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Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change
5/23/2014, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Randall Jamrok will be discussing how sustainable local urban gardens can provide the community with significant nourishment throughout the world. He will discuss examples from his own experience in the Cuba and the Chicago area.

Randall Jamrok will also discuss how elements used in these urban gardens can be used to improve the health and productivity of your own garden. 

This presentation includes interactive discussion on developing resilient social systems in the Michigan community, and permaculture solutions in the face of global climate change.

Randall Jamrok is an educator, designer, and permaculturist. He received his permaculture training through Midwest Permaculture and Sepp Holzer. He was a presenter at the International Permaculture convergence in Cuba and is author of the booklet “Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change,” based on knowledge gained at the convergence.

About Permaculture:
Permaculture is an internationally recognized and accredited ecologically based design system for sustainable, regenerative human environments that synthesize food, water, energy, infrastructure, community and waste into a whole-systems methodology.

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