Energy Management

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University Electrical System

University Electrical System

The University receives its electricity from Detroit Edison via a single 13.2 kilovolt circuit located in the substation on the south side of campus.  This high voltage line is metered and sent out to the main campus on four circuits.  A fifth circuit was installed in the summer of 2007 to serve part of the east campus, including the OU Incubator, MB Hall, the Dodge Farmhouse, and a the adjacent golf course buildings.

From there, the University owns and operates its own 13.2kV underground distribution system.  Each of the west campus buildings receives the 13.2kV power and transforms it to 480 volts for large equipment, 277 volts for much of the lighting, and 120 volts for lighting and wall outlets. 

Two diesel powered electric generators were installed in the summer of 2007 are capable of backing up half of the campus electrical power gird.  The generators are connected in parallel with the Detroit Edison service, so that seamless peaks shaving may be used under an interruptable electric rate for a small savings.  Additional generators will be installed in future years.

Energy Metering
Oakland University has installed a automated utility metering system which will remotely monitor the electrical, heating, natural gas, and domestic water usage per building across the main campus.  The system provides information for energy projects, engineering analysis, and cost allocation to auxiliary departments.  These information systems and kW demand control concepts are the core areas of interest in what is now being called the "smart grid".  

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