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IT & Media Application Services

IT & Media Application Services

The IT & Media Application Services is located at 211 Varner Hall and offers a wealth of services to help you integrate engaging content into your course or help get you prepared for your upcoming conference or presentation. Whether you're interested in incorporating audio or video elements into your Moodle site; restore old, degraded images to higher quality; or simply design an academic research poster, our friendly, professional team can help you! We use design techniques that will capture your audience's attention so you can deliver the information that you need them to receive.

We Offer
  • Video Streaming* - If you have a live event that needs to be broadcast in real-time, we have a solution already in place which allows for delivery to any device–be it personal computer, smart TV, smartphone or tablet.
  • Clip Creation* - Extract portions of existing audio or video to the most common formats.
  • Video Compression* - Convert large files or DVD media to compressed video formats for easy delivery over the Web or for import into your own movie making software package such as Apple iMovie or Windows Video Editor.
  • Presentation Development - Have a large format poster to design and don't know where to start? Do you need help making your PowerPoint presentation pop? We can help! (Note: as of 8/4/2015, Multimedia Services will no longer be servicing print requests.)
  • Duplication* - Provide multiple copies of your mastered audio, video, or data CD or DVD media, complete with a printed disc face.
  • Disc Printing - Text and images printed right to the disc face offer a professional look to your deliverable media.
  • Media Shifting* - Move existing multimedia to a more current format. (ie: vinyl or cassette to CD or digital, VHS to DVD or digital, or 35mm slide to JPEG)
  • Media Scanning - Whether it's importing images from photo, slide, or film, or using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to save the time of having to re-type existing documents, our professional image scanner can handle the task.
  • Audio Restoration* - Remove vinyl pops and clicks or cassette tape hiss when moving to digital file formats like .mp3 or CD audio.
  • Image Manipulation - Crop images to contain only relevant information, perform color correction, or restore damaged images to like-new quality.

Don't see the service you're looking for listed? Just contact us at your convenience–IT & Media Application Services is equipped to handle almost any type of audiovisual work request, and if we can't service your needs, then we can point to the people who can! Phone us at (248) 370-2130 or use the Contact Us page.

* Scanning, conversion, streaming and/or duplication of submitted materials must not be in violation of any copyright laws.

Video Streaming
The Multimedia Service Center is equipped to handle many of your video streaming needs. The services we offer include:
  • Streaming of live events - For interested parties unable to attend or to provide an "overflow" service if your on-campus venue doesn't offer the capacity for your event.  Live streamed events can be optionally captured for Video-on-Demand after the fact at no additional charge.
    • Full service streaming setup includes testing prior to the start of your event and a streaming operator to monitor the stream at your event ($250 + $25/hr).
      • Rental of a portable streaming kit to allow you to stream on your own if desired ($250).
      • Full training is included.
  • Video-on-Demand (VOD) - Hosting your existing or captured content on our streaming server.  This is useful if you have video content that you would like to have on a Moodle or webpage and do not want to upload the video to a service such as YouTube.
  • All videos are viewable on personal computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • Consultation if a department has reoccurring need for a streaming capture kit.
    • Departments on campus that have these abilities include: Athletics; Video Services; and Music, Theater and Dance.
To request video streaming from the Multimedia Service Center, please use the Contact Us page or call us at (248) 370-2130. Be sure to include your name, department, and contact information, the date and location of your event, along with any details specific to your request and the University fund number to which your request will be billed. Once the request has been received by the CSITS team, you will be contacted to further discuss your streaming needs--usually within one business day.
Presentation Development
The Multimedia Service Center offers presentation and poster development as a service. To request presentation development service from the Multimedia Service Center, please use the Contact Us page or call us at (248) 370-2130. Be sure to include your name, department, and contact information, along with any details specific to your request and the University fund number to which your request will be billed. Once the request has been received by the CSITS team, you will be contacted to let you know that your request has been accepted and added to our job queue--usually within one business day.
  • Full presentation development (large format poster design from scratch, with customer providing content elements): $50
  • Digital presentation development (digital slideshow design from scratch, with customer providing content elements): $25/hr
  • Presentation proofing: $25
  • Design requests are due seven days prior to the date of expected delivery, complicated requests may require more time.  When determining your due date, be sure to factor in the lead-time required by Printing Services (typically 3 days) to allow proper time for your poster to be printed.
  • CSITS may accept design requests under the seven day lead-time requirement at its discretion; there will be a $60 rush fee associated with each rush work request that is processed.
  • Design requests submitted with a due date that falls in the two weeks prior to a semester start date may not be accepted.
University personnel with a need to produce PowerPoint presentations can take advantage of several PowerPoint templates pre-designed by University Communications and Marketing. Using pre-designed templates for PowerPoint makes preparing presentations quick and easy because the slide layouts have already been prepared--simply add content and save. Color schemes, alignment, and university branding are already taken care of, so you can focus on the most important part of your presentation: the content. These templates are available for use on this page, maintained by University Communications and Marketing. More information is available via University Communications and Marketing.

University Logos

Please Note: Beginning in 2012, the stacked Oakland University type treatment logo has become the university’s signature mark.

The university logo may be placed in the upper-left corner or centered along the upper or lower edge of documents; however, it may never be placed along the right edge of any document or screen. For any questions regarding the placement of university logos, please contact University Communications and Marketing. Follow this link for information on how to acquire the correct university logo; please do not use low resolution versions of logos found within the university website for print purposes.