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OU Usage and Cost

OU Usage and Cost

Annual Energy Reports to the Board of Trustees

Monthly Utility Usage & Cost

Take a look at the historical usage and cost of the west campus utilities over the past decade.  While domestic water & sewer usage has remained relatively flat, both electric and natural gas usage has steadily increased in step with our campus growth.  Please note that more updated figures are now available in the latter pages of the above Annual Energy Reports.

About $380 is spent each year per Full Year Equivalent Student.  This equates to 4% of full time student's tuition.  (based on 15 credit hours for two semesters)  Cost per square foot are currently (in FY2010) approximately $2.50 per square foot annually.

We need your help!  A significant amount of electricity is used during the night time and weekend hours.  Looking at the following chart, you can see that the University maintains at least  2 megawatts of electrical consumption throughout evenings and weekends.  (kW Demand Chart) Each of the spikes is one day.  The spikes are grouped a weekly pattern of five high usage days and two weekend days. 

Our summer electrical usage peaked at just over 7.5 Megawatts.

A significant portion of this off-peak usage comes from equipment that is not turned off!  Lights, computer monitors, computers, printers, copy machines, etc... should all be turned off during the evening to extend their operating life, save energy, and save on pollution the resulting to our environment.  To learn how to automatically shut off your monitor and hard drive, take a look at the Green Computing Guide.

Auxiliary Department Utility Charges