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General Department Questions:
Debra Koehler



JRN 4950 is a four-credit course, requiring at least 12 weeks and 150 hours of work during the course of the 14-week semester. Most organizations feel that students cannot gain enough useful experiences or complete their job responsibilities adequately without this minimum time frame; in fact, many organizations require a longer commitment (from six months to one year), especially if it is a paid situation. The value of the internship experiences increase proportionately to the time students commit; however, only four credit hours may be earned for each internship experience, no matter how long the job lasts.

Journalism students must be juniors or seniors and have received credit for JRN 2000 and THREE other journalism courses before doing an internship. This internship requirement applies to journalism majors, journalism minors, PR minors and advertising minors. COM 491 does not satisfy JRN major or minor requirements. Students interested in doing an internship should contact Brian Hlavaty, internship director (, at least a semester prior to when the student wants to do the internship.


Log/Journal: Students shall keep a record of their time and work experiences throughout the internship; this will serve as verification that the required minimum time requirement has been fulfilled, and also be a good reference for students as they write their report.

Paper: Students shall write a paper (usually between four to six pages) covering the following criteria:

Job Description: Typical day or main responsibilities, significant incidents or special assignments, personal meaning of the experience, et al. This section should be written in such a manner that if your readers were thinking of applying for this internship, they would have a very good idea of what to expect from the experience.


  • Internal Communication Climate — How does communication work within the organization? Can you get the information you need? Is it clear what you're expected to do? Is there friendly social exchange? Are new ideas and self-starting encouraged or at least accepted?
  • External — Identify the audience(s) the organization targets and describe how the company seeks to reach its goals. How did your work help?

Clips and Portfolio: Students must keep a portfolio of all written work throughout the internship. These materials should be compiled in a notebook or folder and submitted with the report. The portfolio will count as one-third of the final grade.

Evaluation: An evaluation form is sent to supervisors near the end of the semester It asks for judgments on a student's abilities and aptitudes in a variety of areas. In addition, supervisors are encouraged to include written comments.

Grade: For JRN 4950, the final grade weights the report, clips or portfolio, and the supervisor's evaluation about equally.

All required material (portfolio, paper, log/journal and a survey that you will be given) will be due at a date the internship director will set. It's usually a few weeks before the semester ends. Some internships run longer, and that's OK. Later papers will be given a P (progress) grade IF YOU LET THE INTERNSHIP DIRECTOR KNOW IN ADVANCE. This P grade is changed when the required materials are turned in. If you plan to graduate then, be sure to let the internship director know.

IMPORTANT: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all affairs are in order to secure credit for the internship. All internships must be pre-approved by the internship director before the student starts the internship (no retro-active approvals) and the student may not gain credit for an internship that the student has already started or completed without approval and/or oversight. The internship experience must be an entirely new experience for the student in a new setting. The student may not repackage his/her current situation, job, or volunteer experience into an internship experience or do an internship for his/her current employer.

The internship director’s approval of an internship does not mean that the student will receive credit for the internship. Reasons why credit may not be granted include, but are not limited to: failure to comply with the employer’s policies or OU’s policies (it is entirely the student’s responsibility to seek out all relevant information as it relates to policies of both OU and the employer), inappropriate behavior at the workplace, being fired from the job, and/or any dishonesty or unethical behavior related to the internship. Because the on-site internship supervisor assists in determining the student’s grade, the internship supervisor may not be a family member, close friend, or a person with whom the student has had or currently has a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships with employees at the internship workplace during the internship are discouraged.

If a student is deemed to have engaged in academic misconduct, the incident will be reported to the Dean of Students, the student will fail the class, and/or the student will receive disciplinary reprimand, probation, suspension, or expulsion. See the syllabus for other important information. Cases of internship fraud or any instances of dishonesty related to the internship will be pursued to the fullest extent possible as allowed under the Academic Conduct Policy and any other relevant policies.

How to set up an internship

While some employers may want students to work full time (40 hours/week), the department does not recommend this type of commitment unless it is a paid situation. It is important for students to have an explicit understanding with their employer of the time commitment they will be expected to fulfill before they accept a position. Usually students start an internship at the beginning of a semester. However, they may start an internship at any time during the school year. If the work experience extends beyond the end of the term when they are registered for JRN 4950, a progress (P) grade will be assigned. This is a hold grade, which will be replaced with a number grade as soon as the student's final report/clips and evaluation are received.

  • Contact Brian Hlavaty, internship director, via email ( that you are interested in starting an internship search. This is your first step. He will provide you with information on how to proceed and send you a copy of the Application Form. Let him know what your focus is and where you intend to look. Occasionally, students on their own secure what they think is an appropriate internship only to find it doesn't meet OU's standards and is denied. This is avoided by a simple email at the start of the process. All internships must be approved by Brian Hlavaty before a student can receive credit.
  • Check the Available Internships tab for organizations offering internships. This list is updated whenever we get a call from a business.
  • Plan ahead by making a list of organizations offering experiences that best meet your career preferences.
  • Aggressively go after internships. Your classmates are. So are students from other colleges and universities.
  • Talk to classmates about possible internships. Put the word out that you're interested. Get online and research businesses that appeal to you. Ask instructors if they know of any internships.
  • Realize that a business could decide in midsemester that it needs an intern. Or it could lose an intern who unexpectedly leaves. Those businesses call us for help and say we need one — right now. This is good news for flexible students. It could mean that a student looking for a winter internship, for example, could stumble on a just-posted offering in October and start the internship right then. When we get such a call, we immediately list that internship on this website. So check often.
  • Understand that many listed internships roll over from semester to semester. If they're on this list, it's likely the companies will need interns in the future.
  • Realize that you can contact organizations not listed here. (This list is of companies we've dealt with in the past who offer quality internships). There are many more out there — local and national — to go after. Should you set your sights on one such position, email the internship director immediately and tell him what you're up to. You'll need his approval to use such a position for credit. DO NOT interview with a company not on this list before contacting the internship director. No sense wasting your time.
  • Prepare (or update) a resume, along with a cover letter and writing samples, if applicable. Take these to Career Services for review.

Contact organizations to set up interviews using the method suggested by each organization and following the time frames suggested below (earlier is even better):

  • Fall Term: Early July
  • Winter Term: Late October or early November.
  • Spring and Summer Terms: Late fall term through early winter term

Students DO NOT register on their own for the JRN 4950 internship class. All registration is done through the internship director only after he has approved the internship and only after the student has filled out all paperwork supplied by the internship director.

Keep the internship director updated with occasional emails on how the search is progressing.


To all those looking for a JRN 4950 internship: Don’t forget to join the COM/JRN Facebook page. Members frequently post items of interest about jobs and internships. 
Near Perfect Media, Oakland County Parks and Recreation, The Detroit Zoo and dBusiness, all listed below, are seeking summer interns. 

