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Learn to Create - Film Challenge Detroit
Cinema Studies Program

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Film Challenge Detroit

Turn your passion into your career with a creative degree from Oakland University. Get behind the camera, act in front of it, lead a film crew, write a screenplay, design an ad, and so much more. There’s no limit to what you can do with a creative background.

Cinema Studies

Investigate how motion pictures are created, experienced and valued in American culture and around the world.


develop professional competency through performance, repertory and theoretical studies, plus opportunities to perform and direct.

Art History

Study the visual arts in their historical context in terms of the cultural, economic, philosophical, political, religious, social and technological conditions.

Creative Writing

Develop your vision by writing and revising poems, short stories, plays, screenplays or television scripts.


Participate in dance festivals and train alongside professional dance companies as you transition from student to dance professional.

Graphic Design

Learn about design theory, design history, materials and processes, as well as graphic design studio/professional industry standards and practices.

Musical Theatre

Hone your acting, singing and dance skills with classes, vocal instruction, and training in ballet, jazz and modern dance.


Work with internationally and nationally renowned faculty in a vibrant atmosphere for musical and intellectual growth.

Studio Art

Get technical and aesthetic training in drawing, painting, photography, video and digital media.

Theatre Design and Technology

Learn about stagecraft, stage management and scenic, costume and lighting design.