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Michigan Works

Oakland University welcomes Michigan Works and other displaced workers. We understand the struggles you face and are happy to offer a variety of resources focused on:

  • career counseling
  • financial assistance
  • academic programs tailored to the needs of displaced workers

There are countless ways students benefit from attending Oakland, and among the most compelling of them is the distinctive quality of its educational programs. Recognized by The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, and others for outstanding academics, OU is a rapidly growing university that boasts of highly-accomplished faculty, a vast and expanding legacy of student success, numerous research opportunities, a diverse campus environment, NCAA Division I athletics, exceptional social and cultural events, a convenient location and more.

Follow the steps below to take full advantage of the programs and services offered at Oakland University.

  1. Register with Michigan Works: Go online to Michigan Works to begin the registration process.
  2. Explore opportunities: Review the academic, student service and financial aid resources listed on this site.
  3. Get help: Take advantage of free or low-cost personal and career counseling offered on campus.
  4. Meet with an adviser: Contact an academic adviser from the program you wish to pursue (undergraduate or graduate). An adviser can help you complete documents regarding your program plan and financial costs.

Working for You: Michigan Works! at Oakland University

This video will go over the following four items:

  • What is Michigan Works?
  • Who Qualifies for Funding?
  • Students Role: You Registered for Mi-Works, Now What? and
  • Academic Advisers Role

What is Michigan Works? Michigan Works is a government-funded agency where Michigan employers can connect with skilled job seekers and learn about training opportunities to enhance their workers’ skill sets and education. The Michigan Works Association assists Michigan residents, especially adult learners and those that have been laid off in the recession, in gaining the necessary education to meet the demands of the economy. They also offer financial support to students in higher education entering careers that are in high demand in Michigan (for example, health sciences, engineering, and business).

Who Qualifies for Funding? Michigan Works funding is based on the following factors:

  • Income bracket and proof of income
  • Living arrangement (for example, with parents, a spouse, or alone)
  • The TABE test for literacy and mathematics
  • In the last two years of higher education program preferred (four semesters to complete)
  • Full-time or part-time status
  • Can also be for those who need retraining or are displaced workers

If you would like to find out more information about receiving funding through Michigan Works!, please visit and contact a service center near you.

You Registered with Michigan Works!, Now What? After registering with Michigan Works!, please complete the Oakland University online application. Next, explore the training opportunities for Oakland University at Once you choose a training opportunity, request assistance from a Michigan Works! case worker and acquire the training account forms needed to receive funding. The student is responsible for writing their case worker’s name and email or fax number on each of the forms and bringing the forms to their academic advising appointment. During this appointment, the Academic Adviser will complete and sign a portion of the paperwork. The filled in and signed forms will then be scanned and emailed to Student Financial Services. The remaining portions of the forms will be completed and signed by Student Financial Services and all completed forms will then be emailed or faxed to the Michigan Works! case worker. These forms are then processed by the Michigan Works! Association and if approved for funding, Student Business Services will be sent the proper paperwork to bill them accordingly.


For Academic Adviser’s Use: To best assist students trying to receive funding through Michigan Works!, it is key for an Academic Adviser to know the following:

  1. Forms may differ from one county to another (Oakland County and Macomb/St. Clair County examples will be given in this presentation)
  2. All procedures and highlighted forms can be found on the PAC-shared drive, under the Michigan Works! folder
  3. A new form will be filled out for each semester to update Michigan Works! on a student’s academic progress and to ensure they are still eligible for funding
  4. Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions, concerns regarding the training forms

For the next two slides, please note that all procedures and highlighted forms are available for reference in the PAC-share drive. The Academic Adviser’s role is highlighted in blue, the student’s role is highlighted in green, and the Student Financial Services role is highlighted in orange.

Academic Adviser’s Responsibility: Oakland County Forms: Complete all blue highlighted portions, including the course name, number, credit hours, and billing/contact hours on the Trade Adjustment Assistance: Program Planning Worksheet form. This form should be completed during the scheduled appointment time. You will fill out the form, beginning with the semester they will receive funding in, and fill in a table for each semester the student has left before completing their degree or certificate. Located in the top left corner, the total billing/contact hours and total credit hours is based on how many credits a student needs to obtain their degree or certificate.