Oakland County Parks and Recreation
The department seeks a PAID summer intern with journalism/public relations/integrated marketing/communications experience. The Marketing and Communications department manages all public relations, communications, marketing and promotional efforts for the parks system. Technical expertise within the unit includes branding, media relations, social media, photography, video and e-marketing. The unit develops content for internal and external communication, social media, news releases, OCPR’s website, brochure, award nominations, park signage and public-facing publications, both print and digital. The position is 40 hours per week. The student would gain experience writing news releases, e-marketing messages, social media, editing, project management and more for the 14 Oakland County Parks. Additionally, the student would assist with media days and grand opening events. The office is in Waterford. Send resume, cover letter and work samples to Desiree Stanfield, Marketing & Communications supervisor, at The department will interview candidates in February and March and choose someone to start when the winter semester ends.
WDIV and ClickonDetroit
WDIV offers PAID internships in all semesters for students interested in broadcast communications. These internships are described as more journalism-oriented than production-oriented. Opportunities include internships on the assignment desk, sports, good health, special projects and, the website news service. Click here for a description of the internships and to fill out an application.
Bianchi Public Relations
This PR agency based in Troy seeks an intern interested in a PR career for a PAID, for-credit internship. Candidates should be pursuing a degree in public relations, journalism, English or communications and have the ability to: communicate effectively; maintain high ethical standards; be accurate, honest and dependable; be open to listen and learn; ask lots of questions; and work hard when on the job. As an intern, you will learn about agency public relations and hopefully have some fun in the process. You could have the opportunity to: participate in staff meetings; fine-tune your writing, editing and proofreading skills; develop targeted media lists; learn about media relations; attend special events; and learn about PR agency service, responsiveness and client needs. If you are interested in applying for the position and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, please send your resume to Jaclyn Bussert at The website is
Real Integrated
Real Integrated, a full-service creative agency located in Troy, seeks an unpaid strategic marketing intern. The intern will track and compile mentions and features of company clients; write press releases and media alerts; participate in brainstorming with account managers, VPs and EVPs, getting a feel for the promotional and publicity campaigns; learn how to develop a pitch and use those skills to communicate with local and national media, organizations and businesses; create, organize and execute local and regional events; gain event management experience; and gain experience with research tools, learning how to target audiences for campaign messaging. At the conclusion of the internship term, interns will submit one portfolio piece, prepared under the supervision of Real Integrated staff. The subject can be whatever the intern chooses, but it should showcase what was learned over the course of the internship. Interns are encouraged to approach every project with an eye towards resume building and professional development. See information about the company at www. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Samantha Boyke at
OU/Pontiac Initiative
OU’s Department of Community Engagement is seeking a student with a major in communications, journalism or graphic arts who has strong written and community skills. The special projects intern for the Oakland University/Pontiac Initiative is an Oakland University student who works under the guidance of the coordinator for community service partnerships and will work out of Vandenberg Hall. The position pays $10 an hour. The intern is involved in a variety of projects focused on the OU-Pontiac Initiative (OU-PI) six-pillar focus areas: PK-16 Education, Civic Engagement, Economic and Workforce Development, Health Care and Wellness, Arts and Culture, Building Capacity for Non-Profits and Neighborhoods. The intern works closely with the coordinator for community service partnerships, OU staff, the Pontiac School District personnel, OU graduate assistant, parents and related agencies to develop key communication strategies for the OU-Pontiac Initiative. The intern will collaborate with the OU-PI Pillar Leads in implementing programs and developing communication strategies to highlight opportunities for community engagement. The position is 20 hours per week, with occasional evenings or weekends. A preferred qualification is fluency in Spanish or another foreign language. Duties and responsibilities include: helping implement communications projects and strategies for OU-PI; developing promotional/resource materials for the OU-PI adhering to branding guidelines; working closely with the coordinator to create quarterly newsletters and press releases; assisting with revising the OU/PI website and maintaining the OU-PI social media sites; compiling and analyzing questionnaires and other forms of feedback from OU-PI Town Hall Meetings; working with “Pillar Leads” to implement objectives to make a positive impact on the OU and Pontiac community; assisting in promoting scholarships throughout the community and on the OU-PI website; attending community engagement events, taking photos and writing press releases to promote the OU-PI. Minimum requirements are a preferred major in communications, journalism or a related field; full-time OU student; full-time enrolled Oakland University student; a 3.0 grade point average or better; excellent communicator (oral and written) with strong attention to detail; proficiency with Photoshop and/or Adobe. Interested students should send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Paola Nkwuzor at and through Handshake.
Allied Global Marketing
Allied Integrated Marketing offers an unpaid internship in its field marketing division. Interns have the opportunity to see how marketing campaigns are developed and executed, and will learn about working in an agency environment with a focus on entertainment and film clients in the Michigan markets. Interns will: participate in brainstorming alongside Allied’s team of account executives, getting a feel for the kinds of promotional and publicity stunts and events that clients prefer; learn how to develop a pitch, and have a chance to use those skills to communicate with college media, student organizations and local businesses; ideate and organize local-level events promoting client projects, such as themed bar nights, campus scavenger hunts or Greek system activities; gain event management experience by attending and assisting Allied staff at evening screenings or events; and gain experience with research tools such as Cision, TVEyes and Google, learning how to effectively identify target audiences for campaign messaging. Students must be a full-time and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Please send resume to Dallas Lashbrook & Lucy Seprino – & New interns are brought in three times a year – winter (January-April), spring/summer (May-August) & fall (September-December).
The Gazette
The Gazette seeks interns for a hands-on experience writing, reporting and producing a local newspaper. Interns will work in the Troy office a minimum of two four-hour shifts two days per week. The position is unpaid. Interns will learn day-to-day operations while writing short articles, pitch story ideas, conduct interviews and produce a feature project. The end, interns will have a fair amount of published work for their portfolios and at least one feature project. Interns will play a key role in the weekly production of three newspapers. Interested students should send a resume, cover letter and work samples to
Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants
The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) is offering a PAID internship within the marketing and communications department. The internship offers valuable experience in the nonprofit, professional, statewide association environment and is a great opportunity for someone looking for a career in marketing, communication or public relations. The intern will work under the direction, supervision and training of the manager of marketing services and will: assist in creating content for digital use in email, social media, news or the website; aid in the research and development of content for continuing professional education programs; assist with digital design in email marketing and additional design support as needed; help in the creation and execution of overall marketing and branding of the association; and observe and assist members of the department with projects and tasks. The MICPA seeks an intern with strong writing, proofing, research, communication and interpersonal skills. The student should be tech savvy, have an ability to maintain a professional demeanor, possess an upbeat, friendly attitude and have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software. General office experience is preferred. The intern should have an ability to analyze, interpret and summarize information; have an ability to communicate effectively, have an ability to relate concepts and tasks to internal and external public, and be able to multitask. Interested students should send a resume and writing samples to Kim Stoner at MICPA hopes to fill this position soon.
Trillium Teamologies
This Royal Oak-based company seeks a public relations and social media intern for the winter 2020 semester who can begin work asap. The intern would be paid $13-$15 per hour and work 20-24 hours a week for 12 weeks. Days and office hours are flexible. Duties: Writing/editing of web content, news releases, letters, blogs and bios in AP style; media pitching and follow up; social media content development and posting (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.); ability to develop ideas and techniques to increase network. The intern must know Microsoft Office and have knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Duties include uploading and managing web content for Take Back Royal Oak website, Save the Farmers Market website and all Trillium sites. The intern must be: a proactive self-starter; detail-oriented with good follow-up and follow-through; confident and assertive; well-spoken and articulate; willing to take initiative, make suggestions and meet deadlines; able to think outside the box. Trillium is a certified Woman Business Enterprise since 2015, and has been delivering exceptional creative and technological solutions for global industry leaders from its headquarters in Royal Oak since 1996. The company is the official technology and creative provider for all in-game activities for Jimmy Johns stadium and for in-stadium graphics for the Detroit Tigers. Its professional technical services group provides IT professionals to companies for the development of applications and web solutions. Send a resume, work samples and cover letter (or just questions) to David J. Roznowski at
Model D
Model D, an online publication that covers catalytic talent and initiatives that are moving the City of Detroit forward, is accepting applications for editorial internships starting January 2020. Internships run for a semester, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We offer interns an opportunity to hone their reporting, writing, editing, and digital media skills while developing their unique voice and sense of news judgment. Our internships are tailored to the needs, skills, and interests of the interns. Possible projects may include: Reporting and writing original features and news pieces; line editing and copy editing; photography; digital production; and social media production. This internship is unpaid and must be done for college credit. Hours are flexible and interns work 5-7 hours per week, either remotely or in person, and are in close contact with the managing editor via phone, text, and digital tools such as Slack. Too apply, please submit resume, work samples, and letter of interest to: Dorothy Hernandez at
The Detroit Zoo
The Detroit Zoological Society is seeking college student interns for the summer semester who are in their junior or senior year and studying Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or related fields. Interns are responsible for researching and drafting press releases, talking points, newsletter profiles, social media posts and other PR-related copy; scheduling and coordinating media interviews and photo/video shoots; escorting media throughout the Detroit Zoo; updating website content; and performing other PR-related assignments. Interns work closely with the Communications staff and other interns while learning valuable skills needed in the Public Relations workforce. Excellent writing and public speaking skills are a plus. The duration of the internship is May into August, 16 hours (two days) per week. This is a non-paid internship, and it is mandatory that students receive course credit. The Detroit Zoological Society is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in our workforce. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform a pre-employment substance-abuse screening and background check. The deadline for resumes is March 17, 2020. Please apply here and send a resume to Alexandra Bahou at with a cc to Please put Summer PR internship in the subject line.
American Lung Association
The American Lung Association seeks interns to join our Development team, who is interested in developing a career in non-profit management, event planning, or a related field. The primary function will be to assist in planning the American Lung Association’s upcoming events. Specific duties will include all areas of event preparation (coordinating event logistics and volunteers, preparing/producing marketing and media materials, preparing print materials, building sponsorship relations, community relations, volunteer and participant recruitment, and correspondence with event venues and staff). Interns will also assist in the data entry, tabling promotional events, mailings, and volunteer recruitment, as well as brainstorming and providing creative ideas to execute successful community outreach campaigns and fundraising strategies. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who enjoys a fast-paced environment and wants to be part of building and growing community events. The ideal candidate will have excellent organization skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, and general office skills and be proficient with MS Word, Excel, etc. Ownership is huge — we like to give interns a task and see them run with it. Flexibility, self-motivation, reliability and enthusiasm are key factors to success. A sense of humor is a must — we have mad, crazy fun here. Previous development, event marketing, public relations experience or social media knowledge is a plus. The Madison Heights office is open 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. M-F. The intern must work a minimum of 8-10 hours. Junior statues and above preferred. GPA of 2.5 or above required. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Meredith Hanoian at
SEEN magazine
