assistant, OASIS and Intervarsity
Areas of Expertise:
  Spanish, Public Speaking, Organization, Accounting, Planning
Fun Facts:
 I'm obsessed with coffee and collect mugs. I love to travel and have been to all fifty states.

Small Group Leaders (TA's)
Headshot of Alec Arena
Alec Arena

Major: History w/ secondary education
Campus Involvement: Golden Grizzlies Band and Intramural sports
Areas of ExpertiseAmerican history, movies (specifically directed by
Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino), The Smiths, counseling, time
Fun Facts: I umpire high school baseball and softball, I'm
an eagle scout, The Smiths and Depeche Mode are my jam, and I
absolutely love National Coney Island chicken pitas.

Augustyniak, Sarah
Sarah Augustyniak

Major: Social Work with a concentration in Child Welfare
Campus Involvement: Legislator for Student Congress, Alternative Spring break, Pre-College Program Mentor
Areas of Expertise:  Travel, children, baking, and music
Fun Facts: I'm a big fan of coffee and love exploring different cities!

Headshot of Mo Baig
Mo Baig
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Campus Involvement:  Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College, Tai Chi Meetup.
Areas of Expertise:  Technology, Engineering, Writing, and some German. 
Fun Facts:  I did competitive robotics for 3 years and studied German for 5 years. I like to get my hands dirty working with tools, wood, and metal. I also listen to a wide variety of music, including alternative, punk, electronic, and pop.
Headshot of Michaela Buckley
Michaela Buckley

Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta Member, Volunteer at Oakland ABA Clinic, Treasurer of Students Towards Understanding Disabilities 
Areas of Expertise: Writing, Spanish, Volunteering, Organization, Volleyball
Fun Facts: I'm from St. Clair, Michigan. I love puppies, playing volleyball, going to Tiger games,  camping, and I'm slightly obsessed with Ed Sheeran!

Headshot of Alyssa Cardillo
Alyssa Cardillo
MajorSocial Work, Communication
Campus InvolvementMember of Alpha Lambda Delta, Tri Sigma Charter Member, Participant in Intramural Sports
Areas of Expertise:  Volleyball, Drawing, Painting, Organization, Time Management, Photography, Lifeguarding, Swim Lessons
Fun Facts:  I have 12 step brothers and sisters.  I have two cats, M&M and Misty, and I absolutely love them both.  I love any kind of food and I am obsessed with koalas.
Headshot of Kelly Chinoski

Kelly Chinoski
Major: History with Secondary Education
Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Intramural Sports 
Areas of Expertise: Reading, Writing, and Harry Potter
Fun Facts: I studied abroad in England this summer and took a Harry Potter class!  I love to read, I’ve gone “camping” in Traverse City every summer since I was born, and I like ghosts.

Headshot of Olivia Collins

Olivia Collins

Major: Psychology with a minor in criminal justice 
Campus Involvement:  Honors College, Distinguished Scholar, and Psychology Department
Areas of Expertise: Organization, Reading, Time Management, Listening, Netflix, and cute dogs! 
Fun Facts: I was a competitive cheerleader for six years,  I have watched One Tree Hill all the way through six times, and most importantly I have two dogs!

Headshot of Evan Cramer

Evan Cramer

Major : Biochemistry
Campus Involvement: OU resident, member of alpha lambda delta, and honors college 
Areas of Expertise: Anything to do with science or soccer, and time management
Fun Facts:  I have three adopted siblings, a dog named Freyja, and love soccer.

Headshot of Lauryn Doussett

Lauryn Doussett

Major: Health Sciences
Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Inclusion Coordinator of Residence Halls Association, Pre-Health Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  
Areas of Expertise: Harry Potter, reading, anything Pinterest related, and Disney 
 Fun Facts: I work at a movie theatre and will talk to you about any movie. I love traveling and hope to study abroad somewhere over seas. Sadly I've never had a pet, but I still love puppies and kittens! 

