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File Imaging / BDM

File Imaging / BDM


We have a tool in Development and Alumni Relations called Banner Document Managment (BDM), our file imaging software. This software stores documents that would normally be filed in a file cabinet. Each stored image can be indexed / related to a specific constituent that also exists in Banner. Listed below are the document type codes that currently exist:

  • Alumni Class Notes
  • Annual Endowment Reports
  • Applications - Archived
  • AUFD Backup
  • Aux Record Corr Conversion Records
  • Batch Backups
  • Board Resolution
  • Contact Reports
  • Correspondence - Email
  • Correspondence - Memo
  • Correspondence - Other
  • Correspondence - TY/Gifts
  • Death Record
  • Duplicate PIDMs
  • General News Clipping
  • Gift Agreements
  • Gift Documents
  • IT Tickets
  • Legal Documents
  • Name Change
  • Photos
  • Profile Data
  • Proposals
  • See Also

It is every staff member's responsibility to take full advantage of this tool not only by viewing documents but by providing documents to file imaging technician for scanning into BDM. By providing documents for scanning, it will be easier for current and future staff to find important information on constituents of OU. 

Please make sure that the information on any document given to the file imaging technician for scanning only contains pertinent information that could further the mission of Development and Alumni Relations and OU.

When you provide documents for scanning, they can be provided electronically or hard copy. Either way, specific information is needed in order to index the document properly for ease of future look-up. Below is a link to a form that needs to be provided along with documents to be scanned.

For University Advancement Staff Only. If you need training on BDM, either for viewing data or for providing documents to be scanned, please contact Brian Montgomery, the File and Imaging Clerk for UA. (If you do not work for University Advancement please contact Lou Kondek for any BDM-related questions.)

Document Imaging Index Form