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One of the many benefits of an honors education is the guidance you’ll receive from Honors College mentors. These mentors will help guide you through your field of study as well as your HC-specific courses.


HC 1000: Staff, Student Fellows & Teaching Assistants.

We are all here to help you!

 "Welcome to HCA woman posing. 1000! My name is Karen Conn, and I am the member of The
Honors College staff who works with HC 1000. Your TA will usually be your primary contact
but if there is anything you need extra help with, I am always here to assist you.

 I look forward to meeting and getting to know you this year!" - Karen


A headshot of Abeer Abukamil

Abeer Abukamil
Health Sciences (Pre-Professional Concentration)

Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College Student Association, Explorations in Collaborative Leadership and Inter-professional Education (ECLIPsE) and Oakland's Figure Skating Club.

Areas of ExpertiseMath, science, organization and time-management, figure skating,
coaching and working with children.
Fun Facts: 
I started figure skating at age 3. But I spent my first 2 months sitting in a chair on the ice as I refused to skate in my brother's old hockey skates. I wanted pretty white figure skates. Also, I am the go-to person to build anything from IKEA.

young woman in a black shirt with pink flowers, smiling at the camera

Alexis Boron
Clinical Diagnostic Science Pre Professional

Campus Involvement: Moceri Scholar, Microbiology TAOU residentHonors College Student Mentor, part of the Honors College 

Areas of Expertise: Organization, Planning, Communications, Logic, Human Anatomy, Taekwondo, Marvel Superheroes (specifically Spider Man).

Fun Facts: I once got a phone call from Bob Seger and didn’t realize it was him until two days later. Within one month after getting my first car, it was hit four times while parked. I have never seen a Star Wars movie. SpiderMan into the Spider-verse is the best Spider Man movie.

A headshot of Hailey CrockerHailey Crocker
Major: Criminal Justice

Campus Involvement: Honors College SF, HC Summer Corps. Intern, (former) exchange student through the NSE

Areas of Expertise: Outdoors, camping/hiking, traveling, psychology, politics

Fun Facts: I have a current obsession with rocks/minerals, and I have been practicing my drawing and painting skills over the last couple of months!

A woman posing.

Lauren Gamache
Major: Clinical diagnostic Science w/a minor in Biology

Campus Involvement: Honors College SF, Hillcrest RA, DDS Proctor, CDSS member,

Areas of Expertise: Organization and gym workouts 

Fun Facts: I am a triplet

A woman posing.Hala Khasawneh
Major: Biochemistry

Campus Involvement: Honors college SF, ASA treasurer, Lab research assistant

Areas of Expertise: The sciences ( especially chemistry)  

Fun Facts:  I love to paint and I’m a huge movie fan!  

A woman posing.Gloria Kim
Biomedical Sciences

Involvement: Honors College SF, Honors College Peer Mentor, Presidential Scholar, Research Assistant for the Biology Department, Pre-College Programs Tutor, Neurology Club

Areas of Expertise: Time Management, Cleaning, Pre-Med, Korean, and Naps

Fun Facts: When I was 1, I was hit by a car and had to stay in the hospital for weeks. The next year, I went to the ER again because I got a popcorn kernel stuck in my nose!


A headshot of Noor Al-JelihawlNoor Al-Jelikawi
: Biology w/Pre-Med Concentration 

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA, part of the Undergraduate Women in Healthcare organization, working in the Undergraduate Admissions office as an ambassador 

Areas of Expertise algebra, basketball, and music

Fun Facts: I can speak two languages fluently and am learning a third

A headshot of Chris AlexopoulosChristopher Alexopoulos

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Research Assistant.

Areas of Expertise: Sciences, Math, Scheduling, Random Facts

Fun Facts: Cats are sweet! My family has fostered a lot of stray cats, and we even have kept a few of them along the way! We currently have 4 cats, but we just got a dog as well!

A headshot of Emma Altgelt

Emma Altgelt
: Biology (Minor: Criminal Justice)

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Anatomical Society, Forensics Club

Areas of ExpertiseCommunication, leadership, time management, english writing & reading. 
Fun Facts: I have 5 cats, 6 fish tanks, and 2 guinea pigs!

A headshot of Jacob AyotteJacob Ayotte
Major: Secondary Education History Teacher

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA. OU Ballroom Dance Team

Area of Expertise: American History

Fun Facts: I once danced a halftime show for the Detroit Lion.

