Cristian Cantir

Cristian Cantir

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Cristian Cantir
Assistant professor
Department of Political Science

Cristian Cantir joined Oakland’s Department of Political Science in September 2011 after earning his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. Since then, he has been busy teaching and mentoring students, while serving on numerous departmental committees. In his first year, he served as the department library coordinator and received a faculty fellowship award to conduct research on executive-legislative conflict in countries that participated in the “coalition of the willing” during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

In his time at Oakland, he has taught four courses: Introduction to International Relations, Theories of International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy and Comparative Foreign Policy. The latter is a new course Dr. Cantir developed that focuses on the foreign policies of major countries outside of the United States. He hopes to turn it into a permanent course offering, and he also has an interest in teaching other relevant topics, such as the history of international relations.

This past year, Dr. Cantir was honored with an Inspiration Award from Oakland’s Honors College for mentoring a student who presented a paper at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference. The event drew more than 5,700 presenters from the United States and 55 other countries.

Dr. Cantir is an active member of the International Studies Association and regularly attends the organization’s annual conference.

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