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REDEFINE is a  six week bystander intervention training program designed to motivate student leaders in playing a central role in ending violence and sexual assault on campus and in our community.

Women and men working together to create positive culture change!

There are four training sessions for the 2015-2016 school year October 14th - November 18th (Wednesday nights) October 15th - November 19th (Thursday nights) January 27th - March 9th (Wednesday nights) January 28th - March 10th (Thursday nights)


Session 1 Socialization, Gender-based Violence and the Development of Leaders
Session 2 Bystander Intervention, the Framework of Abuse and Partner Violence
Session 3 Sexual Assault and Creating a Culture of Consent
Session 4 When Flirting Turns Into Sexual Harassment
Session 5 Identities-Based Violence and Media Literacy
Session 6 Program Overview, Creating Social Change and Community Activism 

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October 14th - November 18th
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