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FAFSA - Big Changes Coming!

The 2024-2025 FAFSA will be available in December 2023. 

As a result of the FAFSA Simplification Act, the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is undergoing a major redesign. The changes will provide:

  • A more streamlined application process
  • Expanded eligibility for federal financial aid for many students (and possibly state and institutional aid too)
  • The FAFSA will be available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Korean, Russian, German, Haitian, and Hindi
  • Reduced barriers for certain student populations
  • A better user experience for the FAFSA form

Listen here to what FAFSA Simplification means from Nicole Boelk, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships. We want to bring special attention to a few key changes that are a result of FAFSA Simplification:

  • FSA ID is now login credentials. Create your login credentials a week before completing the FAFSA.
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is now replaced by the Student Aid Index (SAI), which is used to determine some need-based eligibility.
  • Everyone who is a contributor (student and parent(s)/step-parent or spouse, if applicable) on the FAFSA must consent to the IRS sharing tax information, even if they didn’t file federal taxes, in order for the FAFSA to be processed.
  • The number of people in the household is being pre-populated from 2022 tax information. We suggest everyone manually enter the number of people in their household.
  • In divorced or separated parental situations, which parent’s information to use on the FAFSA has changed. Use the parent who provided the greater financial support in the 12-months leading up to filing the FAFSA.
  • The current net worth of businesses and investment farms needs to be reported on the FAFSA.
  • Although the number in college is being collected on the FAFSA, it is not being used in the formula to determine the SAI.

Coming in January - Get help completing your FAFSA
We’re here to provide you with assistance as you complete your FAFSA. Join a virtual workshop to get help or speak to an adviser for one-on-one assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing to Complete the FAFSA
When will the 2024-2025 FAFSA be available for me to complete on

The 2024-2025 FAFSA is expected to be released in December 2023. OU will notify you, via OU email, when the FAFSA is available to complete on

What is the deadline for completing the 2024-2025 FAFSA?

When the FAFSA opens in December, we would recommend you complete it right away. Technically the deadline for the 2024-2025 FAFSA isn’t until June, 2025, that is too late for you to receive financial aid for the 2024-2025 school year.

How will all of these changes impact my financial aid eligibility?

Every year a student’s eligibility for financial aid can change and this year is no different. Data analysis, done by the federal government, suggests, on average, students will have more eligibility for federal student aid under the new methodology and change to the SAI. If you have questions about your financial aid eligibility, please reach out to Student Financial Services.

What does it mean to be a contributor on the FAFSA?

A contributor is anyone who is asked to provide information on an applicant’s FAFSA including: the student (and spouse if applicable), a biological or adoptive parent, and/or the spouse of a remarried parent. All contributors are required to have a login credentials and must provide consent to have their tax information transferred from the IRS. Login credentials should be created a week before completing the FAFSA.

The information required to invite a contributor to complete the FAFSA includes the contributor's legal name (from their social security card), date of birth, social security number if they have one, mailing address if they do not have a social security number, and email address.

Why am I being asked to confirm my email and cell phone number when creating log-in credentials?

Multi Factor Authentication is being used by Federal Student Aid to try and keep contributor information as secure as possible.

My parents are divorced or separated, which parent do I use to complete the FAFSA?

Be sure to read carefully, this has changed for 2024-2025. You will provide income and asset information for the parent who provided you with the most financial support in the 12 months prior to completing the FAFSA, even if you do not live with that parent or either of your parents. If the parent who provides the most financial support is remarried you will also provide their information.

Completing the FAFSA
Why do I have to answer questions about gender, race and ethnicity?

The questions about gender, race, and ethnicity were required by law to be added to the FAFSA. The answers to these questions do not, in any way, determine financial aid eligibility. Additionally, the answers to these questions are not released to the University.

I (either student or parent) received an email from Federal Student Aid that I need to complete my portion of the FAFSA. Is the email legitimate?