Sabrina Durso standing in a field with flowers in her hair
Sabrina Durso

Major: English Major with Secondary Education Minor: Biology
Campus Involvement: Pre-College Programs Mentor, American Studies Student Group
Areas of Expertise:  Creativity, Music, Movies, Writing, Adventuring
Fun Facts:  I love to travel and explore new places, even if it is just down the road. I hope to instill the love of learning in others by becoming a professor one day. My philosophy in life is to love every moment of it and to help others do the same.

Headshot of Shelby Ettinger
Shelby Ettinger

Major: Elementary Education
Campus Involvement: Part of the Honors College and a member of SMEA 
Areas of Expertise: English, Spanish, organization, time-management, volunteer work 
Fun Facts: I studied in Australia for a summer as well as visited France in Spain my senior year. I have played the viola for eight years. I also have two cats (Violet and Nila) who I think are pretty neat. 

Headshot of Annie Fuelle

 Anne Fuelle

Major: Biomedical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences with a Biology Minor and a Pre-Med Concentration. 
Campus Involvement: Golden Key Honors Society, OU’s Ballroom and Latin Dance Club, a researcher in the Chemistry Department, and active member of Alpha Lambda Delta and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.
Areas of Expertise: Biology, running, babysitting, organizing, time management, badminton, ballroom dancing, cooking, and going on adventures.
Fun Facts: I was the President of Oak View House Council last year and I brought in puppies for finals week. I absolutely love animals, especially dogs!

Headshot of Nick Garza

Nick Garza

MajorChemistry and Spanish
Campus Involvement: American Chemical Society, Spanish Club, Biochemistry Research Lab. and Presidential Scholars
Areas of Expertise:  Research, Chemistry, Spain, and Study Abroad
Fun Facts: I studied abroad in Segovia, Spain for the Winter 2017 semester and love to travel!

Headshot of Bethany Griffith

Bethany Griffith

Major: English with Linguistics Concentration
Campus Involvement: Treasurer for InterVarsity, Kresge Library employee, member of ALD
Areas of Expertise: Linguistics, books- especially classics, traveling, and juggling a crazy schedule
Fun Facts: I've done study abroad in Oxford, England. In the same trip, I attended the Virginia Woolf Conference and got to see the Harry Potter play! This summer I went to Kentucky to see the total solar eclipse and did lots of hiking!

Headshot of Tommy Haase

Thomas Haase 

Campus Involvement: P residential scholar, OU ultimate frisbee club, intramural sports
Areas of Expertise: M athematics, stress management, time management, sports, and group work.
Fun Facts:  I once went to Brazil to play soccer for 3 weeks and my dad was one of the ones responsible for putting "Big Boy" at the bottom of Bear Lake.

Headshot of Lea Herweyer
Lea Herweyer

Major: English
Campus Involvement: President of the Honors College Association, Alpha Lambda Delta member, Golden Key member
Expertise:  Organization. planning, children, and baking
Fun facts: I love Mac & Cheese and Mexican food.  I have two dogs, George and Mortimer.  I also  am obsessed with the E! Network and anything minions.

Hund, Rachel
Rachel Hund

Major: Elementary Education
Campus Involvement: Presidential Scholar & Student Michigan Education Association
Areas of Expertise: Spelling, working/playing with children, reading, writing, dancing, Spanish language & culture, and fitness
Fun Facts: I have never been able to do a cartwheel, I won my district-wide spelling bee when I was in fifth grade, and I've eaten 9-10 pancakes for breakfast on more than one occasion.

Headshot of Sam Keefer
Sam Keefer

Major Political Science
Campus Involvement:President of Turning Point USA, former Student Congress member, & Honors College Student 
Areas of Expertise: Politics, organization, planning, books, U.S. Presidents, history, & puppies
Fun Facts: I have an awesome dog named Emma (she is adorable), my favorite President is John F. Kennedy, I always have my kindle with me, & I will live in Washington D.C. one day! 

