General Education

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The knowledge integration area focuses on issues of ethics, the application of knowledge to specific problems, and the relevance of the undergraduate experience to life. 

Knowledge Applications
Explore the ways in which knowledge can be applied in areas outside your own field of study. You'll compare and contrast methods used in your major with those in another field. The course must be outside of the  degree requirements for your major


What will I learn? 

  • evaluate and apply knowledge in a field outside of your major to solve real-world problems across a range of applications
  • personal, professional, ethical and societal implications of these applications

The capstone experience will create an explicit link between general education and your major (or between general education components if you take a general education capstone instead of one in your major). The capstone can be interdisciplinary- or discipline-specific.  If taken in the major, it must explicitly address the relevance to the major of a combination of at least three of the general education knowledge areas and capacities to the major. 

Although students who change majors may be required to take a second capstone as part of their major, you are only required to meet the general education capstone requirement once.


What will I learn? 

  • appropriate uses of a variety of methods of inquiry and a recognition of ethical considerations that arise
  • the ability to integrate the knowledge learned in general education and its relevance to your life and career

Writing Intensive
Through two writing intensive courses, students gain an understanding of both general and discipline-specific writing abilities. Faculty in these courses  help students develop their ability to research and write for different disciplinary audiences. Writing intensive courses are designed to provide students with the transferable communication skills that will help them to become successful writers in their majors, in their careers, and in their communities.  Writing Intensive in General Education and Writing Intensive in the Major may be found in courses that also satisfy the Explorations and Integration areas. See also writing foundations

Make sure one of your general education courses and/or courses for your major also fulfills the diversity requirement. A course can qualify to meet the diversity requirement if one-half of its content deals with issues relating to at least two of the following: race, gender or ethnicity. 

What will I learn? 

  • knowledge of how diverse value systems and societal structures are influenced by race, gender and ethnicity
  • major challenges and issues these raise in society