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Meadow Brook Musings
By John Callaghan          

These can be trying times in the teaching profession:  NCLB, AYP, Michigan Merit Curriculum mandates, Michigan Merit Exam results, GLCEs and HSCEs- add to that a little dash of public hostility toward our profession as "accountability" and a failing economy seem to sit more and more on our shoulders.  One can't help feeling the pressure of such conditions and also feeling at times like a scapegoat.  Read More>>>
Podcasting Advanced Institute
By Lori Ostergaard                

On Saturday, March 7th, a dozen of us gathered at a computer lab on Oakland's campus for the MBWP's first advanced institute on podcasting. I'm calling this the "first" advanced institute on podcasting because I, for one, am already looking forward to the next one.  Read More>>>
Mystery Writing Workshop
By Laura Gabrion                         

They arrived from communities near and far on a blustery day in February.  They came armed with imagined characters, invented clues and alibis, and, of course, red herrings.  They were also excited that, as advertised, they would be creating fingerprints and DNA samples.  Who were these people?  Read on to solve the mystery! Read More>>>
My Experience with the
Mystery Writing Workshop

By Annmarie Amatulli                   

I volunteered to help at the Meadow Brook Writing Project's Mystery Writing Workshop.  I continue to see the importance of writing in my classes and have embraced my own love of writing.  So the volunteering came natural to me.  We scheduled the workshop for a Saturday at Oakland University and designed the activities to help student writers improve their writing skills and have fun at the same time.  The 27 students ranged from grades 3 to 5 and were eager to participate in a hand-on mystery writing experience that included plenty of science as well.  Read More>>>
The Motown Word Fest:
The Power of Language Celebrated
By John Jeffire                         

On an unusually warm and sunny March afternoon in Metropolitan Detroit, over 150 high school students and adult lovers of poetry, music, and language gathered for the first annual Motown Word Fest at Chippewa Valley High School. From world-renowned veterans like Jessica Care Moore to novice student poets and musicians, the day was filled with fellowship and celebration of expression. Read More>>>
The Power of Author's Talk
By Cheryl Tomlinson                   

"By way of demonstration, Kiotsch uttered a fearful yell, gnashed his teeth, and dashed up and down the walls. He panted, snorted, whistled, screamed, swung from the light fixtures, and dripped green on various desks. Ms. Lipshutz's colleagues paid no attention. Worse things happen in Manhattan." (Excerpt from Flights of Fantasy). "Wow, Mrs. Tomlinson, this is such a descriptive vision of this mythical character. Perhaps I'll describe my dragon using similar language," said Cortez. "Yes, Cortez, there is power in listening to and reading about a genre, then writing your very own, using your own words and images."   Read More>>>
Member News

Mary Cox was accepted to the Room of Her Own Writing Retreat at the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Mary will attend the retreat from August 10th through the 16th.  During that week, Mary and a group of sixty-our women writers will gather at Georgia O'Keeffe's famous ranch where they'll develop texts alongside award-winning writers and professionals in the publishing field. Read More>>>
Spring 2009
Volume 1, Issue 2
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July 6-31, 2009
We are now now accepting applications and nominations for participation in its Invitational Summer Institute for teachers to be held at Oakland University. The institute provides a community of teachers with an opportunity to support each other with innovative ideas and practices to take back to classrooms. More information about the ISI is available here. To apply online, go here.

August 7-8, 2009
MBWP in conjunction with the Wayne State Writing Project will sponsor a Professional Writing Retreat this August. This overnight retreat will provide time for writing, professional consultations, and the support of writing groups.
Additional additional information about the retreat and applications will be available at the MBWP website in May.
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