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Edith Chopin


Edith Chopin

Title: Assistant Professor Environmental Chemistry
Office: 289 Science and Engineering Building
Phone: 248-370-2339



Ph.D. Soil Science - Biogeochemistry, 2004, University of Reading, United Kingdom
MSc Environmental Geology, 1997, University of Wales College of Cardiff, United Kingdom


Research Interests

Dr. Chopin's research focus is on biogeochemical cycling of trace elements in the environment via a combination of mineralogical, hydrological, geochemical and biogeochemical approaches. The main aim of the research is to determine the processes controlling trace elements adsorption, transfer and redistribution in the environment (pristine, agricultural, urban, and heavily industrialized) in order to evaluate soil, water, and living organism contamination risks.

Dr, Chopin is particularly interested in understanding the influence of vegetation, land use and global changes on solid trace element-bearing phase alteration, associated trace element release and biogeochemical cycling in anthropised environments. Practical applications are numerous (contaminated site remediation, water resources protection, wetland protection and management, sustainable agriculture, waste use to promote soil productivity).


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