Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo

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Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo
Assistant professor
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. He joined OU in fall 2010 after graduating from the University of Chicago with a doctorate in Spanish Literature. Earlier, he received a Fullbright Scholarship to complete his M.A. at Wayne State University.  

Dr. Campoy-Cubillo’s research interests include postcolonial studies, feminism, Spanish cultural studies and comparative literature. In October 2012, he published his book, Memories of the Maghreb: Transnational Identities in Spanish Cultural Production, an in-depth study of cultural representations of the Spanish colonization of North Africa. Despite the crucial role that the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco played in the radicalization of the colonial officers – which eventually led to the Spanish Civil War – this chapter of Spanish history has only recently begun to be analyzed.

Memories of the Maghreb explores how the Spanish colonization of North Africa at the turn of the twentieth century continues to haunt Spain's efforts to articulate a national identity that can accommodate both the country's diversity brought about by immigration from its old colonies, and the post-national demands of its integration in the European Union. The book is available at bookstores and online retailers.

Dr. Campoy-Cubillo is especially interested in analyzing the material conditions that have contributed to the development of Spanish colonial discourse and its re-articulation in contemporary Spain. His most recent projects focus on the representation of Spanish colonial presence in North Africa in contemporary Spanish novels and documentaries.

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