Seen magazine in Southfield is seeking interns for photography, videography and social media. See the link at
Hour Media
The publisher of Hour Detroit, DBusiness, Detroit Home, Metro Detroit Bride magazines and more offers dummrt internships in advertising/sales, marketing/public relations, Web development and editorial. A division of Hour Media, Hour Custom Publishing, offers graphic design internships. A full description of the internships is on the company's website. But one thing: If you are applying for the listing called Editorial Internship (Hour Detroit), send your resume and cover letter to the editor, Steve Wilke, at The company website is at
The Troy-based business magazine seeks unpaid editorial interns each semester. The jobs involve writing, fact checking and general editorial assistance. A summer internship position is now open, and the student could begin asap. Candidates should possess good organizational skills, be detail-oriented, and demonstrate strong writing skills and a solid grasp of AP style. While scheduling is flexible, it is preferred that students staff the office in Troy for two full days per week. Interns will have the opportunity to contribute to the print magazine and write multiple stories for the daily newsletter each day. DBusiness reports on all aspects of business in metro Detroit, including automotive, technology, health care, medicine, entrepreneurship, new restaurants and stores, and the people who make the city great. To apply, send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to Grace Turner at Go to to view the magazine.
Hour Media marketing research
Hour Media offers an unpaid marketing research internship for the Summer 2020 term alongside Hour’s sister research company, Professional Research Services. Ideal candidates will work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Schedules are negotiable, but a four-month commitment is required. PRS works with several city and regional Magazines nationwide in providing them solid research methodology for their publications. Interns will assist the marketing research department in day-to-day tasks including, tracking survey results, fact checking professionals, assisting with marketing campaigns, emails campaigns and communicating with potential clients. Qualified students will have a GPA of 3.0 or higher with strong Microsoft Excel skills. Hour Media offers its interns substantial projects and significant opportunity for skill-development. We are looking for hard-working individuals who enjoy a fast-paced environment and are willing to take on new tasks. Professionalism and responsibility are a must. To apply for this position, please contact Ana Potter at or Sofia Shevin and send a cover letter and resume. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.
Detroit Jewish News
The Detroit Jewish News in Southfield seeks talented students enrolled in college journalism courses to work with us in summer 2019 on stories and special projects. Intern applicants must have strong writing and editing skills, good judgment, an enthusiasm for learning and be self-starters who can bring stories to the table as well as pursue stories assigned to them. Knowledge of Detroit Jewish community is preferred. This internship is a hands-on, “real world” experience that will provide an excellent opportunity to taste the demands and joys of journalism from the print and electronic sides. The internship pays $10 an hour for about 20 hours per week. Hours can be flexible, but may include some evening or weekend work. We are interested in having an intern for as long as possible during summer break. To be considered, please send a cover letter, a copy of your resume and some writing samples to Keri Guten Cohen, JN story development editor (
Siren PR
Siren PR seeks a high-performing individual motivated to begin or grow a public relations career. This PAID internship position will give candidates the opportunity to support digital relations, media relations, event planning and other service lines. As a member of a small team that is known for hustle and high-quality work, the intern will receive intense exposure to the field of public relations. Candidates must be collaborative in nature. On-the-job training will be provided. Quick learning is required. The company’s part-time position requires Monday and Wednesday, with a third day flexible. The intern will work out of the office in Royal Oak. The candidate needs a general knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The intern will contribute to strategy for social media campaigns and assist in creating content. The candidate will: contribute to strategy for social media campaigns and assist in creating content; assist with real-time media monitoring within Critical Mention software; gather same-day reports for TV coverage; assist with weekly media monitoring for all Siren PR media clients; assist with sending timely hits to the team; and help compile monthly and quarterly media coverage reports using Critical Mention. The intern must have a knowledge of PR-style writing, news releases, media alerts, copy for brochures and websites, blogs and understand how to pitch emails appropriate for various target audiences. Among other duties, the candidate will compile media lists for distributing press release and pitches, assist in developing copy to pitch to media, assist in developing copy for posting to community calendars and help brainstorm event strategy. To apply, send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Kristen Bujold at
Ignition Media Group
Ignition Media group is a full-service integrated marketing agency with a focus on PR and experiential marketing for clients in the hospitality, automotive, infrastructure and mobility, and nonprofit industries. Our agency and leadership team are at the epicenter of all of the excitement brewing in Detroit, and our clients are at the cutting edge of each of their industries. We’re seeking a motivated, energetic and highly organized candidate currently studying communications, PR and/or journalism. Candidates should have excellent communications skills with a strong interest in PR, social media marketing and event management. The PAID intern will: build and maintain media lists using Cision; draft and edit copy for press releases, newsletters and media materials; track all press coverage, including clipping media hits, and create monthly coverage reports; develop social media content calendars; write and edit blog posts and website articles; maintain events/awards/speaking engagements for clients; research industry trends and stay up-to-date on current events; and provide assistance during event planning. The intern will: be able to commute to downtown Detroit three times a week, show an ability to work independently and in a team environment, possess strong written and verbal communication skills, and be able to multitask and prioritize. At least one prior internship in communication, PR and/or journalism is preferred. Send resumes, a cover letter and work samples to
Motorcities National Heritage Area
The Motorcities National Heritage Area seeks interns year-round. A stipend is provided. Interns research and draft press releases; assemble press and sales kits; create posts and enhance content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media; compile and post upcoming auto-themed events in the area; perform web and phone research in support of MotorCities projects; and provide staffing assistance for events as needed. Students must have strong writing and oral communication skills, be proficient with Microsoft Office and be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume and writing examples to Bob Sadler, the communications manager, at Interns will work out of the GMRenCen building in downtown Detroit. Parking is provided.
Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation
The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is the state’s largest funder dedicated solely to advancing the health and wellness of the children of Michigan. Through funding and advocacy dedicated to three core pillars – Community Benefit, Pediatric Research and Medical Education – the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation enables researchers and community organizations to identify and implement innovations capable of advancing children’s health. Our current areas of focus include mental health, nutritional wellness, abuse and neglect, oncology and cardiology research and injury prevention. The Communications intern at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation will gain valuable experience in content development, branding and communication strategies. The duration of the internship will be the length of a school year, with the potential to be extended. It pays $13 an hour for an average of 20 hours per week. This intern will play an integral role as part of the marketing and communications team, developing high-level materials to generate brand awareness for CHMF. Projects will include creating a monthly video series and assisting other CHMF departments as needed. Daily responsibilities include: lead in the creation of a monthly video series, with script writing, video editing and interviewing; grow brand representation in the community through assistance with the planning and implementation of a consistent visual identity for CHMF; develop and create content for external and internal use to be distributed via the website, emails and printed materials; create engaging social media content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, including graphics, video and written content; monitor social channels, including reviews, messages, comments, etc.; assist in the development and execution of the CHMF marketing and communication plan; work with the director of Marketing and Communications to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives; collaborate with other interns to complete tasks as needed; draft press releases, newsletters, blog articles, radio spots, etc. The intern must be proactive and a self-starter; able to respond well to pressure; be an excellent communication; have experience with script writing; demonstrate experience in project management; show communication, leadership and organizational skills; show strong writing and proofreading skills; have photo and video experience; and be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please submit a cover letter and resume to Gina Jiovani if you are interested.
Detroit Public Schools
The Detroit Public Schools Community District’s Office of Communications and Marketing seeks student interns majoring in communication, journalism, public relations, marketing or graphic design to: write and edit news releases to strategically place positive news stories on local and national print, TV, radio and social media channels; assist with coordination of school-based and executive-level news conferences; assist with daily updates on the website and social media channels; work with team members to coordinate PR and marketing campaigns; develop and design flyers, advertisements, e-Blasts and other promotional material; and maintain a social medial calendar and editorial calendar. The student should be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Adobe Creative Suite applications; must have an interest in writing and be familiar with AP style; be able to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment; and have an interest in keeping up to date with general news and social media. A minimum of 10 hours per week is preferred. The internship begins Sept. 1. Email a resume and cover letter to Chrystal Wilson, assistant superintendent of communications and marketing at and put Internship Application in the subject line. Interns work out of the office on the 10th floor of the Fisher Building in Detroit.
Detroit Public Television
Detroit Public Television seeks unpaid interns in communication, graphic arts, special events and video production. Interested students should apply under Internship Opportunities on the station’s website.
Near Perfect Media
Near Perfect Media in Bloomfield Hills seeks a PAID intern in public relations. Duties would include social media content creation for client social channels, research (identifying media, bloggers and influencers in a variety of markets for media relations campaigns), event management assistance, media monitoring and some writing. This 12-year-old boutique firm provides public relations and marketing solutions for corporations, professionals and celebrities. Send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Sara Locricchio at This would be ideal for a student who has taken a number of PR classes or has experience in PR.
Identity (PAID media relations and marketing intern)
Identity’s media relations and marketing specialists secure meaningful, impactful and credible media coverage that allows our clients to tell their stories, differentiate from competitors and share relevant and thought-provoking perspectives. From broadcast interviews to national industry trade cover stories, we position our clients as experts and provide them with the platform to communicate their message directly to their target audience. As a PAID intern with the media relations and marketing team, your role will include: • Drafting and distributing press releases/media alerts. • Conducting research and providing thorough results, including event venues, publications, editorial contacts, conferences, speaking opportunities, marketing collateral, etc. • Developing local, regional and national media lists. • Assisting in creating client reports. • Copywriting, editing and proofreading a wide variety of media and marketing materials. • Providing on-site event support. • Assisting with operational/administrative needs for agency and clients. Click here to apply.
Identity (PAID social media intern)
Effective social media strategies involve much more than creating content or managing a social network. Identity’s dedicated team of social media specialists are 100 percent focused on creating and overseeing social media strategies that focus on specific client needs, including recruiting, business development, internal communications, employee advocacy, customer service and crisis communications. As a PAID intern with the social media team, your role will include: • Developing a wide range of copy, including long-form blog posts, social channel posts, editorial calendars, social ads, etc. • Creating images for social media content. • Conducting research on bloggers/influencers, social ad targeting, trends, tools, best practices, etc. • Assisting with reports and data compiling. • Editing and proofreading a wide variety of marketing materials. • Monitoring for client brand mentions, both positive and negative. • Providing on-site event support. • Assisting with operational/administrative needs for agency and clients. Click here to apply.
Rochester Regional Chamber Foundation
The Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established to provide leadership and resources to advance development. Our Chamber is dedicated to providing programs and services that enhance business potential. Owners, managers and their representatives can promote their business through the Chamber's community outreach, business connections and networking opportunities. The communications intern is a part-time, unpaid, semester-long role. The communications intern is tasked with assisting the entire Chamber but will work closest with the marketing specialist. You will gain experience in assisting with communication, marketing, social media, blogging, press releases and events while learning more about the Rochester community. Among duties, the intern will: learn about social media and assist with content and management, attend and assist at Chamber events and meet community members, shadow days with members of the community, write press releases, write content for the Chamber blog and assemble welcome bags. The intern should have exceptional written and verbal communication, a basic understanding of social media and technology, be a junior or senior working for college credit, have the ability to work independently, be organized, proactive and reliable, be in a communications, marketing or business program and have an interest in networking and the community at large. The Chamber accepts interns in all semesters. Students should send a resume and work samples to Maggie Bobitz at
NBCUniversal offers PAID ad sales internship opportunities in Birmingham, Michigan, that give students real world experience and exposure to one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment. Internships are the perfect way to gain experience while learning what a career at NBCUniversal might hold in store for you. Advertising drives revenue for NBCUniversal. As an Ad Sales Intern, you will assist in building a brand for our clients. In this role, you will build the foundation for a successful sales or marketing career. Ideal candidates are students with prior experience interacting with clients in a sales or marketing capacity. Eligible candidates must: be in pursuit of an associate, bachelor or graduate degree; be a sophomore or above; 18 or older; and authorized to work in the U.S. in a paid position and without sponsorship. Desired qualifications: previous internship and/or work experience in an office environment; proactive, independent worker with a demonstrated capacity to lead, work well with others; professional demeanor, positive attitude and eager to learn; strong interest in understanding the media & entertainment landscape; and proven ability to multitask and manage multiple projects at a time; job duties: interact with account executives and sales planners on a daily basis; contribute to the preparation of sales presentations for clients; attend sales calls and client meetings; prepare reports of clients' advertising portfolios; analyze advertising costs and organize data in Excel; facilitate an efficient process for account executives and sales planners during the busy upfront season. All majors may apply. Cover letters and resumes should be addressed to the NBCU Internship Program. Submit to Krista Harris at
Campbell Marketing and Communications
The Dearborn-based PR company seeks a social media intern for a PAID position. This would appeal to a student who is seeking a social media internship and work about 20 hours a week. The company is flexible on hours. Duties: generate content for the Campbell social media platforms; work with company leadership to create biweekly blogs; and assist in brainstorming new and creative ways to showcase the company’s work. Past writing experience in journalism and promotions is a plus, but not required. The student needs knowledge of major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), knowledge of Microsoft Office, have short-form writing skills and be a self-starter with organizational skills. Interested parties can send a resume to Mike Boseak at or Steve Wagner at
C & G Newspapers
C & G Newspapers is looking for an intern for a PAID opportunity in the news department. The student will work about 15 hours a week, writing briefs and possibly feature stories for online and print. Email Annie Bates at C & G Newspapers is based in Warren and has 19 weekly papers throughout Oakland and Macomb counties, as well as the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods. 
SS Digital Media
SS Digital Media is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency in Troy, Mich. Services include search and social marketing, brand strategy and development, website design and optimization, e-commerce deployment, video production, measurement and reporting. For more information, please visit Our accounts/digital marketing internship position will show interns how to work in the fast-paced digital era and how deadlines are handled in the real world. Interns must have great writing skills, some AP style experience and the ability to work within a team and meet deadlines. Interns will also learn how to use online applications such as WordPress, basic HTML, Google Analytics and more. This is an unpaid internship. The internship requests a 16-week commitment and also requests you are in the office at least two days per week. For more information or to send your résumé, please contact
Driven Solutions
The Ferndale-based creative advertising company seeks copywriting interns. The company needs students with a passion for the written word who would write the stuff on the side of a cereal box if they had a chance. The company also will have work in art direction, design, digital, social media, and audio and video editorial. Here’s how the company describes a work day: Dream. Laugh. Imagine. Put your feet up on the desk. Tell bad jokes. Play foosball. Play guitar hero. Chat. Think outside the box. Have fun. Create. Design. Take long lunches. Work late hours. Play nice with others. Read magazines. Look at award show books. Organize your Itunes. Challenge the status quo. Be innovative. Be original. Be introspective. Sketch. Write. Under-promise. Over-Deliver. Ask good questions. Ask stupid questions. Smile, because you’re going to get to come up with ideas for a living. The website is at If you think you're creative enough, send a resume, cover letter and clips to Brian Cusac, principal chief creative officer, at
Special Olympics Michigan
Seeks two development and public relations interns at the Southeast Office in Auburn Hills. The ideal candidate will assist staff with internal and external development efforts, including special event development and support, creation of marketing plans and materials, assistance with the integration of social media, volunteer recruitment and empowerment, and working with different communication pieces for publication. Qualifications for the position include strong written and verbal communication skills (AP style), literacy in Microsoft Office, strong attention to details and the ability to work independently. The position is appropriate for journalism, public relations, communications and marketing majors. The position is unpaid but offers a flexible schedule for the working student. Special Olympics Michigan works hard to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. To find out more information regarding the organization, please visit the Special Olympics Michigan website. Please send resume with cover letter to Rick Brady at
Quicken Loans
The downtown Detroit-based mortgage company has openings for interns in public relations, social media marketing, copywriting, HTML, interactive design and web development. Many are paid. Quicken hires many interns after their internship ends. To apply for an internship at Quicken Loans, click here.
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber
The BBC is a member-driven organization that builds relationships with local government, education and community entities to create a prosperous business climate for the six communities it serves — Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and Franklin. Communications interns will have the opportunity to assist with the following communication functions: media relations (draft news releases, public service announcements and other media materials as well as monitor news coverage and prepare press clippings), publications/electronic information (assist with preparation of electronic newsletter and event update and prepare and print materials such as fliers and mailings), develop and manage chamber social media accounts and web profiles (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and assist with website changes, research (conduct research as needed to identify public relations opportunities or prepare competitive analysis), events and programs (complete tasks as assigned to help prepare for events and program, including promotion and publicity - i.e. posting online calendar listings, etc.). The chamber seeks interns who have completed college coursework in journalism, communications or similar subject matter. Interns will have journalism or writing experience and be familiar with the development of social networking site profiles and other mass-publishing interactive web applications. Media relations experience desired but not necessary. Internship hours are flexible and a stipend will be paid for work completed. College credit also is available. Interns report directly to the Director of Marketing & Events. To apply, please send cover letter and resume to Andrea Foglietta via email at No calls please.
Fox2 Community Service
The department seeks an intern. The intern would write public service announcements, work on holiday projects, manage community web content and assist with news duties such as helping with the production of community-related news stories. The station is looking for a go-getter with great attention to detail. If you’re interested, send a resume and cover letter to Katie Fehr, Community Service Director at
Cumulus Media Detroit (760 WJR | 96.3 WDVD | NASH FM 93.1)
Needed are students looking for hands-on experience in public relations and radio broadcasting. Cumulus Media Detroit seeks outgoing, dedicated undergraduate or graduate students, preferably in communications, marketing, public relations or business, for these unpaid internships. Cumulus Radio stations produce live and pre-taped radio programs, promotes and executes concerts, live broadcasts, movie screenings and other station-related events as well as client-based promotional appearances. Interns may assist show producers, at events and are assigned day-to-day office duties to learn how our radio stations operate. Students must have reliable transportation, and be available 15-20 hours per week. Send resumes to Ronald Smerigan, There is some flexibility in hours.
Gilda's Club Metro Detroit
Public Relations/Communications intern needed for this Royal Oak nonprofit. Gilda’s Club offers free social and emotional support for men, women, teens and children touched by any type of cancer. The program includes support and networking groups, education lectures, workshops, children and teen activities, nutrition and wellness and social events. The intern will assist with general public relations, marketing and fundraising projects. Duties include but are not limited to: Writing press releases; updating the press kit; assisting with event planning, fundraising campaigns and events; creating fundraising and marketing materials; general marketing and PR projects; and daily interaction with staff, volunteers, members and some vendors. Requirements: Junior level or above in college, university or technical school. Excellent writing, communication and computer skills required. Editing and graphic design experience a plus. Unpaid; approximately 15 hours per week. Schedule to be mutually agreed upon. Send cover letter, resume and two writing samples to Laura Varon Brown
Metro Times
The weekly newspaper seeks interns for the marketing and promotions department. Duties include: coordinate promotional giveaways; develop radio spots and press releases; manage social media and media contact database; various office duties that include organizational tasks, copying and faxing or completing mailings; competitive research and analysis; assist with planning, set-up and execution of events. Candidate must possess excellent verbal and written skills; a high degree of organization and attention to detail; strong time management skills; a proactive work ethic and ability to act independently if called to do so; a working understanding of media and the market; mastery of Microsoft Office, Facebook and Twitter; and, above all, a positive attitude. Candidate must be a United States citizen, have approved citizenship papers or a current work visa, and be at least 21 years old. Candidate must also be able to receive college credit for the internship. Availability to work evenings and weekends is essential. Please send a cover letter, resume and, if applicable, writing samples to No phone calls please.
Metro Times - Editorial Interns
The weekly newspaper needs creative, motivated editorial interns. The day-to-day grunt work is unpaid, but interns will receive payment for published stories. If they're up to it, we’ll even let them tackle an ambitious story. Send a cover letter stating your interest in an editorial internship, along with a copy of your résumé and three samples of your writing. We’d prefer samples of journalistic writing, but they don’t have to be. Keep in mind, however, that we are a newspaper that prides itself on being in touch with the community. We want to see your writing about the world around you; navel-gazing ramblings belong in your diary, not in our paper. Writing should be crisp and insightful, with welcome dollops of humor and passion. Your résumé must include at least three references. We’ll contact you if we want you to come in for an interview. Mail to: 1200 Woodward Heights, Ferndale, MI 48220-1427. Attn: Michael Jackman. FAX to: 313-961-6598. Attn: Michael Jackman. E-mail to: Please send your clips and other materials as body text or as attachments, instead of hyperlinking to them. Call Michael Jackman with questions at 313-202-8043. The deadline to apply is Nov. 30 for winter, March 30 for summer and July 30 for fall.
The Michigan Law Firm
The Michigan Law Firm, PLLC, is a modern cloud-based Birmingham, MI., business looking for marketing interns to help bolster the company's online presence. This person will be chiefly responsible for writing blog articles relating to our subject areas and will need to become well acquainted with our company's website and its operations. Interns would be responsible for tasks that include: blog articles, press releases, management of emerging social media platforms, obtaining client testimonials, and video production and editing. Daily critique and editing is provided and interns, on occasion, would have the freedom to suggest topics they would like to write about related to our firm and submit proposals for a project that they are interested in and think would benefit the business. To apply, send a resume, cover letter and writing samples to Josh Freedman, business manager, at
Fox Sports
Home Team Sports, a division of Fox Sports, will hire a summer intern in its Southfield, MI., office for a 10-week program. The Fox internship program offers college juniors and seniors an opportunity to participate in real-world projects/assignments gaining valuable work experience and leadership skills. (Two of our graduate interns are in the advertising business.) Submit a resume/cover letter to Katie Isenberg at
Kyrris Marketing
Kyrris Marketing seeks interns in all semesters to assist with client accounts on social media management, digital marketing, marketing research and public relations research. Writing skills are most important. This PAID internship is 12-16 hours per week. The office in Techtown in Detroit’s midtown area just north of Wayne State University. The scheduling is flexible and some work can be done from home. Visit the website at to apply.
Riverwise magazine
