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Health Related Emergencies

Health Related Emergencies

In cases involving health-related emergencies (physical or psychological), the university may take appropriate action to protect the health and safety of the individual student and of the campus. Such action may include restriction from the campus until the situation is addressed as well as notification of the student’s family. This can also include a voluntary or administrative medical withdrawal. Students will receive written notification of the decision to invoke an administrative medical withdrawal. Students who have received a medical administrative withdrawal due to a health related emergency must complete the re-enrollment process prior to enrolling in subsequent coursework.

Re-enrollment Process
Students who have received a voluntary or administrative medical withdrawal due to a mental health condition may request re-enrollment.

The student must complete the following:

  1. Submit to the Office of the Dean of Students, a Request for Re-enrollment form with supporting documentation. The supporting documentation must be completed by a qualified (licensed) mental health professional.

  2. Once the completed request form and supporting documentation have been submitted, the student must schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students to review his/her request.

Prior to granting re-enrollment, the Dean of Students may consult with appropriate university officials necessary to assess whether the student is qualified and ready to resume academic work and campus life. Any decision must consider not only the psychological stability of the student, but also the broader emotional impact and safety of the campus community. The student will receive from the Dean of Students written notification of the decision.