Isabella Limbert

A headshot of Isabella Limbert

CAS '23

Role on the Board: Honors College student representative

Why I joined the Board: After speaking at Dr. Pescovitz's event in the spring of 2022, I was approached by multiple members of the Board to join and share my student perspective regarding the Honors College and its programs. I am so honored to be the first student representative for this Board, as I know that my thoughts are truly being considered by my fellow members and taken into account for program development. My goals for this Board are to help with the retention of the Honors College thesis by providing mentoring and networking opportunities between students and the professors they would like to work with.

Best HC memories: I will forever be grateful to the HC community for becoming my family on campus. The bonds I have created with Dr. Harper and Anne Jackson allowed me to grow into my best self and feel confident in my academic abilities. Along with those connections, my HC thesis has created a bond between my mentor Dr. Wendell and I, which I know will carry through post-graduation and onward. Some of my favorite memories are the events that the HC puts on - I can still remember my excitement for the NASA event my freshman year! The HC offers a wide variety of topics and speaker events surrounding various disciplines and can help undecided students determine their path. I will always remember my HC journey and will look back on it fondly for years to come. I am thankful that my role on the BOV will allow me to pay back to the community that helped me become who I am today.

Other interests / affiliations:

  • Oakland University Gold Presidential Scholar
  • Undergraduate Research Society Secretary
  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology
  • Society Social Media Manager