Libin Rong

Libin Rong

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Libin Rong, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, came to Oakland in January 2010. He brings a wealth of expertise in infectious disease modeling and has developed mathematical models and data analysis methods to study within-host dynamics of virus infections and immune responses. He also utilizes models to investigate the transmission and control of infectious diseases between hosts.

Dr. Rong holds bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics from Fudan University, in Shanghai. He earned his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Purdue University. His research efforts are currently funded by the National Institutes of Health, and he has used mathematical models to investigate drug therapies of diseases, such as Hepatitis C Virus and HIV. Portions of his findings were published in Science Translational Medicine in 2010.

Two clinical scientists from the University of California-San Diego highlighted his research in "Rong's Numbers: Accelerating progress in HCV Therapeutic Research" and noted that his modeling experiments provide a basis on which to create additional HCV treatment regimens.

Additionally, Dr. Rong has developed mathematical models that help explain why certain HIV therapies have failed to eradicate the disease.  One of his proposed explanations was directly confirmed by an independent experiment result published in Nature Medicine, the premier journal for biomedical research.

Starting in 2012, Dr. Rong will teach courses in differential equations and math analysis for engineers. He will also teach a new course in infectious disease modeling for senior undergraduate and graduate students.

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