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OUR Repository License

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Kresge Library
OUR Repository Release
Honors College Thesis Deposit license for OUR@Oakland

Why is a deposit license required?
The OUR@Oakland repository supports the long-term preservation of e-documents, and free access to them. To undertake this role, the administrators of the repository need permission to store, copy and manipulate the material in order to ensure that it can be preserved and made available in the future.
This Deposit Agreement is designed to give repository administrators the right to do this, and to confirm that the depositor has the right to submit the material to the repository. The License is non-exclusive, and the depositor does not give away any of their rights to the repository.

Your right to publish your work

Rights granted to OUR@Oakland (OUR) through this agreement are non-exclusive. You are free to publish the Work in its present or future version(s) elsewhere and no ownership is assumed by the repository when storing the e-document.

Depositing with the OUR@Oakland institutional repository

By accepting this agreement, you (the author(s), copyright owner or assignee), grant a non-exclusive license to OUR that authorizes the following:
a) You are the author, copyright holder or assignee and have authority to make this agreement, and give OUR the right to publish the Work in a repository.
b) That the Work is original and does not, to the best of your knowledge infringe upon anyone's copyright, trademark, patent or other rights whatsoever of any person.

Permissions given to the repository
OUR shall have rights to reproduce, distribute, display and perform this work in any format via any medium throughout the world for educational, research and scientific non-profit uses for the lifetime of the repository, or based upon an agreed time span. OUR can also translate the Work if necessary to any medium or format and may keep more than one copy for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

Withdrawing your work
You may make a request to the administrator that the Work be removed at any point in the future. Equally, OUR@Oakland reserves the right to remove the Work for any professional, administrative or legal reason. A metadata record indicating the Work was stored in the repository will remain visible in perpetuity.

While every care will be taken to preserve the e-document in accordance with our preservation policy, OUR is not liable for loss or damage to the e-print or other data while it is stored within the repository.
In the event of a breach of intellectual property rights, or other laws including defamation OUR@Oakland, Kresge Library or Oakland University is not under any obligation to take legal action on behalf of the depositor, original author, or other rights holders, or to accept liability for any legal action arising from any such breaches.

Definition & terms
In this license document:
'Work': means the e-document being deposited including but not limited to abstract, text, images and related data.
'E-Document': means any item of intellectual property stored in an electronic format.

By "signing" above you are acknowledging that you have read the Deposit Agreement and understand your rights as an author(s), copyright owner or assignee and you understand the extent of the permissions you are granting OUR@Oakland. You represent that you have the right to grant the rights contained in this agreement and that your submission does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone's copyright.

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