A headshot of Trevor Banfic.Trevor Banfic
Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, ESA

Areas of Expertise: Economics, German, Calculus

Fun Facts: I referee soccer

A woman posing.Anna Bronkhorst
Major:English STEP w/ American Studies Concentration and History STEP minor

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Phi Alpha Theta Treasurer, Leadership OU, Creative Writing Club 

Areas of Expertise: Organization, Time Management, Writing, and Leadership.. 

Fun Facts: I am the manager at a greenhouse during the summer. 

A headshot of Katelyn ButlerKatelyn Butler

Campus Involvement:Honors College TA, Honors College Member

Areas of Expertise: Effective learning, theatre, dance, painting, time management skills

Fun Facts: I did dance for six years and theatre for four. I will be continuing those passions here at OU in the fall and hope to meet some great new friends!

A headshot of Anna BronkhorstKristina Campbell

Major: English

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA,  Alpha Lambda Delta, volunteering with th!nk it LOUD

Areas of Expertise: Organization, time management, reading, crafts, advice, positivity, on-campus information, and study techniques!

Fun Fact: I love to do embroidery and cross-stitch projects

A headshot of Megan Cser.Megan Cser
: Math Secondary Education 

Campus Involvement:Honors college  

Areas of Expertise: Math, volunteering, organizing, online communities, and walking in the woods

Fun Facts: I have friends all across the world, I am a brand ambassador for Pura Vida (a jewelry website), I love musicals, and I have been on 2 missions trips (One in Arizona and one in Tampa, Florida).

A headshot of Olivia DavisOlivia Davis

Campus involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College TA, SNAOU 

Areas of expertise: Anatomy, Drawing, Organic Chemistry, Piano, Time Management, Writing

Fun facts: I have been playing the piano for the past 10 years, I am currently trying to improve my digital art skills, and when I was 3 years old, I went to the hospital for slamming my thumb in a door. Unfortunately for me, I was playing dress up before the incident so I ended up going to the hospital in my Belle costume. 

A headshot of AnnMarie FalorAnn Marie Falor

 Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Club, Tutor at the tutoring center, IM Sports 

Areas of Expertise: Science, math, sports, time management, tutoring, Taylor Swift's music

Fun Facts: My family has a honey bee farm, a dog named Oakley, and two cats, Pippy and Bouncer. I love to play sports and I am planning on studying abroad this winter!

A headshot of David GhitasDavid Ghitas
: Mechanical Engineering

Campus Involvement: Honors College Student, Honors College Teacher Assistant

Areas of expertise: Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoors, running, camping, video games, music, piano, guitar, speaking, planning, and advice

Fun Facts: I've played piano for almost 10 years, I taught myself guitar over quarantine, I've ran countless 5k's and a half marathon, and I am Romanian!

A headshot of Alex GustanskiAlex Gustanski

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA

Areas of Expertise: Film, Digital Media Production

Fun Facts: The world's narrowest bridge is a 60 foot long squirrel bridge called Nutty Narrows

A headshot of Erika Head

Erika Head
Major:  Communication

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Emerging Leaders, CRU

Areas of Expertise:  Writing, government, communication, online selling, time management, planning, and organization.

Fun Facts: In my free time, I love to travel, read, write, play tennis, baton twirl, and spend time with friends.  My love for traveling and history has taken me to various historical locations.  My favorite places I have visited include Washington DC, Casa Loma (Toronto, Ontario), and Dealey Plaza (Dallas, Texas)!

A headshot of Bella Javier

Bella Javier
Major: Linguistics

Campus Involvement: Fil-Am Students of OU (FASOU), Linguistics Club, Feminists of OU, International Allies Org

Areas of Expertise: Thrifting, mindful and effective word choice, public speaking, buying too many books and not having enough time to read all of them, team building, and wellness advice. I'm also a great person to bounce ideas off of and a seasoned listener.

Fun Facts: I'm allergic to avocados and managed to work at Chipotle for six months without getting an allergic reaction! Now I work as a bobarista despite me having lactose sensitivity. More importantly, I can do winged eyeliner in under five minutes.

A headshot of Anthony KmitaAnthony Kmita
Major: Biomedical Sciences

Campus Involvement: Honors College Member, Society of Actuarial Science, American Red Cross Club, HCSA Member, Alpha Lambda Delta

Areas of Expertise: Calculus, Statistics, Anatomy, Biology, Economics, Spanish, & Geography

Fun Facts: I am really good at ping-pong, Played Varsity Tennis in High School, Big sneakerhead, love to collect rocks, really enjoy metal music and I am a type 1 Diabetic.

