Mike Sevilla

Mike Sevilla

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Mike Sevilla 
Distinguished Professor of Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry

A California native who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Washington, Sevilla joined the OU faculty in 1970. During his many years on staff, he has served as the chair of the Department of Chemistry and as an acting associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences; he has also served as president of the Radiation Research Society.

An internationally known radiation chemist, Sevilla has received more than $4 million in research grants since his arrival at OU. With a lab devoted to looking at fundamental properties of DNA and the processes involved in radiation damage to DNA from the molecular standpoint, Sevilla and the students who work in his lab apply physical chemistry techniques to look at biologically important systems.

Sevilla’s research into how radiation damages DNA is funded by the National Cancer Institute, as it holds promise as a process to eradicate tumors. Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, in addition to senior staffers, all contribute to the research effort, and Sevilla’s lab is recognized as an environment that is conducive to innovative research and open discussion.

In addition to his research, Sevilla continues to teach courses in chemistry at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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