Erika Kugler standing in front of yellow and pink flowers

Erika Kugler

Major: Nursing
Campus InvolvementSecretary of Student Video Productions, ALD, and intramural sports
Areas of Expertise: Biology, anatomy & physiology, email designs, time management, and alternative music.
Fun Facts:  I love pandas, ice cream, and hiking.  I once sat near Sarah Jessica Parker at a restaurant.

Headshot of Conner Lee
Conner Lee

MajorInformation Technology, Criminal Justice Minor
Campus Involvement:  Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Cyber OU
Areas of Expertise: Video Games, Organization, Time Management, Technology, Leadership
Fun Facts: I have an older brother named Chris and we are 7 years apart. My career goal is to become a Cyber Agent for the FBI and I cannot wait to achieve that position in life.  


Headshot of Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis

MajorHuman Resource Development
Campus InvolvementPresident of Meadow Brook Ball Committee and Member of Alpha Lambda Delta
Areas of Expertise: Event Planning, Coaching and Playing Softball, Human Resource Related Tasks, Time Management, Organization, and Napping :)
Fun Facts: I am a private softball pitching coach. I was born in California. I like to keep busy so over the summer I usually have 3-5 jobs! 

Headshot of Toria Lupher

Toria Lupher

MajorMedical Physics, Health Science/Nutrition
Campus Involvement:  Academic Peer Mentor,  Research Assistant, Alpha Lambda Delta, Nutrition Society, OU Club Softball E-board Treasurer, Intramural Sports
Areas of Expertise: All things science, anatomy, on-campus sports, crafting, organization  
Fun Facts:  Ever since I moved 40 minutes away from my hometown (Livonia) to Rochester, people think I have an accent (I don't). My puppy's name is Lucy and I'm always happy to talk about her.


Madison Maitland
Madison Maitland

Major: Mechanical and Bioengineering
Campus InvolvementOakland University Housing, Presidential Scholar
Areas of Expertise: Organization, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Netflix 
Fun Facts: I have 1 dog and 3 adorable fluffs of terror (my cats: Cotton, Cloudy and Pippin) I was a ballet and contemporary dancer for 13 years.  I absolutely love Netflix. But never ask me my favorite show because that's an impossible question to answer! 

Headshot of Michela Manga

Michela Manga

Major: Biomedical Sciences 
Campus Involvement: Founder/President of the OU Pre-Medical Volunteer Society, Vice President of the Italian Club, Anatomy TA,  AASO member and former e-board, Alpha Lambda Delta member, CSS Member, and Global Medical Brigades member 
Areas of Expertise:  Anatomy, Biology, Foreign Languages, Teaching, Volunteering 
Fun Facts: I love soccer, Juventus is my favorite team, I'm a huge traveler, I play the violin and piano

Headshot of Haley Marentette

Haley Marentette

Major: Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy concentration and a minor in exercise science
Campus Involvement: Pre-physical therapy club, Alpha Lamda Delta member and Med-Life Organization.
Areas of Expertise:  Biomechanics, nutrition, traveling, coffee, all things chocolate and Up North lover.
Fun Facts: I know American Sign Language at the intermediate level, I have traveled 13 European countries in only 28 days, and am an avid coffee drinker! 

Headshot of Brianna McCoy
Brianna McCoy

Major:  Finance, Pre-Law
Campus Involvement: 
Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer of OU Women's Lacrosse Club, Treasurer of OU Women's Soccer Club, and Intramural sports.
Areas of Expertise:
 Finance, Spanish, lacrosse, Netflix and napping
Fun Facts: 
 I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I love snowboarding, long boarding, hiking, playing lacrosse and working out. I am a bit of a neat freak and am completely obsessed with soccer and  cats!