A headshot of Spencer LaDueSpencer LaDue

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Presidential Scholar, Pre-Law Club

Areas of Expertise: Honors College TA, Presidential Scholar, Pre-Law Club

Fun Facts: I travel in the Rocky Mountains every year, I love every outdoor activity imaginable

A headshot of Kenzie LewisKenzie Lewis
:Biomedical Sciences

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Chaldean American Student Association (CASA)

Areas of ExpertiseOrganization, Schedule Planning,  Time Management, Writing, Study Tips, and Sciences

Fun Facts: I love skiing! It is my favorite sport. In addition, I love taking friends skiing; I got a chance to take my OU Arabic class there during the Winter Semester. 

A woman posing.

Kaylie Lukomski
Major: English and Linguistics & minor in Chinese

Campus Involvement: 
Honors College TA, Presidential Scholar, Mission: Kindness member, Catholic Campus Ministry member

Areas of Expertise: Literature and language (mainly Chinese), organization and planning, taking pretty notes, and the show Criminal Minds!

Fun Facts: 
I love any type of arts & craft, but my favorites are embroidery and painting! I also have a cat named Snickers, and you can pretty much always find me listening to music!

A headshot of Natalie Manor.

Natalie Manor
Major: Marketing

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chairwoman. 

Areas of Expertise: Organization, Planning, Leadership, and Time Management. 

Fun Facts: I work as a lifeguard and teach swim lessons to children during the summer!

A headshot of Rob Marku.Rob Marku
:Biomedical Sciences

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Study session group leader, pre-medical society

Areas of Expertise: Sciences, Soccer, boxing

Fun FactsI have never broken a bone.

A headshot of Eness Meri

Eness Meri
Major: Integrative Studies 

Campus Involvement: OU Club Football, Honors College TA

Areas of Expertise: Chemistry and Biology 

Fun Facts: Major Seattle Seahawks fan 

A headshot of Jenna MeriJenna Meri

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Pre-Medical Society, MedLife, Golden Key

Areas of Expertise: The sciences

Fun Fact: I love cats!

A headshot of Malik Meri.

Malik Meri
Major: Elementary Education

Campus Involvement: Presidential Scholar, HC Student, Marketing Director for OU Rocket League club, emerging leaders member.

Areas of Expertise: Science, Arabic, Clutching for exams, managing my time, and communication.

Fun Facts: I come from a big family of 7 and I’m the oldest of 4 siblings. I love gaming, meeting new people, and playing any sport. My greatest gaming achievement has been hitting the highest rank in Rocket League and playing with other incredible Oakland students in collegiate Rocket League tournaments.

A headshot of Sam Palmeter.Sam Palmeter
Major: Political Science and Minor in Economics

Campus involvement:  Honors College, OU Men's Ice Hockey Club Player/Secretary

Areas of Expertise:  Camping, Hockey, Movie quotes, and hiking

Fun Facts:  I enjoy hiking and camping with friends as well as spending time outdoors. I play hockey here at Oakland University but I also enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

A headshot of Amani Qaqish

Amani Qaqish
Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA & Alpha Lambda Delta 

Areas of Expertise: Writing, volunteering, giving advise, shopping, & baking

Fun Facts: I love going to the gym everyday (I somehow make it work with my crazy schedule), I’m terrified of needles and blood, & I avoid doing daily activities while I do homework all day long but as soon as someone asks to go to Starbucks I’m already in the car. 

A woman posing.

Fiona Reichstein
Major: Biology

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Cosplay Club

Areas of Expertise: Biology and natural sciences, arts and crafts, & ttrpg's

Fun Facts: I was born in Germany, I work at a vet clinic, and I'm currently a business minor

A headshot of Emilio RomanoEmilio Romano
Major:   Biomedical Sciences

Campus Involvement: Honors College Member and TA, TA for Anatomy, IM Basketball

Areas of Expertise:   Biology, Anatomy, Calculus, Pre-med, Study Skills, Naps

 Fun Facts:   I love listening to music. I have 2 siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. I work at Comerica Park. In my free time, I enjoy staying active by playing tennis, soccer, and volleyball.

A headshot of Alex Rye

Alex Rye
Major: English with a minor in Creative Writing

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Writing Center Consultant, Meadow Brook Hall Docent, President of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Intramural Soccer. 