To calculate contact hours, multiply the number of credits by sixteen. For example, a four-credit class has sixty-four contact hours.

Please ensure you and the student sign the upper right-hand corner, even though there is not a physical line for it. Once this form is completed and signed, scan the form and email them to Student Financial Services ( and cc the student.

Academic Adviser’s Responsibility: Macomb/St. Clair County Forms: Complete and sign the blue highlighted portions of the Individual Program Plan and fill in the course name/number, credit hours, and contact hours on the Individual Training Account Authorization form.

To calculate contact hours, multiply the number of credits by sixteen. For example, a four-credit class has sixty-four contact hours.

For the Individual Program Plan, begin with the semester they would begin receiving funding and end with their final semester before obtaining their degree or certificate. This specific form should be completed and signed during the scheduled appointment time. Before sending the forms forward, please ensure the student signed all three forms. Once these forms are completed, scan the three forms, email them to and cc the student. Please note that after their first semester receiving funding, the student will only need to fill out the Individual Training Account Authorization form for every following semester.

Thank you for playing an integral role in assisting our students in receiving funding from MI-Works!

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Michigan Works!, please contact Pamela Daniels in Student Financial Services at

OU Approved Programs

OU works continually with Michigan Works to develop programs and create unique academic options for students. Not all Oakland University programs are eligible for funding through Michigan Works. You can view a comprehensive list of approved undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, and contact information on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website. Check back frequently as programs are added.

If you do not see the program you are looking for, please contact Student Financial Services' liaison to Michigan Works, by emailing

Academic Resources

We understand that losing your job can be a worrisome and unnerving time. That’s why we’re working to make the pursuit of new opportunities as seamless and stress-free as possible.

  • We continually monitor trends in national and international business arenas and develop academic programs to meet the needs of both businesses and their employees. To learn more about exciting careers in the health care industry, visit the School of Nursing or the School of Health Sciences sites. The School of Engineering and Computer Science prepares students and retools workers in the constantly evolving technical career fields, and the School of Business Administration offers a host of programs that enable graduates to excel in corporate settings. Our School of Education and Human Services offers many certificate and endorsement programs for teachers and HR professionals.
  • You can build on your existing skill set through programs in our College of Arts and Sciences, plus the versatile Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree.
  • Check out all of Oakland’s certificate, bachelor’s, graduate and post-graduate degree programs to see the full spectrum of coursework designed to improve any worker’s competitiveness in today’s business environment.
  • Our knowledgeable and dedicated academic advisers can help you maximize your educational strengths by recommending relevant and complementary courses of study. Advisers can also help you determine whether an academic program is being reviewed and even request that a program be considered for review.
  • Depending on your course of study, you may be taking classes from a number of months in some certificate programs to as much as four years in various degree programs. Oakland’s academic advisers can provide specific time frames once you’ve decided to pursue a particular program.
Other Resources

Oakland provides a comprehensive set of resources to help you adjust and succeed.

We also host a number of workshops geared toward improving job-seeking strategies, resume writing, interview skills and more. In addition, the School of Education and Human Services has highly-trained counselors in the Adult Career Counseling Center to help you build effective job-seeking strategies.

Additional resources include:


If your intended program of study is approved for tuition grant funding by the State of Michigan, you will register with Michigan Works to take advantage of available funding. Once you’re registered, your case worker will be able to help you apply for assistance.

The cost of your educational investment will vary significantly depending on the required course of study, your class standing, tuition assistance made available through Michigan Works, other forms of financial aid and other factors. Rest assured, however, that Oakland University has taken extraordinary measures to ensure that student out-of-pocket costs remain as low as possible. You can learn more at our tuition and costs page.

Contact Us

For more information about Oakland University and Michigan Works, contact:

Undergraduate Admissions
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Graduate School
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Michigan Works
Troy Service Center
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OU's liaison to Michigan Works
Student Financial Services
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