Headshot of Samantha Orchard
Samantha Orchard

Campus Involvement: Presidential Scholar, Member of Pre-Health Commons, MEDLIFE, and Alpha Lambda Delta
Areas of Expertise:  Commuting, the TV show Scrubs, Vision Boards, and the Musicals Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan
Fun Facts: I work in a nursing home, when I drive to school I exclusively listen to audio books, and I volunteer as a stage director for my former high school drama department

Headshot of Konner Petz
Konner Petz

Major: Environmental Science with a specialization in environmental sustainability and resource management
Campus Involvement: Vice President of Pollinator Conservation Organization at Oakland University, Research Lab Assistant, Honors College, member of pre-medical volunteer society 
Areas of Expertise: :  Environmental science, biology, soccer, cooking, gardening
Fun Facts: I have an identical twin, and we are complete opposites. I’m very “out-doorsy” and usually hiking, fishing, and just traveling in general. 

Headshot of Kim Spurgeon
Kim Spurgeon

Major:Elementary Education
Campus Involvement: Treasurer for Student Michigan Education Society 
Areas of Expertise:  Organization, Teaching, Reading, and Disney
Fun Facts: I have gone to Disney World more than twelve times, I teach swim lessons, I know random goldfish facts, and I love going to concerts! 

Headshot of Rima Stepanian
Rima Stepanian

MajorBiomedical Sciences, Pre-Med
Campus Involvement: Aspiring Surgeons E-board (Public Relations), Ecology Research Lab, HC 1000 TA, Human Anatomy Lab TA, Pollinator Conservation Organization E-board (Secretary), Presidential Scholar
Areas of Expertise: Anatomy/Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Time Management, and everything Pre-Med :)
Fun Facts: I am fluent in 3 languages: Armenian, English, and Spanish. I spend way too much time on Pinterest and I love the color pink, animals, taking aesthetically pleasing pictures, and meeting new people. I plan to attend medical school and be a surgeon one day!

Headshot of Val Tellez-Nunez
Val Tellez-Nunez

Major: Health Sciences with a Pre-Physical Therapy concentration 
Campus Involvement: Member and Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta, Captain of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew at OU, volunteer at OU CARES, member of the Pre-Physical Therapy club and the Pre-Medical Volunteer Society.
Areas of Expertise:  Music, arts and crafts, and Love Your Melon.
Fun Facts: I have a hamster named "Ham Solo" and I have a video of him driving a small hamster car so if you ask me about it I'll show it to you!

Headshot of Issac Thelander

Isaac Thelander

Major:   Engineering Chemistry
Campus Involvement:  American Chemical Society, Young Life at OU, Anatomical Society, and I'm involved in undergraduate research  
Areas of Expertise:  Computers, Chemistry, Computer aided design, and Football.
Fun Facts:  My favorite place I've ever been is Guatemala, I love to sail. and I'm learning to play the guitar.

Headshot of Stella Villa

Stella Vila

Major: Biomedical Sciences
Campus Involvement: Community Outreach Chair of OU Pre-Med Volunteer Society (OUPMVS); Volunteer with OUCARES, Member of Global Medical Brigades, American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), and Future Pediatrics of America
Areas of Expertise: Science, Pre-med advice, Medical terminology/abbreviations, Volunteer-work, Albanian Language, Organization, and Netflix
Fun Facts: I was in Nicaragua this past summer on a medical mission trip, I keep a collection of every single ticket I have ever received (movie, plane, concert), and I work with Team Pink’s TA, Rima, at LIFETIME!
Association (HCSA)
HC students are automatically members of The Honors College Student Association (HCSA). HCSA hosts a variety of fun events each year for all Honors College students.

To keep up to date on HCSA events, go to Grizz Orgs and join the HCSA Student Organization. To learn more, contact your current President, Liz Lawer.

Trip to the Cider Mill
Thanksgiving Pie Sale

Making and Selling Valentines
 Relay for Life Wedding Booth

Halloween Party