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Graduate Assistantship Application

The Oakland University Assistantship program provides students an opportunity to gain professional experiences, which enhance graduate instruction and research, while contributing financial assistance to the successful completion of a graduate degree. Oakland University budgets financial resources for a number of graduate assistantships that are made available to full-time, degree-seeking graduate students.
  • To be eligible for an assistantship appointment, a student must have “regular” admission standing to a specific graduate degree program.
  • Students with a “conditional or limited admission standing may be considered for an appointment if the conditional requirements can be met within the first semester of the award enrollment period. An assistantship award will be terminated should the conditional requirements not be satisfied.
  • ALL students with graduate assistantships are expected to maintain a full-time enrollment status at Oakland University during the semester(s) for which they are appointed.
Graduate Assistants must maintain an overall grade-point average of 3.00 AND show satisfactory progress toward completing degree requirements. This form is a convenient way of notifying academic departments of your interest in receiving an assistantship. Although graduate assistantships may be awarded without submission of this form, submitting the form provides academic departments pertinent information often associated with review of assistantships awards.
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Employment Eligibility Profile

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General Information

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If you are responding to a graduate assistantship that is posted on the OU website, please provide the title of the position below.

Are you currently or have you previously held a Graduate Assistantship at OU?

Professional Experience

Please list and describe any activities, work or supervisory experiences that have contributed to your qualifications for a Graduate Assistant position.


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Presentations or Publications

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Important Note: Receipt of funding from graduate assistantships may affect your financial aid package. If you have received a financial aid package, please contact the financial aid office to find out how graduate assistantship funding may affect your package.