Do you care deeply about the state of Detroit and want to put your skills to work for social change? Come work with the editors at Riverwise, the first spin-off of YES! Magazine, a national nonprofit, independent media organization based near Seattle. You’ll be a member of a team that takes its solutions journalism deep into issues of climate justice, economic inequality, racial justice and democratic reform. If you are seeking a career in journalism or communications and you are passionate social justice, then this is the internship for you. Riverwise is currently seeking interns with expertise in investigative reporting, feature writing, photography, web content creation and design, print design and social media. You’ll be working with a collective of professionals who will provide hands-on training in all aspects of magazine publishing. Candidates must be able to commute to Detroit. Riverwise is looking for interns with: strong research and writing skills and attention to detail and accuracy; the ability to work effectively, independently and be an excellent self-starter; and possess excellent communication skills for a team environment. Previous experience is a plus. Send a cover letter and three samples of your work to Shea Howell,
Tanner Friedman
This Farmington Hills-based strategic communications firm specializes in traditional and emerging media relations, adversity management and public relations counsel. Summer, fall and winter interns will need to work in the office 10-15 hours per week. The goal of the Tanner Friedman internship program is to provide student participants with a meaningful, multi-dimensional, ‘real world’ experience that will build upon their educational backgrounds and help build a foundation on which they can base a professional career. We want our interns to learn and contribute, with an opportunity to do both, in a range of areas, including research, writing, media relations and client meetings. This is an unpaid internship. Candidates must be enrolled college students earning class credit toward their college degree. Students seeking a degree in public relations — whether agency, corporate or nonprofit — are preferred, in particular those who have successfully completed a basic level of corresponding college course work. Among the skills most important to any PR professional: good judgment, strong writing, solid communications skills, ability to think creatively, proficiency in multi-tasking and competence to work effectively both individually and as part of a team. Please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to Lexi Cerilli (
Broadcast students interested in applying to WXYZ should file an application through this site:  
Special Olympics Sports Intern
This internship will assist Special Olympics Michigan’s southeast program coordinator of sports and training with the daily operation of SOMI’s southeast region. This unpaid internship will take place at the regional office in Troy and at off-site SOMI events. The intern will assist with planning and coordination of region events; assist in recruiting, training and managing volunteers for events; assist in coordinating setup and tear down of events; help with event registration; help coordinate and operate the Young Athletes Program; help in coordinating SO College; help develop outreach plans to increase participation; and maintain office hours. The intern must have strong writing and communication skills; be proficient in Office Suite; be able to work with a team and independently; and have transportation. Among the attributes desired are a positive attitude, excellent attendance, patience, leadership, creativity and initiative. Send your resume and cover letter to Rick Brady, coordinator of sports and training, at
Biznet Digital
Biznet Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in marketing automation technology, web and mobile application development, and digital marketing strategies. Biznet seeks a student in advertising, communication or creative writing who can work 15-25 hours per week at a PAID internship and has a passion for digital marketing trends and technologies. The company is looking for a like-minded, motivated and energetic intern to deliver engaging written content as assigned for blog posts, press releases, web content, emails, marketing material and presentations through research and/or coordination with outside resources; research the digital marketing industry and suggest content for both digital and traditional publications; review/edit materials for quality and accuracy; post content to social media on behalf of Biznet and its clients; and meet deadlines. The intern must have strong written and verbal communication skills; work efficiently; communicate in a team and independently; have strong research skills; comprehend and translate complex information under deadline; and be experienced and proficient in social media marketing. Preferred candidates have prior knowledge utilizing content management systems. Send resume, cover letter and work samples to Yale Porter at
Blue Wheel Media
Blue Wheel Media seeks digital marketing/editorial interns. BWM is a digital marketing agency based in Troy, only a few miles from Oakland University's campus. It seeks interns who are dedicated to the craft of marketing via the Internet’s many channels- social, content, design and SEO. Interns are provided an exhaustive education on digital marketing and the daily tasks of an agency. Interns will learn valuable lessons in social bookmarking, community building, search optimization and content writing from a highly trained staff. BWM requires interns to work 2 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (unpaid), and also requires experience with Mac and a working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs. Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms (specifically WordPress) is crucial. Experience with blogging multimedia such as images, videos, and hyperlinks helps. Knowledge of Adobe applications and Final Cut Pro is also a plus. If interested, please e-mail a brief cover and attach your resume and 1 writing sample to
Judson Center
Judson Center, 4410 W 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073, seeks talented fund development/special event/communications interns who are interested in joining a professional Fund Development Team at Judson Center (consisting of Communications, Volunteer Management, Special Events and Fundraising). As the Development Intern you will build an impressive portfolio of work, experience and contacts both inside the organization and with business and community leaders. You are a part of the team and responsible for major projects of significant scope and responsibility. As an intern, you will get to work with a variety of our staff, while working on real projects that will help us grow. You will work with and support the Development Department team including the Agency Communications and Outreach Manager, Special Events and Corporate Relations Manager, Personal Philanthropy Manager, Donor Relations Specialist and VP of Development. You will assist with planning and executing special events including but not limited to Fore the Kids of Judson Center Corporate Golf Challenge, A Night to Embrace Our Children and Families Gala, NAIAS Charity Preview and numerous third-party events. You will be an integral part of helping to manage the Gala and Golf sub-committees, manage and enhance the live and silent auctions for each signature event with an in-kind program of $80,000 in donated value. You will also work directly with vendors on third party fundraising events that benefit Judson Center. In the field of communications, you will work with the communications manager on marketing campaigns and social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Judson Center's website, helping to develop the brand awareness of Judson Center within our community. You will have the opportunity to also assist with volunteer management and volunteer programs, coordinating volunteer projects and follow up recognition. Our ideal candidate is someone who is organized, dependable, driven, independent, and has an interest in fundraising, event management and/or communications. Computer literacy including Microsoft Office is important, as well as having strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills with the ability to work with a variety of people and different personalities. You are expected to work 15-20 hours and this position can be for credit. Depending on the specific interests of applicants, this could be up to three internship positions. To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to Peggy Kerr at
Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce
The Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce seeks a communications educational specialist to provide control of the communications network. This internship includes a stipend. The intern will design art and copy layouts for events and provide target marketing to specific membership needs. Among other responsibilities, an intern can expect to create, design and update all communication related to event and sponsorship development, such as website advertising, event promotional materials, event advertising, social media and weekly e-blasts; communicate membership value with targeted educational content; determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy within the guidelines of the sponsorship brochure; cover events and promote through social media; and assist on all large events as needed for setup and teardown. An intern must have excellent computer skills and be highly proficient in all Microsoft Office programs; have strong communication skills, both verbal and written; show an ability to work independently and as a team; have a high degree of accuracy and efficiency; show proven experience in delivering high-quality customer service; and have a knowledge of Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Publisher and Photoshop. Interested students should submit a resume and work samples to Janelle Best at
The Suburban Collection Showplace
The Suburban Collection Showplace is seeking an intern for its Public Relations and Marketing department. The intern will support the Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator, and will assist with implementing public relations, social media and marketing efforts. This internship will give students professional hands-on experience in the field of public relations and marketing, and will provide a unique insight into the daily operations of a thriving Exposition, Convention and Conference Center. The Suburban Collection Showplace is a state-of-the-art Exposition, Convention and Conference Center located in Novi, Michigan, and has been host to a variety of events such as public expositions, trade shows, association and corporate conferences and prestigious social events. For more information, visit Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and writing samples (press releases or pieces related to PR or Marketing projects) to: or Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, Michigan 48374, Attn: Public Relations and Marketing Department. The Suburban Collection Showplace is a state-of-the-art exposition, convention and conference center located in Novi, MI., and hosts a variety of events such as public expositions, trade shows, association and corporate conferences and prestigious social events.
Zara Creative
Zara Creative a cinematic video production company, specializing in creating TV commercials, corporate films, branding videos, films for non profits and live event coverage.  Interns at Zara Creative have the opportunity to learn every aspect of what we do — from pre-production (concepts, scripting), to filming, to post-production (editing). Interns will get hands-on experience with camera, lighting, and audio equipment, as well as editing programs. There are also opportunities in marketing, social media and blogging. Applicants must be a college junior or senior. Internships are unpaid and applicant must be able to receive college credit. Please email resumes to
Ziebart International Corp.
Seeks journalism and public relations students to intern in the field of marketing and advertising. Students will have many responsibilities, including developing competitive reviews, working on ad projects, revising websites and assisting with social media plans. Students must have knowledge of Microsoft Office and be either a junior or senior. Ziebart utilizes interns during all semesters. Applicants can submit resumes up to one week prior to the beginning of each semester, but much earlier is recommended. Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Lauren Corbett, field marketing manager, at
Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce
Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer a Graphic Design and Website Internship during all semesters. Dates and hours are flexible, with opportunities ranging from 5 - 40 hours per week for 3– 6 months. Interns will assist in marketing and event day-to-day activities, and acquire real-world experience. Requirements include: well-developed organization skills with a solid orientation to detail, a self-starter with a strong desire to learn, effective project management skills, strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office products, knowledge of Adobe creative suite products or other graphic design, academic or hands-on experience with ad campaign planning and marketing. Preferred but not required: knowledge of php, html or other web coding languages, knowledge of Wordpress, and access to a laptop. For more information and a full description: To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Ashleigh Laabs, Executive Director at
Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce
Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer a Marketing and Events Assistant Internship during all semesters. Dates and hours are flexible, with opportunities ranging from 5 - 40 hours per week for 3– 6 months. Interns will assist in marketing and event day-to-day activities, and acquire real-world experience. Requirements include: well-developed organization skills with a solid orientation to detail, a self-starter with a strong desire to learn, effective project management skills, strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office products, knowledge of Adobe creative suite products or other graphic design, academic or hands-on experience with ad campaign planning and marketing. Preferred but not required: knowledge of php, html or other web coding languages, knowledge of Wordpress, and access to a laptop. For more information and a full description: To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Ashleigh Laabs, Executive Director at
Crestmark Bank
This industry-leading financial services company seeks an intern in its Troy office for a PAID position that reports to the marketing/communications director and involves creating and distributing media releases for print and online content. The intern will compose and distribute press releases, assist Crestmark’s social media conversation, assist in composition of collateral copy for case studies, web pages, etc., and assist the market/communications team with timely execution of marketing deliverables. Crestmark seeks a student who desires to write compelling content, has stellar attention to detail, a willingness to learn and who can take constructive criticism in a professional manner. The student must have good time management skills, some understanding of social media, (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and be proficient with Microsoft Office. Experience with audio/video editing is helpful. Interested students should send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Lisa Beattie at

