540 O'Dowd Hall
Associate Professor of English
Ph.D. University of Michigan

Areas of study

Contemporary American literature, Ethnic literature, Transnational American studies, Gender studies

I am currently working on a manuscript titled Haunting Encounters, which examines the theme of haunting in recent U.S. and postcolonial literature as a response to the dynamics of transnational literary circulation.


“Invisible Victims, Visible Absences: Imagining Disappearance for an International Audience.” Forthcoming in ARIEL 43.2.

African American Review:

Comparative Literature Studies:

“Gendered Narratives of Trauma and Revision in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora.” African American Review 44.3: 409-420.

“The Ethics of Identification: The Global Circulation of Traumatic Narrative in Silko’s Ceremony and Roy’s The God of Small Things.Comparative Literature Studies 48.2: 219-240.