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Utility Purchasing

Utility Purchasing 

NATURAL GAS:  Oakland University purchases its natural gas on the wholesale market from various suppliers.  The wholesaler then delivers the gas to our local distribution company (Consumers Energy), who then delivers it to our door via one gas meter located at the Central Heating Plant.  To view the past wholesale gas prices, look at the monthly New York Mercantile Exchange prices for natural gas contacts originating from Henry Hub.  Henry Hub is a pipeline hub in Louisiana and is the reference delivery point for all U.S. natural gas futures contracts.  Click here to view the real time pricing for natural gas on the NYMEX.  Trading starts at 10AM weekdays.

ELECTRICITY:  In 2002, Oakland University entered into a two year contract to purchase electricity under our State's Electric Choice program.  The University saved approximately $500,000 in FY03 and $380,000 in FY04 on the program.  The situation is nearly identical to the natural gas purchasing program.  An alternative electrical supplier delivers our required electricity to our local distribution company (Detroit Edison), who then delivers it to our switchgear at the south substation.  The contract has been completed, and we are monitoring market conditions and regulatory issues to see if a second contract will be favorable.  Click here for more information from the State on Electric Choice. 

WATER:  The west campus receives its domestic water supply from the City of Auburn Hills via three meters.  Our campus water piping connects all three supply mains together, forming redundant paths of delivery.  The east campus receives its water from the City of Rochester Hills.

Individually Metered Buildings:  Numerous smaller buildings on the east and west campuses are individually metered for gas, electricity, and water directly from the Consumers Power, Detroit Edison, and Rochester Hills.  The cost of these individually metered locations is approximately 1% of our annual utility purchases.  Several of the east campus auxiliary units purchase their own gas and power.