General Education

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OU students are required to take one course in each of the seven knowledge explorations categories outlined below. This is where you'll learn a breadth of knowledge and analytical skills. 

While completing each of these courses, keep in mind that some also may count as the diversity requirement and/or the writing intensive requirement.  



What will I learn? 
  • cultural or historic artistic traditions in visual, auditory, movement, theatrical or cinematic art
  • the role of art as critical commentary on society and as an aesthetic expression of experience


Global Perspective


What will I learn? 
  • Knowledge of two or more of the following: environments, political systems, economies, societies, and religions in any region outside of the United States.
  • Knowledge of the role that different cultural heritages (past and present) play in forming values in another part of the world, enabling the student to function in a global context.


Language and Culture


What will I learn? 
  • an additional language and its associated culture
  • linguistic and cultural diversity and the contributions of such diversity to the global society




What will I learn? 
  • how literature is an expression of culture
  • literary form


Natural Science and Technology


What will I learn? 
  • major concepts from natural science or technology, including developing and testing of hypotheses; drawing conclusions; and reporting findings through some laboratory experience or an effective substitute (lab experiences are met by either a limited number of interactive experiences, collecting and interpreting raw data, or other effective experiences such as a virtual laboratory)
  • how to evaluate sources of information in science or technology


Social Science


What will I learn? 
  • concepts, methods and theories designed to enhance understanding of human behavior and/or societies
  • concepts and theories to problems involving individuals, institutions or nations


Western Civilization


What will I learn? 

  • historical events and/or philosophical ideas of European or American culture
  • how Western ideas or institutions have evolved over time