Bear Bus Shuttle Program

Hamlin Hall, Room 406
550 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
(location map)

Bear Bus FAQs

Are there any additional places on campus where I can find out more about the Bear Bus program?

Yes. Bear Bus information boards are set up at the mail desk in Hamlin Hall (4th Floor), the mail desk in Vandenberg Hall (1st Floor), and the 4000 building in the Ann V. Nicholson student apartments. These boards will offer weekly updates to the Bear Bus program, discuss upcoming special drive trips, and provide any additional useful information for the campus community.

I want the Bear Bus to go to a certain location each week since I don’t have a car. Is this possible to set up?

We have received several questions regarding the use of the Bear Bus for weekly off-campus trips to community colleges, churches, etc. At this time, the Bear Bus program has set routes determined by the Oakland University Department of Housing and the OU Student Congress; drives outside of normal hours of operation are reserved for one-time special drive occasions. Therefore, the Bear Bus is unable to accommodate weekly drives to locations other than the ones that have been predetermined by OU Housing and Student Congress.

If I am an OU staff or faculty member,  am I able to use the Bear Bus Services?


I am an OU resident and I have a guest staying with me overnight.  Is my guest able to use the Bear Bus, too?

Yes, but only with On-Campus routes. Off-Campus routes require an OU ID.

Can I call a Bear Bus and have them pick me up and drive me to any location on the predetermined route?

No. Unlike a cab driving service, the Bear Bus vehicles strictly follow assigned routes. If you need to get to a certain location on campus, you will need to ride the Bear Bus until it arrives at your particular stop. 

If a route stops at 2:30 a.m., does that mean I can be at the Bear Bus stop by 2:30 a.m. and still get a ride home?

The main concern of the Bear Bus is to provide safe transportation to any and all members of the OU campus community, and we will never leave a student stranded at any off-campus location. However, we ask that you arrive to your given stop no later than a half hour prior to the end of a given route time (in this case, arrive at your stop by 2 a.m.). This allows the driver to plan accordingly for any riders that have not been accounted for.

Where can I find stop times for the Bear Bus?

Due to the fact traffic, both on campus and off, is unpredictable, we do not list stop times for the Bear Bus.

How do I know where the Bear Bus is?

Visit or download the App (available on Android and iPhone) to see our vehicles moving in real time. Or give us a call!

How do I know what vehicle is running?

Please visit our Hours of Operation page, or visit or download the App (available on Android and iPhone) to see our vehicles moving in real time

Why didn't the Bear Bus driver answer my call?

If you called while we are operating, there may be a few reasons.

 1. You may have called the phone of a shuttle that is not operating

 2. We may be driving. If we are driving, we cannot answer the phone due to safety issues. However, you do not need to leave a voice-mail, the driver will call you back when they are at their next stop.

Does the Bear Bus make trips to Beacon Hill?

University Housing is not affiliated with any off-campus apartment facilities and, therefore, Bear Bus cannot offer any shuttle service to Beacon Hill.

My question wasn't answered.

You can call us at (248) 370-4177, e-mail us at, tweet us at @OUBearBus, or come to RHA on Thursdays at 7 p.m. to speak to a Bear Bus Supervisor!