It isn’t possible for the FAFSA to be fully processed without the consent of both the student (and spouse, if applicable) and parent. Part of providing the consent is for the initial contributor (either student or parent) to send an invitation to the other contributor(s) to complete their sections of the FAFSA. The email invitation to complete the FAFSA will come from Federal Student Aid. Before completing the steps, we suggest you just confirm with whomever started the FAFSA they invited you to complete your sections.

What should I do if I have a sibling going to a financial aid eligible college or university?

The new SAI does not account for siblings who may be in college. After you receive your Financial Aid Offer, we encourage you to contact an adviser for further information.

Why am I being asked to enter the name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and email address of FAFSA contributors?

An email is going to be sent to anyone who is a contributor, asking them to complete their section(s) of the FAFSA. If the contributor doesn’t have login credentials, they will be directed to establish one before completing the FAFSA. Contributors have 45 days to complete the FAFSA once they are sent the invitation email. If the contributor does not complete their section of the FAFSA within those 45 days, the FAFSA will be deleted from the Federal Student Aid website.

Reporting Income and Assets on the FAFSA Form
Why do I (or my parent(s)) have to consent to having tax information transferred from the IRS if I didn’t file taxes?

Consent is required of all contributors on the FAFSA. Consent is allowing the IRS to provide Federal Tax Information (FTI) via a direct data share to Federal Student Aid. If there is no tax information on file for a contributor, that is the information the IRS will share with Federal Student Aid. If one or more contributors do not consent to the data share, the FAFSA will be rejected.

Which tax year do I report on the FAFSA?

Use the 2022 tax year.

How do I calculate the net worth of our family's business and/or investment farm?

FAFSA Simplification resulted in the requirement being reinstated that families need to report the net worth of businesses (even family-owned and controlled small businesses and family farms that are the principal place of residence). Net worth is calculated as Total Assets - Total Liabilities = Net Worth.

Why is child support received considered an asset and what do I report?

Child support received has always been required to be reported on the FAFSA. It used to be reported as Other Untaxed Income. Recent regulation moved child support received from Other Untaxed Income to being reported as an asset. The amount to report will be based on the amount received in the 12-months leading up to the completion of the FAFSA.

What to Expect After Submitting the FAFSA
The FAFSA didn't ask me as many questions as last year. Did I fill it out correctly?

Yes! Part of FAFSA Simplification was a reduction in the number of questions.

When will I know how much financial aid I am going to receive?

Oakland University will notify you with an official financial aid offer in late spring 2024. The financial aid offer will list the types and estimated amounts of financial aid you may be eligible to receive. In the meantime, you could reference OU’s Net Price Calculator for more information about estimated eligibility.

How was my federal Pell grant determined?

The Student Aid Index alone does not determine federal Pell grant eligibility. The federal Poverty Guidelines, as well as the family's structure, and family size will determine Pell grant eligibility. A student could qualify for no Pell grant, a maximum Pell grant, a minimum Pell grant award, or an amount of Pell equal to the maximum Pell award amount minus their SAI. The Federal Student Aid Estimator is a resource tool for helping to determine federal Pell grant eligibility.

Why are PLUS loans not offered on my 2024-2025 financial aid offer?

Recent best practices concerning financial aid offers suggest that including PLUS loans on a financial aid offer can be misleading to students about their remaining costs after grants, scholarships, and federal Direct student loans. Any remaining net costs after scholarships, grants and/or student loans, can be covered through PLUS loans. The parent of a dependent student or a graduate student is eligible to apply for a PLUS loan online at The application for the 2024-25 academic year will open around May 1, 2024.

How much Pell grant will I receive if I don't attend full-time (12+ credits)?

Once the annual Pell grant amount is determined, half of the award will be offered in each semester of the award year and will be prorated based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in, if you are attending less than full-time (12+ credits). See the charts below for what percentage of the award you would receive based on enrolled credits.


Number of creditsPercentage of Pell Award

Three-Quarter Time

Number of creditsPercentage of Pell Award


Number of creditsPercentage of Pell Award

Less than Half-Time

Number of creditsPercentage of Pell Award