Galileo Institute for Teacher Leadership

Pawley Hall
456 Pioneer Drive
Rochester, MI 48309-4482
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We will forge a vision of effective teaching that results in powerful learning for all students by:
  • Increasing teachers’ knowledge and skills about the self as change agent
  • Deepening teachers’ knowledge about learning and learning contexts
  • Developing teachers’ skills for effective assessment of and for learning
  • Promoting a sense of moral obligation and voice of advocacy
  • Renewing teachers’ passionate beliefs about the power of their influence
  • Supporting the development of exemplary practice
We will create professional communities of learners in schools and community colleges that improve and sustain student results over time by:
  • Fostering persistent disquiet with the status quo
  • Searching for research-based improvements in curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Creating interdependence among educators with defined purposes aimed at shared results
  • Developing skills for dealing with conflict and resistance
  • Promoting systemic approaches to solving problems and building capacity
We will strengthen educators’ use of data to improve organizational practices by:
  • Creating and supporting educator study groups
  • Teaching dialogue and discussion skills for effective application of data analysis
  • Developing practitioners’ ability to integrate action research into ongoing work
  • Promoting the use of technology for documenting and analyzing practices
We will foster commitment by school districts, community colleges and universities to develop their capacity for change through the creation of:
  • An inter-organizational governing board
  • Inter-organizational networking events (conferences and seminar events)
  • An inter-organizational network of mentoring and coaching
We will develop and sustain a network of supportive leaders in education by:
  • Creating online forums for dialogue and sharing of best practices