Oakland University Center for Autism Film Workshop
Want to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities while learning valuable communication and writing skills? Oakland University’s Center for Autism — OUCARES — seeks caring and enthusiastic student interns who are studying journalism, communications or a related field. OUCARES is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). One of the programs we offer adults with autism is a Practical Film Workshop to learn both the social and technical skills needed for employment. OUCARES Film Workshop seeks student interns who know how to write and interview. Internship duties include: working individually and in groups with people with ASD, researching, drafting interview scripts and press releases, assisting with film shoots and special events, developing PR-related materials, creating media lists and soliciting media for coverage. Despite the name, this is primarily a writing internship. The internship is unpaid. The Film Workshop runs 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday. There is flexibility when the intern works within this time frame. The internship can begin as early as May 4 and end as late as October 2, 2015. Contact Kristin Rohrbeck at for more information or to submit your resume, cover letter, and writing samples. Please include “Film Workshop Internship” in the subject line.
Downtown Publications
Paid internship with aggressive newsmagazine group (Downtown Publications) based in Birmingham. 32-40 hours weekly at our offices. The internship includes some personality profile feature writing, public safety stories, research and work on long-form journalism projects for future issues. We are seeking a self-starter with a love for news, an appreciation for the role of newspapers/magazines in the community and who wants to build a strong clip book. Flip book samples of Downtown are viewable at Interested students should have a solid background in newswriting. Send a resume, cover letter telling us something about yourself and your goals, and a few clippings to
Troy Chamber of Commerce
The Marketing Department at the Troy Chamber of Commerce is seeking a multitalented, part-time Marketing & Communications Intern to join us in our Troy office. Gain firsthand experience and flex your creative muscles with this unique opportunity to gain one-on-one experience with the Marketing & Communications Specialist. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of communications, branding and marketing initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Editing, writing and developing communications, website content, social media content, press releases, etc.
  • Coordinating marketing efforts of the Troy Chamber staff
  • Assisting in a wide range of communication, branding, media relations, and marketing initiatives


