General Education

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OU students must meet the writing foundations requirement. You'll be introduced to the elements of effective writing and rhetoric. Composition II (WRT 160) meets this requirement, but students who do not qualify (based on course placement tests) will first need to complete prerequisite courses. See also writing intensive

What will I learn? 

  • elements, writing processes, and organizing strategies for creating analytical and expository prose
  • effective rhetorical strategies appropriate to the topic, audience, context and purpose

Formal Reasoning
This area incorporates courses from disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, statistics, linguistics and logic that require students to use formal reasoning systems to model and solve problems. A formal reasoning course must be taken prior to junior standing (56 credits). 

What will I learn? 
  • one or more formal reasoning systems such as computer programming, mathematics, statistics, linguistics or logic
  • read, understand, model and solve problems across a variety of applications