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Community College Partnerships

Students continuing to participate in the Macomb Community College Partnership program should be aware of the following information.

Financial Aid

In order to receive aid, you must be admitted to Oakland University and Macomb Community College in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree at Oakland University.

You can only receive federal financial aid at one school. All federal and most state financial aid will be awarded by OU based on the combined credit hours at both schools. Only credits which are transferable to OU are included in the combined credits and are counted when determining enrollment status. Scholarships and awards through private agencies might not honor enrollment at both schools — you should check with the awarding agency for more information.

As with all financial assistance programs, the FAFSA is required. Only use OU’s school code, 002307, on the FAFSA, unless you are applying for need-based private scholarships at the partnership school in which case you should include its federal school code. Learn more about applying for financial assistance.

Federal and most state financial aid is processed and awarded by OU only. Adjustments to awards are made after each semester’s enrollment is verified between OU and Macomb Community College. You can view your financial aid awards on MySAIL. If you are planning to have a combined enrollment of less than full-time, you must complete a revision form.

Billing and Payment

We will send an email to your OU email account when your bill is ready to be viewed and paid online using eBill. You will need your Grizzly ID and PIN to access the eBill system. The eBill home page provides a brief overview of your current account status, recent and past billing statements, recent activity on your student account and available payment plans. Payments can be made online through eBill or by mail.

If you are taking classes at both OU and Macomb Community College, you will be billed separately. Learn more about paying your bill at Macomb Community College.

Important Reminders
  • To maximize your financial aid package, you are encouraged to enroll as a full-time student which is 12 or more credits. You can enroll in any combination of credits between both OU and the partnership school or you can enroll in credits at only one school. You can change the number of credits you take at each school each semester.
  • A private scholarship from a partnership school can be used to pay tuition charges at that partnership school.
  • If you receive an OU scholarship, you must enroll in full-time study (minimum 12 credit hours) in OU credits for the fall semester of your admission year or the award will be permanently cancelled. In subsequent semesters, you must enroll in full-time study by combining enrolled credits at OU and the partnership school for your scholarship or grant to remain active; however, the scholarship or grant will only be applied to your OU bill for the semesters in which you are enrolled in at least 12 credits at OU.
  • If you receive a scholarship from the partnership school, you must enroll at that school for the total credits required for their scholarship.
  • When you register for classes at the partnership school, you will be required to pay the partnership school’s tuition to that school by their established due date. Financial aid will pay to your OU student account. If you do not have any OU charges or your financial aid is in excess of those charges, you will receive a financial aid refund. You can use your refund to pay your bill at the partnership school or to reimburse yourself if you had previously paid the tuition.
  • Financial aid will pay to your OU student account. Charges not covered by financial aid are your responsibility to pay.
  • Past due bills at OU and/or your partnership school will prevent future semester registration at both schools. For example: If you are pre-registered for courses for the fall semester at Oakland and incur charges for a prior semester, you might be deregistered for an upcoming semester at both schools.
  • OU begins to disburse financial aid up to 10 days before the first day of the semester provided all financial aid requirements are met. If your financial aid is more than your OU charges, a refund will be issued. To receive a refund, we recommend you enroll in direct deposit. You can use your refund to purchase books. If you wish to purchase books before you receive your refund, you will be responsible for the method of payment.
  • If you drop a course, your aid will be based on your enrolled credits on the last day to drop a course with a 100% refund. If your financial aid previously disbursed and your enrollment status has changed, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. You will be required to return any funds refunded to you. The date is published by the Office of the Registrar for each semester.
  • If you withdraw from all your courses at OU and the partnership school within 60% of the semester, your federal aid will be prorated to determine your eligibility. In most cases, students are required to repay all or most of the federal aid they received. If you withdraw from courses within the 100% refund period, all aid will be adjusted or canceled. These dates are published by the Office of the Registrar for each semester.
  • Athletes participating in NCAA-sponsored sports programs are not able to participate in a degree partnership program. Additional restrictions exist for some club sport programs. Be sure to raise the issue of eligibility before participating in any club sports.
  • International students do not qualify for a degree partnership program.