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Prospective Master students should contact the appropriate Department Office, and prospective Ph.D candidates should contact the Associate Dean's Office at (248) 370-2233

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Jonathan Maisonneuve, Ph.D.
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Clean Energy Research Center

View information on the energy projects underway, tasks, and status. The School of Engineering and Computer Science is home to the Clean Energy Research Center, or CERC.  The CERC is the home of multiple, clean energy research, development, and educational activities.  The CERC fosters commercial partnerships, provides an educational platform for student research and hands-on clean energy demonstrations, while providing an entrepreneurial atmosphere within the OU R&D community to allow technology transfer and commercialization of new technologies.

Role and Services

 Mission Statement

Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) scientists, engineers and collaborators are conducting and demonstrating applied research and facilitating private sector investment to achieve a 40% energy reduction in existing industrial, commercial and institutional buildings in the Southeast Michigan tri-county region.   The CERC effort will deliver energy efficiency solutions, innovation and new clean energy jobs today while providing significant natural resource, environmental and economic impact by 2020.  The CERC is uniquely situated in the heart of the innovative Automation Ally, within the counties of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne which comprise 40% of the State’s population and a majority of the State’s economic activity.

Description of the Problem

During the 20th century, energy efficiency of our cars, trains, planes and factory floors have systematically improved.    However, during the past forty years the energy efficiency of our building stock has not improved.   Buildings consume about 40% of the nation’s energy.  Here in Michigan, this equates to about $12 billion in energy costs, much of which flows out of the State, to other parts of the U.S. and to foreign countries. Multiple projects have been completed or are in various stages of development.  The projects will research and demonstrate technologies in energy efficient buildings, solar, combined heat and power (CHP), biomass, and wind energy. Click here for OU & US Energy Flow Diagrams

  • Geothermal heat pump research and demonstrations
  • Smart grid / smart metering demonstrations
  • LED and emerging lighting technologies
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Solar PV systems
  • Biomass heating and biomass CHP systems
  • On?site solid fuel biomass densification lab
  • On?site biodiesel production lab
  • On?site ethanol production lab




Utilization of various biomass resources such as:

Using various processes:

To produce various forms of useful energy or products

  • Bio-Power
    • combined heat and power application with a steam boiler / turbine
    • synthetic gas or oil produced to run an IC engine or combustion turbine
  • Densified biomass products (such as wood pellets)
  • Torrefied biomass products

Further Reading and Research into Biomass:



  • Wind energy resource assessment
  • Low wind speed wind turbines
  • Tall towers

30 MW Solar Electric Generating Station near Kramer Junction, California

Wind Turbines on east shore of Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada