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Nessan Kerrigan

Nessan Kerrigan

Title: Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
Office: 205 Science and Engineering Building
Phone: (248) 370-2085


B.Sc. (Chemistry), University College Dublin (1992-1996) 
Ph.D. Chemistry, University College Dublin (1996-2000) with Dr. Declan G. Gilheany. 
Postdoctoral research, University of Glasgow (2002-2004) with Dr. David J. Procter. 
Postdoctoral research, University of Pittsburgh (2004-2006) with Prof. Scott G. Nelson

Research Interests

Our group’s research is concerned with the development of efficient enantioselective and diastereoselective synthetic methods and their application in drug molecule and natural product synthesis.  We also carry out extensive mechanistic studies of our new reactions, principally through NMR spectroscopy (e.g. 31P NMR and 1H NMR), to gain mechanistic insight, identify intermediates, and establish general patterns of reactivity.  Much of our studies in recent years have involved the development of chiral organic nucleophile-catalyzed synthetic methods.  Specifically, we have developed a number of chiral phosphine-catalyzed reactions of ketenes providing versatile methods for the asymmetric synthesis of biologically important molecules such as β-lactones (ketene dimers and ‘saturated’ β-lactones) and β-lactams. 

In 2012, we disclosed the first catalytic asymmetric heterodimerization of ketenes.  This reaction was catalyzed by an alkaloid nucleophile (a quinine or quinidine derivative) to give a β-lactone ketene heterodimer product.  One current avenue of intense research in our lab involves elaboration of our ketene heterodimer products to cancer therapeutic agents and complex molecules isolated from mycobacterium tuberculosis. 

We also have an interest in ylide chemistry (sulfoxonium and phosphonium ylides), organophosphorus chemistry (preparation and uses of phosphorus-containing compounds), as well as the development of new transition metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions.  In the area of sulfoxonium ylide chemistry, we recently published a modification of the Johnson-Corey-Chaykovsky reaction which facilitated a diastereoselective synthesis of g-lactones, through interception of a sulfoxonium ylide-derived betaine intermediate by a ketene molecule. 

Kerrigan group research has been supported by the National Science Foundation since 2009 (2 awards: 2009-2012 and 2012-2015) and more recently by the National Institutes of Health (2014-2017). 

Current collaborators include Professor Arthur Bull (Oakland University: enzyme inhibition studies), Professor Kraig A. Wheeler (Eastern Illinois University: X-ray crystallographic studies) and Kirill Nikitin (University College Dublin: computational studies).



Note: Undergraduate co-authors are underlined.

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