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National Letter of Intent

The National Letter of Intent (NLI) is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and an NLI member institution. With the agreement, a prospective student-athlete agrees to attend the institution full-time for one academic year (two semesters) and the institution agrees to provide athletics financial aid for at least one academic year (two semesters). If a student-athlete does not fulfill the NLI agreement, he or she has to serve one year in residence (full-time, two semesters) at the next NLI member institution and lose one season of competition in all sports. For more information regarding NLIs, visit the NCAA site.

Prospects Who May Sign a NLI:

In order to sign a NLI, a high school or preparatory school prospective student-athlete must first register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and complete the amateurism certification questionnaire.

The following prospective student-athletes may sign a NLI:
  • Prospective student-athletes who will be attending a four-year institution in the fall for the first time as full-time students.
  • 4-2-4 transfer student-athlete who is graduating from a two-year college.
Financial Aid Requirement

A NLI must be accompanied by a financial aid agreement from the institution.

Coaching Changes

A NLI is an agreement with an institution and not a particular coach. For example, if a coach leaves an institution after a prospective student-athlete signs a NLI, the prospective student-athlete remains bound the by the provisions of the NLI.

Dead Period Restrictions

The NLI initial signing date is surrounded by a dead period that starts at 12:01 AM on Monday prior to the initial date of signing and ends Thursday at midnight after the initial date of signing. No in-person on- or off-campus contacts are permitted during a dead period. In sports other than football, you may make unlimited telephone calls to prospects on the initial date for signing a NLI and the two days following the initial date of signing.

Recruiting Ban after Signing

Once a prospective student-athlete signs a valid NLI, other institutions may not call, write or have contact with the prospect or the prospect's parents.