Areas of expertise:  British/American literature, women writers, 17th century Restoration Era literature, writing, APA/MLA formatting, editing, organization, communication.

Fun Facts: I have a one year old samoyed named Juniper, and I studied abroad at Oxford University in England the summer before my sophomore year

A headshot of Nicole Salmo

Nicole Salmo
Major: Biology

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, volunteer at the Golden Grizzlies Pantry, and member of the Chaldean club.  

Areas of Expertise: Arabic, anatomy, biology, computers, english, math, organization, physiology, planning, teaching, volunteering, etc.

Fun Facts: I am a part time manager at Alex and Ani (a jewelry store), I collect watches, I love shopping, makeup, traveling and volunteering at hospitals! 

A photo of Caitlin SchneiderCaitlin Schneider

Major: Biomedical Sciences, pre-medical concentration

Campus Involvement Secretary of the OU Equestrian Team, Undergraduate researcher in biological sciences, SigmaXi, Honors College TA, Anatomy lab TA, pre-medical society

Areas of Expertise: Pre-medical concentration, Biomedical sciences major, Undergraduate research, Anatomy, Genetics of thrombosis (pathogenic blood clotting)

Fun Facts: I have been riding for 13 years, and my horses name is Rae!

A headshot of Alex Schohl.Alexandra Schohl

Major: Biology

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Vice President of Golden Key, Hunt Seat Team rider

Areas of Expertise:  Biology, ecology, marine science, math, writing, animal care

Fun Facts: I'm a certified scuba diver. I'm OU's resident shark nerd (if you see someone with a shark backpack, that's me). I have a large collection of model horses and enamel pins.

A woman posing.Sydney Scott

Major: Health Science w/a Prep-Professional concentration

Campus Involvement: I’m in a few clubs here at OU! These include Club Softball, MEDLife, and American Red Cross Club. I have an Eboard position on each club.

Areas of Expertise:

Fun Facts: In my free time, I like to workout, go outside, go up north, and spend time with my friends and family. I love to explore new places and try new things. I have two dogs and a hamster named Panda. 

A headshot of Aaeshah SiddiquiAaesha Siddiqui

Major: Social Work, B.S.W. & Political Science, B.A.

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, OUSC Civic Affairs Director, Muslim Student Association, Students for Syria, Social Work Club, Not My Fault at OU

Areas of Expertise:  Management & organization, inter- & intra-organizational communication, research (in anything!), non-profits, volunteerism, job hunting, mentorship, politics, leadership, writing, & most important of all, dreaming of food & sleep all day! 

Fun Fact:  have at least three jobs at a time, if not more. Last summer, a glass shard got stuck in my foot and I bled about a fourth of a bucket full. I once looked up how to get to Kresge from the OC on a GPS. 

A headshot of Taylor SwartzTayler Swartz

Major: Social Work and Sociology (Pre-Law)

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Senior Moceri Scholar, Social Work Club Secretary, Phi Alpha Honor Society Member, OUGLC employee, HC Summer Peer Mentor

Areas of Expertise: Law School preparation, mental health and campus resources

Fun Facts: I did choir and theater for 6 years before college and love Taylor Swift, so nobody gives me the aux on road trips. In my free time I like to paint and read, and I'm learning the piano!

A headshot of Sarah SwitzerSarah Switzer

Major: English Secondary Education

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA, member of Alpha Lambda Delta

Areas of Expertise: English, Mathematics, German, choral music, video games, and creative writing

Fun Facts:  I was highly involved in the theatre department of my high school, and during my senior year, I got to play Mother Superior in Sister Act

A headshot of Paige TherrianPaige Therrian

Major: English (minor in Psychology)

Campus Involvement: Honors College TA, Honors College member

Areas of Expertise: Literature, critical reading/analysis, Moby Dick, organization, Harry Potter, & YA novels

Fun Facts:  I go camping every summer, I love fishing, and I am a human thesaurus!

A headshot of Joshua ThomasJoshua Thomas

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA, Presidential Scholar, Pre-Medical Society, Future Leader Dogs at OU

Areas of Expertise:  Physiology, Chemistry, Organization, Time Management, Getting Involved and Staying Active in the Community

Fun Facts:  I love to travel to warm places and I am currently raising a puppy for Leader Dogs for the Blind!

A woman posing.Maryan Toma

Major: Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences

Campus Involvement: Member of the Honors College and Alpha Lambda Delta. Behavior Technician for the ABA Clinic.

