Holly Shreve Gilbert

Adjunct Instructor of Journalism

OU SPJ Faculty Adviser

Area of Specialty: Media Design and Feature Writing

Office:  315 Wilson Hall
Phone:  (248) 370-4138
Website: Journalists at Work

I’m a journalist who loves to teach or a teacher who loves to do journalism — you decide.

As a journalist, I’ve come the distance — from teletype to Twitter. And although I still cheat with legacy platforms, I’m completely captivated by digital technology and the endless possibilities it offers for journalistic storytelling. How lucky I am to get to discover and use these tools, and explore them alongside OU’s wonderful students. I teach feature writing and media design — which works out well since I have tremendous buy-in to the idea that both words and visuals are integral to successful journalistic storytelling.

Right now I’m also senior curriculum adviser for journalism, and interim adviser for the public relations and strategic com major we are wildly excited about launching this fall. As a side gig, I advise the OU student chapter of Society of Professional Journalists. I also keep my Wordpress and content marketing skills honed by co-authoring the Journalists at Work blog with my husband, Garry.

Meanwhile, get me going on news literacy, the Holly and Garry Gilbert Endowment for Safeguarding the Public Interest, obituary writing, or the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program here at OU — yes, I'm a proud alum — and you might be late for your next appointment.

When I’m not working, I’m most likely catching up on whatever Netflix program I’ve been whining about missing, cooking, gardening, reading, or walking my goofy, disobedient dog, Hugo. And I still consider myself a runner, although my knees and my mileage might prove otherwise. 

In parting, please remember, journalists are not volunteers. Support this necessary convention of democracy by paying for news.