Office of Community Engagement

Wilson Hall, Room 3000
371 Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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Oakland University Pontiac Initiative

West Vandenberg Hall, Room 120
502 Meadow Brook Rd
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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group photo outdoors at the 2017 Henderson Orchard and Apiary



The mission of Oakland University’s community engagement activities is to become a leader in serving the needs and aspirations of our communities and region through expanded community relationships, institutional reputation and visibility and engagement.

We aim to partner university knowledge and resources with those of public and private sectors in order to:

  • Enrich scholarship, research and creative activity
  • Enhance curriculum, teaching & learning
  • Prepare educated, engaged citizens
  • Strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility
  • Address critical societal issues
  • Contribute to the public good
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Regional stewardship (align resources and processes w/regional needs)

Oakland University's Strategic Plan and Goal 3

Oakland University 2025, a two-year long comprehensive strategic planning process involving faculty, staff, students and others in our community, endorsed by the University Senate and approved by the Board of Trustees is well underway. Three overarching goals and aligned strategies and goals were identified. Goal committees then worked to refine strategies, identify action steps, and determine the metrics to monitor progress and measure success. Three additional groups that we call task forces are addressing campus concerns about processes, governance and budgeting. The work of these task forces will help ensure that we are successful in achieving these goals.

Goal 3: Become a leader in serving the needs and aspirations of our communities and region through expanded community relationships, institutional reputation and visibility, and engagement.

What Do We Want to Do?  

  • 3.1 Increase student internship and experiential learning activities

  • 3.2 Increase the number of students involved in community service and engagement activities

  • 3.3 Increase the number of students enrolled in credit courses at off–campus locations

  • 3.4 Increase the number of continuing education students enrolled in non-credit courses offered by the University’s Professional and Continuing Education Program (PACE)

  • 3.5 Expand connections with alumni

  • 3.6 Increase the number of partnerships with businesses and corporations

  • 3.7 Increase the number of community partnerships

  • 3.8 Apply for and attain the Carnegie Community Engagement Designation

How Are We Doing?  See our Dashboard

What Do We Value?

“The University’s three goals are a concise expression of our institutional aspirations. Thus, it is important to recognize that student success is meant to encompass the full range of student experiences and opportunities while at the University. We also recognize that an intrinsic part of achieving these goals must include ensuring the University’s excellence and the attainment of its mission through effective institutional processes, shared decision-making and transparent best practices.”  --taken from the plan's Affirmation Statement