Areas of Expertise: Science, the languages of Chaldean and Spanish, time management, organization, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Fun Facts: I love watching TV shows and movies. My all-time favorite movie is Titanic. Another fun fact about me is that I was born in Iraq and moved to the United States when I was two.

A headshot of Hannah TuckerHannah Tucker

Major: Operations management with a specialty in project management 

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA, Business Scholars, Business Honors Program, BHP Advisory Board

Areas of Expertise: Business and writing-related classes and course work, and leadership and service coordination. 

Fun Facts:  The weirdest food I've tried is alligator!

A headshot of Savhanna Valliere.Savannah Valliere

Major: Business

Campus Involvement:  Honors College, InterVarsity

Areas of Expertise: Study skills, organization, stress management.

Fun Facts: I love running, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything outside. I also enjoy learning about history, literature, and art. 

A headshot of Amna ZaidiAmna Zaidi

Major: CDS

Campus Involvement:  Honors College TA, Muslim Student Association, ECLIPSE, Hospital Professions Society, MEDLIFE at OU, Pre-Medical Society, Undergraduate Women in Healthcare

Areas of Expertise: Organizing, time management, cooking, and baking.

Fun Facts: I am fluent in Urdu and English. I love watching Netflix and some of my favorite shows are The Vampire Diaries, The Office, New Girl, and Selena the series. I am also a big Marvel fan.


As an undergraduate researcher, MCUR provides exceptional mentors to help guide you through your field of study. These mentors are regularly conducting research and pursuing their passion for discovery. Mentors can be found in a variety of departments throughout Oakland University including:

Biological Sciences

Amy Banes-Berceli
Hypertension and the renal and vascular complications of diabetes

Fabia Battistuzzi
When and how species have evolved and investigate the connections between their genetic innovations and variations in environmental conditions

Rasul Chaudhry
Embryonic stem cell development and differentiation - osteogenesis and neurogenesis; Tissue engineering; Regulation of gene expression; Metabolic pathways of hazardous chemicals; Environmental biotechnology and toxicology

Elizabeth Delorme-Axford
Molecular mechanisms regulating cellular autophagy

Mary Jamieson
The effects of global environmental change on species interactions and biological diversity

Lan Jiang 
The regulation of tracheal gene expression and how tracheal-expressed genes control the complex cellular behaviors that result in the formation of a continuous tubular network

Shailesh Lal
A multidisciplinary approach in genomics, genetics and bioinformatics to study fundamental processes that impact gene expression in plants from a genome-wide perspective

Gerald Madlambayan
Define the integrated roles of different stem and progenitor cell populations in cancer initiation, progression and relapse

Raffel Thomas
Understand how parasites influence the ecology and evolution of their hosts, and how ecological and anthropogenic factors affect parasite-host dynamics

Mi Hye Song
The molecular and genetic mechanisms of centrosome assembly by applying biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, proteomics and quantitative imaging to the study of centrosome biology in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans model

Scott Tiegs
Use field-based experimental and observational approaches — usually in aquatic ecosystems — with the aim of better understanding how human activities impact aquatic ecosystems

Luis Villa-diaz
The self-renewal properties of hPSCs, which are influenced by the microenvironment in which they are cultured, in particular the extracellular matrix (ECM)

Satish Walia
Molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria and biodegradation of xenobiotics such as polychlorinated biphenyl, nitrotoluenes, and the mutagenic properties of their biodegradation products

Douglas Wendell
Develop molecular markers for rapid-cycling Brassica rapa

Randal Westrick
Understanding and preventing the development of pathologic intravascular blood clot formation

Biomedical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences

Kristin Landis-Piwowar
Cancer biology, cancer therapeutics, molecular diagnostics, familial leukemia


Ferman Chavez
Develop small molecule models for the active sites of these enzymes which will help to understand the role of various metals in this family and help to probe the mechanisms involved for these enzymes

Roman Dembinski
The synthesis of analogs of natural products, particularly coordination complexes of nucleosides and nucleotides

Nessan Kerrigan
Development of efficient enantioselective and diastereoselective synthetic methods and their application in drug molecule and natural product synthesis

Sanela Martic
Designing functional bioconjugates for understanding the biological processes at the fundamental level

Michael Sevilla
The chemistry of free radical species produced by the high energy irradiation of DNA by gamma irradiation and ion beams

