Accounts Payable
West Vandenberg Hall, Room 121
502 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452

General Information

Oakland University follows the Internal Revenue Service Accountable Plan Rules for travel reimbursement and will therefore pay only reasonable and necessary travel expenses for travel that:

  • Has a business connection and is reasonable
  • Has reasonable accounting for all expenses
  • Excess reimbursements are repaid in a reasonable time
  • Does not exhibit a pattern of abuse or exceptions

All Travelers must submit a Travel Expense Summary form for every instance of travel, regardless of whether or not reimbursement is owed.

  • TES forms are due to Accounts Payable within 60 days of return from travel
  • Supervisor approval is required on every TES
  • A fund signer signature is required on TES forms only when the supervisor is not a fund signer
  • If travel is being charged to a grant fund, the TES must be stamped by the Office of Research Administration

For a complete look at Oakland University's travel policies and procedures follow the link in the AP/Purchasing Policies section in the left sidebar to access policy #1200 "Travel".