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Kathleen Healy Moore

Kathleen Healy Moore

Title: Professor
Office: 207 Science and Engineering Building
Phone: (248) 370-2338

Ph.D., Wayne State University

Research Interests

My major research interest is in the formation and degradation of the acyl-CoA moieties which are critical to lipid metabolism. The delicate balance of enzyme reactions which form or utilize these activated fatty acids controls the level of this important metabolic intermediate in various cellular compartments; deficiencies in acyl-CoA pools may adversely affect cellular energy production, while accumulation of acyl-CoAs may deprive other cycles of CoA and/or have potential toxic effects on major enzymes or transport systems. Acyl-CoA hydrolases, which cleave the acyl thioester bond, and acyl-CoA synthetases, which form the thioester, have been used to probe acyl-CoA status in normal and environmentally stressed cellular systems. Recent emphasis has been on the impact of solvent-derived xenobiotic carboxylic acids on enzymes designed to handle physiologic fatty acids. Earlier studies have probed the effects of ischemia, anti-convulsant drugs, peroxisome proliferators, fasting, and genetic diseases (peroxisome syndromes) on acyl-CoA/CoA equilibria. Peripheral research activities include organic synthesis of novel thioester compounds and development of capillary electrophoretic enzyme assays.

Another on-going effort in the laboratory involves the isolation, purification, and characterization of gangliosides from various dairy products. These complex, sialic acid-containing glycolipids have the ability to bind selectively to ions, bacteria, bacterial toxins, and viruses. A current study is evaluating the anti-microbial effects of gangliosides from buttermilk and yogurt on a series of anaerobic bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity.

Recent Publications

Moore, K.H., Ettinger, A.C., and Yokoyama, M.T. Variation in ganglioside content of bovine dairy products. J. Food Comp. Anal. 13: 783-790 (2000).

Moore, K.H. A multi-media, literature-based biochemistry library project. (Abstract) FASEB J 15: A544 (2001).

Kiechle, F.L. and Moore, K.H. Insulin action and the clinical laboratory. J. Clin. Ligand Assay 24: 217-228 (2001).

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Panuganti, S.D., Penn, J.M., and Moore, K.H. Hepatic enzymatic synthesis and hydrolysis of CoA esters of solvent-derived oxa acids. J. Biochem. Molec. Toxicology 17: 76-85 (2003).

Kiechle, F.L. and Moore, K.H. Insulin increases the intracellular concentration of total oxalyl thiolesters in BC3H-1 myocytes: Potential anti-insulin mediators. Cell. Molec. Biol. 49: 923-927 (2003).