  • Must be entering junior or senior year of college and seeking school credit (this is an unpaid internship).
  • Must be pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public relations, marketing, communications, journalism, advertising or related field from an accredited university
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Excellent written and oral communication, listening, and proofreading skills (grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to effectively manage time, multitask, pay close attention to details and meet deadlines
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel required
  • Understanding of Microsoft Publisher
  • Experience with Wordpress  (Knowledge of posting and editing content on Wordpress-powered websites)


  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator
  • Proficient in photography (specifically, knowledge of DSLR camera would be useful)

Please e-mail your resume and writing samples to Theresa Ervin at Interns are used in fall (deadline to apply is August 1), winter (December 1) and summer semesters (May 1).

a community action agency ( seeks a communication intern in Pontiac. The intern will: develop, implement and/or coordinate aspects of internal and external public relations and marketing activities as assigned; assist in maintaining agency’s social media presence; assist in the planning and implementation of designated and special events; and carry out all other duties as directed by your supervisor. In addition the intern will: design and send out monthly internal newsletter; create Facebook and Twitter posts; prepare event box for staff attending community events; Assist with media relations as needed; and create agency flyers as needed. Qualified applicants must be working toward a B.S. or B.A. in communications, public relations or a related field, have a minimum of 12 credit hours of classroom experience in public relations, journalism and/or communication and a working knowledge of computer applications, especially using Windows environment for word processing and Adobe Creative Suite. Please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Ashley Yocum, Public Relations Coordinator, at Please put Internship in the e-mail heading.
Orion Area Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber seeks someone who loves to write about people, businesses and events. The intern will write articles about new members, events featuring current members, in addition to special assignments. The Chamber needs help with advance press releases on events, plus articles after the events as well. The intern will coordinate this information with newspapers, TV and radio stations. The Chamber has a monthly newspaper insert in the Orion Review called The Biz that will feature the intern’s bylined articles. The intern also will supply information for the monthly email announcements called The Motivator. In addition, the intern will help support weekly email announcements, assist with special emails and post cards, and help with social networking. The intern also will be required to attend most, if not all, Chamber events-luncheons, business ribbon-cutting ceremonies and business development meetings. In May, the intern will assist with the Annual Business Expo and work with LOHS Decca Program students concerning advertising and press coverage. Interns are welcome to provide input on anything that could benefit the Chamber. This is a nonpaying position. The Chamber seeks interns for fall, winter and summer semesters. Please send resume and cover letter to: Bill Kokenos at P. O. Box 484 Lake Orion, MI 48361.
Wayne State University’s public radio station WDET is looking for mature and self-motivated interns interested in pursuing a career in multimedia journalism. Join WDET in its mission to serve the community with informative programming and gain real-world experience in the WDET department that’s right for you. The station is accepting interns for fall, winter and spring. With opportunities ranging from field reporting and photojournalism, to social media engagement and marketing, there’s a chance for every applicant to learn useful skills. Students and volunteers must be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week. So, are you ready to see where you fit in at WDET? Send your resume, cover letter and work samples to, and be sure to include your intended WDET department in the subject line.
  • Digital/Social Media Department - WDET’s Digital Specialist Terry Parris Jr. is on the lookout for prospective interns who are ready to delve into the multifaceted world of digital journalism. Parris, a Wayne State alumnus, says an internship with the digital team affords students the chance to explore multimedia journalism by utilizing video, social media, photojournalism, writing for the web and data visualization. Solid writing skills and an interest in digital journalism are both necessary to this internship.
  • News - Experience the rush of covering breaking news alongside WDET’s team of award-winning broadcast journalists. News Director Jerome Vaughn gives interns and volunteers a crash course on the basics of broadcast journalism and the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience. Newsroom interns will review local and national headlines, interview newsmakers, report on events, record and edit audio and will even create their own feature story for WDET. Vaughn says prospective interns should be driven, self-motivated and ready to work hard under tight deadlines. This internship requires students to commit at least two full days to the radio station every week.
  • Detroit Today Research and Programming Internship - Detroit Today’s interns get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see what all goes into creating a successful live daily radio show in a major market. This internship also includes research for CuriousiD stories, WDET’s listener-inspired investigative collection of stories. WDET Program Director and Executive Producer Joan Cherry Isabella says prospective interns must have strong writing skills and an interest in current events and regional news. Photojournalists are also welcome to apply and contribute digital and photographic elements to Detroit Today’s online stories. This internship allows volunteers and students to work alongside a team of producers, where they can participate in producing a live show, create web content, pitch stories, research and collect information and utilize the many components critical to a daily live radio show. Skills such as time management, teamwork, online content creation and engagement are all integral to this internship. Volunteers and students pursuing degrees in Media Arts and Studies, Political Science, Liberal Arts and Communications are all encouraged to apply.
This full-service public relations agency in downtown Detroit seeks interns for paid positions. Interns will draft news releases, pitch media, draft ad copy, plan and attend press conferences, work on digital media projects and assist in coalition building. Truscott Rossman seeks creative, detail-oriented individuals who are strong writers and have great interpersonal skills. Internship positions are highly competitive. Candidates should have strong writing skills, have a knowledge of the Detroit area and be digital/social media savvy. For more information and how to apply, go to For general information about the company, go to
Marx Layne
The Farmington Hills-based marketing and PR agency Marx Layne & Co. provides communications counsel to clients in the business, government and nonprofit sectors. Marx Layne has been helping interns become successful public relations executives for more than a decade. Interns have the opportunity to draft press releases, media alerts, articles, op-eds, client talking points and pitches to journalists; and compile media lists, assist in the conceptualization of pitch ideas and accompany Marx Layne executives to select client meetings, television appearances and other onsite client events. The agency strives to teach interns what they require to be successful in the business. The agency seeks students who are in their junior and senior years. Fall and winter internships require a minimum of 20 hours per week; summer internships require 30 hours per week. Both are unpaid and for college credit only. The agency typically will accept between two and three interns in the fall and winter. Resumes should be sent to Natalie Stavale at and Michael Odom at The agency is online at
The Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region/Michigan
The foundation, based in Troy, seeks student interested in event planning and public relations. The internship is unpaid. The intern will gain experience in event planning in the nonprofit sector while assisting in the management of the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. The Jingle Bell Run/Walk is the nation's largest holiday 5K race series aimed to fight arthritis. Responsibilities include assisting with event logistics, acquiring in-kind donations and team recruitment. Other tasks may include travel, making phone calls and compiling/sorting databases. Intern will create writing samples of public service announcements, pitch letters and press releases; create media lists; solicit media for coverage; submit event info to online community event sites. Multiple event attendance is required. Send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Laurie Rupp at
Oakland University Communications and Marketing Department
Oakland University’s Communications and Marketing Department seeks a multi-faceted marketing and communications intern with primary skills in one or more of the below areas of interest:  Social Media,  Creative/graphic design,  Video/multimedia creation or editing, J ournalism,  Writing,  Proofreading,  Marketing or strategic planning and analysis.

During this internship, you will build upon the primary skill set learned in the classroom and apply it to marketing and public relations initiatives for the university. Secondary skill sets will be developed in the above listed areas of interest for a solid understanding of the operations of a marketing/communications agency. Successful candidates will receive assignments to cover campus events with OU’s social media platforms and other outlets, be involved in marketing strategy and analysis, proofread executive level communications, and write creative marketing or PR content.  Candidates may be asked to serve on the executive board of a student organization advised by UCM staff. Upon application, candidates should be able to demonstrate some experience in one of the primary skill areas listed above.

