Energy Management

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Energy Management

Green Buildings and Sustainable Design

The Fall 2013 semester saw the opening of Oakland University's first green building project, the geothermal/solar thermal Human Health Science Building.  The HHB is Oakland's first geothermal heat pump installation, and it will include an innovative desiccant cooling system powered by one of the largest solar thermal energy system in the U.S.  The project will be using a newer form of technology, VariableRefrigerant Flow heat pumps.  These heat pumps use variable speed compressors and serve multiple refrigerant zones per unit.  OU was awarded a $2.75M U.S. Department of Energy grant to help fund this innovative green building concept.


University Energy Usage & Cost

Take a look at the historical usage and cost of the west campus utilities over the past decade. About $380 is spent each year per Full Year Equivalent Student (FY2010 data). This equates about 4% of a full time student's tuition. (based on 15 credit hours for two semesters)  more info...


Heating & Cooling Policy

Oakland University heating and cooling policy. Non-OU personal electric heaters are not allowed on campus. They cover up HVAC issues, create fire hazards, and consume SIGNIFICANT amounts of electricity.  However, an innovative, controlled heater will be provided in cases where your HVAC cannot provide the proper heating.  Call the work control center at 2381 to report a problem or request a heater, or submit an on-line request