Focus2 OU

Focus2 OU encourages self-discovery and provides a path to the right major and occupations that best fit your interests and skills!

Login using your Oakland University NetID and password to begin self-assessments focused on work, values, personality, skills and leisure. Your combined results provide a plan for you to follow as you find what areas of interest are your best fit. The results of each assessment allow you to click on OU majors and continue exploring how our programs meet your needs and future goals.

Questions? General questions about Focus2 OU can be directed to Career Services or the FYAC at or


Each of the assessment results link you directly with specific OU majors that connect to your unique interests. If you only have time to take one or two of them, your best go-to resources are the work interest assessment and values assessment for quick results.


After you’ve discovered your path at OU, find what you can do after graduation using Focus2 OU! All of the assessments work together to find various occupation paths for you. If you only have time for a few, we recommend you take the work interest assessment and the skills assessment for quick results. You can also explore any occupation using this tool and even compare multiple occupations. You can explore trends about that field like job outlook, earning and salary information, education requirements, professional associations and more!

Industries and Job Family

If you’re not sure what to major in or what you want to do as an occupation, discover the industry (also known as Job Family) that you want to work in using Focus2 OU. Using the Explore Occupations by Job Family tool, you can discover occupations based on job families. Let’s say you know that you want to work in healthcare, but you’re not sure which occupation suits you best - this tool will help you discover the occupations in that job family!

After the Assessments

After you complete the assessments, we highly encourage you to speak with a professional on campus to evaluate your results.

Follow up with Career Services if your results have an effect on your career path or you’re ready to get an internship in your field.

Follow up with the First Year Advising Center if your results have an effect on your major or path at OU. If you’re an undecided student and you’re ready to decide a major after completing Focus2 OU, or if your Focus2 OU results made you want to change your current major - the FYAC is here to help!

Follow up with your academic advisor if your results have an effect on the classes that you plan on taking to fulfill your major/minor.

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