This is a PAID internship - 20 hours/week for 15 weeks.  Those interested in applying should check to see if there's a listing on Handshake.
Civic Center TV
The West Bloomfield-based municipal and community television station seeks one or two interns per semester to develop scripts, produce segments, write companion print or web articles, and assist in editing and photography. Civic Center TV has brand new state-of-the-art HD digital studios. Students also can appear on camera. Job responsibilities would depend on the student’s previous OU broadcast classes and training. For more information about Civic Center TV, go to To apply, send a resume, cover letter, writing samples and video clips to Dave Scott, General Manager — Civic Center TV at
Orion Neighborhood Television
Orion Neighborhood Television seeks production and on-air talent interns. ONT is the public and government access television station serving the village of Lake Orion and Orion Township. ONTV covers many meetings and events in the Orion area, offers classes to community members, produces programs in studio and full production sports coverage, etc. ONTV is now accepting applications for internships. Opportunities exist in: News Gathering and Editing — On-air Hosting — Multi-Camera Directing — Sports — Production/Announcing — Episodic Program Production — Studio Camera Operation — Script Writing — Voice Over Recording — Graphic Design — Motion Graphics Production — General Office Duties, in addition to establishing specific, personal goals at the beginning of the internship. Experience in studio, video and post production is preferred, as well as the ability to work independently. Serious aspirations to pursue a career in broadcast media and progressing towards a degree in a related field are required. To Apply—fill out an Internship Application on our website at under ‘Jobs’ or stop in at 1349 Joslyn Rd. Lake Orion, MI 48360 for an application. For questions or to send completed application and required material in PDF format, please e-mail Ian Locke, executive director, at
ABC12 in Flint
This television station in Flint has openings for broadcast interns. Information to apply can be found at (then click on About abc12 on the right side). Specific questions can be addressed to Patrick Wilson, assignment editor, at
Metro Parent Magazine
Has an opening for an unpaid internship in its editorial department. Interns will be reporting and writing articles for print as well as Must be able to commit to two business days each week. Contact managing editor Kim Kovelle at
Boys and Girls Club of Troy
This nonprofit seeks a highly motivated student to serve as a summer Creative Services Intern and develop an image for the nonprofit. Depending on experience, this could be a paid part-time position. The main responsibilities would be to update the website, social media page and flat-screen TV PowerPoint ads; send out press releases; and design fliers, brochures and newsletters. Interns also will be asked to assist with special events, such as golf outings, the Rochester 5K Run/Walk, etc. Please send a cover letter, resume and examples of your work to Jeff Evans at
Szwed Communications Public Relations
The Ferndale-based company seeks a journalism/PR student for a paid internship, depending on the level of skills. Unpaid internships also are available. The candidate must be a motivated self-starter, have excellent writing skills, proficiency in Microsoft Word and AP style and the ability to use common sense. The candidate must be a great proofreader with an eye for details and ability to catch typos. Szwed is seeking someone with initiative and fresh ideas who can really “turn a phrase!” Someone who can spin some fabulous publicity from a few sentences. Szwed's clients are corporate, travel and tourism, medical and nonprofit. The firm often has several projects going at once and needs an intern with the ability to jump into a project, understand the task presented and work independently. Duties will include writing and placing press releases, developing newsletter stories and clever photo captions, editing, proofreading, writing reports, assisting with brochures and videos/documentaries, and writing catchy headlines. Design experience is a major plus, but not required. The intern will work 12:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Wednesdays and 8:30-5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. E-mail a cover letter and resume to or call 248-542-5072 for an appointment.
Genisys Credit Union
Seeks an intern who is looking for experience with in-house corporate marketing and copywriting, or is looking to pursue a career in advertising. This unpaid internship is for at least 10 hours a week, all during the regular business day. Hours are flexible. The intern will assist with writing, marketing and advertising content for the monthly member newsletter; youth club materials; direct mail postcard and self-mailers; newspaper print ads; counter cards, fliers, handouts and branch posters; and website updates. Genisys Credit Union, headquartered in Auburn Hills, is the fourth largest credit union in Michigan. Interested students should contact Linda Zabrick at
Fox 2
The television station seeks to familiarize students seeking a career in broadcasting with the inner-workings of the industry. Interns observe firsthand how skills learned in the classrooms are employed in day-to-day commercial broadcasting. Interns are used in news, sports, sales/marketing/research, community service and creative services. In news, for example, students are offered specialized internships for the Web team, the medical unit (Health Works), the weather unit (Weather Authority), the Local News Service and the Fox 2 Problem Solvers investigative unit. While interns are assigned by choice and need to one area for the entire internship, they will have opportunities to view all aspects of broadcasting. Deadlines are March 1 for summer, July 1 for fall and Nov. 1 for winter semesters. Request an application packet from Cynthia Smith at
The senior portfolio is an exhibit of your experience, your skills and your talent. For many grads, it's this piece that wins or loses the job. The portfolio should provide potential employers with a clear idea of what you can bring to their organization and, for this reason, creating it will involve some of the most important editorial decisions you'll ever make.

The portfolio is NOT a requirement for journalism or PR students, merely a suggestion. If you’re searching for a job in those fields, might be in competition against grads who have them.

You can prepare a digital version of your portfolio (see recommendations below). As for print, that's up to you.  

The look of your physical and online portfolios is up to you. There are plenty of online resources that can provide help.  

Obviously you want to include your resume and samples of your work. But there are other options including:

STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY — The following is the exclusive work of XXX XXX and may not be reprinted, duplicated or copied without written permission.
Why do this? It sends a signal that this is serious work. Also, it might contain proprietary work samples from your internship.

RESUME — Your resume is the summary of your college education, most recent employment experience and notable skill sets.
Why do you need this? It’s the bedrock of this portfolio. You’ll need an updated resume throughout your life. You completed a resume to get your journalism internship sometime during the past two years. Do you need to tweak it? We suggest you take it back to Career Services for another review. Have others look at it, too. Is every word spelled correctly? Did you wander from full sentences to partial sentences? Is the style uniform? One tiny miscue is all it takes to eliminate you from consideration.

REFERENCES — Use name, title, complete address (with zip code), email, work phone, cell phone (if you know it). Make it simple for your interviewer to contact your references.
Why do you need this? People in the industry know each other. The interviewer might recognize a name and call right then and there. It could land you on the stack for a second interview. You need every edge you can get.

WORK PHILOSOPHY and PROFESSIONAL GOALS — Go for two or three bullet points on each.
Why do you need this? Do you have a work philosophy? You should. The interviewer will want to know how you view work and where you’re headed in life. Don’t get too specific. You can say, for example, that someday you intend to get a master’s degree. But to say you’re headed back to school for it in a year could cost you a job.

WORK SAMPLES — Depending on your emphasis or area of interest, work samples will vary. Students use published print stories and photography; audio files from radio broadcasts and podcasts; video productions; multimedia packages; web productions; print and web design pieces; and advertising and public relations projects. You should plan to demonstrate versatility or a very focused specialty.
Why do you need this?
 This is the meat of your portfolio. It shows a business what you can do. Not all students will have all sections. Separate your sections with plastic dividers. You can change the order depending on the job you’re seeking.
Tip — Put a small card in the lower right corner of each new section explaining that particular skill, such as: PR releases written for internship or stories published for The Oakland Post.

CERTIFICATIONS — Anything you are certified in, no matter what: CPR, lifeguarding, heavy equipment operation, pilot, volunteer firefighter, etc.
Why do you need this? It shows the breadth of your knowledge and skills even if it isn’t in journalism. But you must have documents to back it up.

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION  — Two or three. Perhaps one or two to talk about your skills and one to talk about your character (is honest, can handle responsibility, etc). These are best from former bosses or supervisors at your internships. Please note that as a general rule, journalism faculty don't write general letters of recommendation for the portfolio.
Why do you need this? It provides validation for everything in this portfolio.

EVIDENCE OF COMMUNITY SERVICE — Anything that shows you get involved in the community, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat, nursing home volunteer, campus organizations. Anything. These could be on or off campus. It’s OK if some are repeated on your resume.
Why do you need this? Many businesses are heavily involved in their communities. These companies want to hire people who feel likewise. If, for example, you sing in a choir or play in a community band and your interviewer does, too, …

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTERS/THANK YOU LETTERS — Anything from a company, agency or organization that singles you out and thanks you for doing something positive.
Why do you need this? It is more validation that you are someone worth hiring.

AWARDS — This could be the dean’s list, outstanding person of the month, student senator of the year — any award that recognizes you for something.
Why do you need this? It provides evidence that you are a success. Put in the actual certificate or letter.

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS — Are you a member of the Society for Professional Journalists? Other professional groups?
Why do you need this? It shows you’re involved in your profession. Include the letter or certificate. 

Tip #1 — Never include any achievements from high school, no matter how stellar. This is a red flag to potential employers and suggests that you might not have accomplished much in college.

Journalism graduates must demonstrate technological savvy, that's why digital portfolios are a good idea. If you don’t have a preferred platform, we recommend Wordpress. The free version is extremely customizable and the self-hosted version even more so. Both versions have the benefit of built-in SEO.

If you don't like Wordpress, consider Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. Or browse the web for more ideas, as new platforms are developed regularly.

Make sure to investigate the cost of your preferred platform before you spend a lot of time on the design. Most premium versions will run anywhere from $10-$50 a month.


Site set-up

  • Setting up a self-hosted WordPress site, explained by Christopher Heng of thesitewizard
  • Why you need a portfolio site on wp journo, a blog about journalism and WordPress.

The journalism major builds on the liberal arts education by teaching students skills and theory necessary to produce meaningful content for news, public relations and advertising organizations. The curriculum is designed to endow students with a solid practical and technical knowledge base as well as an understanding of the legal, ethical and theoretical aspects of journalism and its critical role in a democracy. Students learn the dual concepts of press freedom and press responsibility. Due to the broad nature of the journalism curriculum, students can either generalize or develop a special emphasis within the major by taking a series of courses in print journalism (including media design), broadcast and online journalism, public relations or advertising. Students in the program are encouraged to develop expertise in different disciplines through minors or a double major. All journalism and public relations majors must complete an internship.

With a degree in journalism or public relations, you will be prepared to work in any field that emphasizes the value of the written and spoken word. Through optional minors in advertising or public relations, you can tailor your education to make yourself more marketable to these industries.

Some career options include:

  • Advertising copywriter
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Business professional
  • Communications coordinator
  • Educator
  • Editor
  • Feature writer
  • Government worker
  • Investigative reporter
  • Lawyer
  • Nonprofit specialist
  • Political specialist
  • Press secretary
  • Public relations consultant
  • Librarian
  • Technical writer

Job and career websites:

  • Journalism Jobs is the most poplar site for those seeking employment.
  • Poynter job listings.
  • The federal government posts jobs and internship opportunities.
  • The state of Michigan provides information about jobs and careers in Michigan.
  • The Public Relations Society of America specializes in careers in Public Relations.
  • Politico offers a range of opportunities for those involved in communication and politics. These jobs may require more experience than you possess today, but they demonstrate the amazing opportunities that exist for those with degrees in communication and journalism.