Evan Trivedi
Light activation and near infrared light

Communication and Journalism

Erin Meyers
Digital or “new” media technologies, most notably the Internet, and the audiences who engage with them

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hoda Abdel-Aty-Zohdy
Bio-technology with bio-inspired intelligent signal perception and processing (ISPP)

Jai Li
Statistical signal processing for biomedical imaging and communications, computer graphics, pattern recognition and algorithms

Engineering and Computer Science

Subramaniam Ganesan
Divisible load scheduling; condition based maintenance for military and manufacturing; real time DSP/multi-core systems for specific applications; agent based health monitoring

Khalid Mahmood
Open source speech and Video API in android platform; programming and GUI design

Gautam Singh
Information system modeling, management and efficient data retrieval; temporal database design for applications in manufacturing and process monitoring

Jing Tang
Image reconstruction, evaluation, and analysis in emission computed tomography

Xia Wang
Fuel cell and battery modeling and testing, biomass pellets optimization, turbulent boundary layers with separation, forced convection turbulent boundary layers

Peng Zhao
Combustion and reacting flows, internal combustion engines, energy conversion, environmental science

Environmental Health and Safety

Richard Olawoyin
Human Health Exposure Risk Assessment, NanoEHS (nanotechnology), Fire Protection Engineering, Global Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Hazard Management in Nuclear Safety

Exercise Science

Myung Choi
Regulation of local and whole body lipid metabolism in sedentary overweight and obese humans before and after exercise training and nutritional intervention

Eye Research Institute

Frank Giblin
The possible role of oxidative and free radical processes in the formation of nuclear cataract, resulting in blindness, along with the unusually active antioxidant mechanisms present in the epithelium of the lens that help to keep the tissue transparent

Dao-Qi Zhang
The regulation of dopamine release in the vertebrate retina, a simple and accessible model of the CNS

Health Sciences

Jennifer Lucarelli
Prevention and improvement of chronic diseases in children, adolescents and adults in community-based settings

Melissa Reznar
Behavioral nutrition, lifestyle interventions food environment, college health


Cheryl Riley-Doucet
Developing and testing multi-sensory interventions (MSE) to assist family caregivers and older adults in the symptom management of chronic illness and dementia

Physical Therapy

Sara Arena
Cardiopulmonary, blood pressure, health promotion and wellness, home care

Deborah Doherty
Oncology rehabilitation; Cultural competency

Jacqueline Drouin
Exercise training in special populations, oncology rehabilitation

Melodie Kondratek
Orthopedics: intervention techniques for spinal conditions; Pediatrics: the use of orthopedic manual therapy techniques in the treatment of children

Kristine Thompson
Professional issues, professional development


Ilias Cholis
Theoretical high-energy astrophysics and on astroparticle physics with a significant focus on indirect dark matter searches. Many questions in these fields are at the intersection of astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics.

Brad Roth
Biological physics and computational physics: Electrical stimulation of cardiac tissue

Steffan Puwal
Biophysical methods in heart defibrillation

Yang Xia
Multidisciplinary microscopic imaging study of articular cartilage


Mark Manning
Social psychological examinations of race, racism and health behavior, and their downstream effect on racial health disparities.examine the interaction between psychological stress, anxiety, and health

Scott Pickett
Investigate the mechanisms that may impact recovery from psychological trauma; examine the interaction between psychological stress, anxiety, and health

Michele Purdie
Predictors and consequences of sexual assault perpetration and victimization, with a particular emphasis on childhood trauma, substance use, and emotion regulation

Todd Shackelford
Human sexual psychology and behavior with special focus on sexual conflict between men and women

Kanako Taku
The construct of posttraumatic growth (PTG), personal growth experienced as a result of the struggle with major life crises or traumatic events

Jennifer Vonk
Cognitive continuities and discontinuities between humans and both closely and distantly related species

Lisa Welling
Hormonal and psychological sources of individual differences in human mate preferences and behavior

Virgil Zeigler-Hill
Self-esteem, narcissism, cognitive representations of the self, and interpersonal relationships

Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

Jon Carroll
Cultural transmission, social interaction and integration, political and economic organization, social science applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer modeling and simulation, archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands of North America

Suzanne Spencer-Wood
Feminist theory in anthropology and archaeology, nonlinear systems theory, archaeological theory and method, feminist historical archaeology, historical archaeology of class, ethnicity, market access and settlement, industrial archaeology and cultural resource management