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Message from the Dean of the SBA

Dean Mohan Tanniru
Summer in the School of Business Administration is about connecting to the community. Whether it is through internships, partnerships, workshops, conversations or summer camps, making a difference for students, business, the community and the economy is a top priority for the SBA's Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE).

In fact, in this issue of SBA Insight Online – and the upcoming fall issue of SBA Insight – you'll see concrete examples of how the CIBRE is integrated into the SBA and how that integration is helping transform the state of Michigan through education, outreach and research.

This issue offers you the chance to discover how the SBA is already making a difference. For example, you'll read about how we're partnering with the state to help professionals acquire the skills necessary for success in the 21st century workforce, how new and existing summer camps are giving high school students the chance to explore entrepreneurship and business, and how we're leveraging our connections with the business community to provide valuable internship experiences for SBA students.
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SBA's CIBRE and No Worker Left Behind retool Michigan's workforce together

A life raft for those caught in Michigan's economic storm, the state's No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) program is helping people train for new careers in the emerging knowledge-based economy. Workers with NWLB funding are turning to Oakland University's School of Business Administration for undergraduate, graduate and professional education certificate programs to acquire the skills necessary for the 21st century workforce.

With support through the NWLB program, Anne Stebbins enrolled in the SBA's Paralegal Certificate Program to prepare for a new career as a paralegal. An employment generalist at Chrysler's Warren Truck Plant, she was laid off in 2007.
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Creating a New Economic Dialogue with China focus of September seminar

What are the enablers and challenges that prevent US companies from doing business in China? What are the roadblocks for Chinese companies to set up business operations in the US (Michigan)? Learn the answers to these questions and participate in stimulating discussions with local and international experts at OU's Woodcock Legacy Seminar Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Attendees will get a chance to hear from and network with Chinese and American government and business leaders as well as participate in discussions with experts who understand how doing business in the global economy is built on good relationships that bridge culture, etiquette and politics.

Confirmed speakers include: Consul General Huang Ping, PRC Consulate, Chicago, Wei Shen, President, BridgeConnect Foundation, and Marketing Manager for GM's Premium Channel and Peter Theut, Butzel Long, Global Trade Initiatives. Jerome Hill (CAS '70), counsel, Butzel Long, will moderate the panel discussions.  
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 Celebrate 40 Years of Excellence

Everyone is invited to join the SBA as it celebrates its 40th anniversary at a series of special events recognizing the contributions of its expert faculty members, success of its graduates, and the tremendous growth in the school's reputation in the business and rsearch communities.

Three events catering to the different interests and needs of alumni, partners, friends and others are scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 8, through Saturday, Oct. 10:

• SBA Alumni, Faculty and Friends Golf, Thursday, Oct. 8
• International Business Conference: The Future of Business Leadership, Friday, Oct. 9
• 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Saturday, Oct. 10.  
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SBA supporter helps students finance study abroad trip 


 Aaron Boesky

Before moving to Hong Kong and successfully launching Marco Polo Investments, the world's only Shanghai Stock Market specialized hedge fund manager founder Aaron Boesky turned to Oakland University to learn everything he could about creating a global business. As a post-bachelor's student, he delved into courses such as SBA's International Economics and the College of Arts and Sciences' Mandarin Chinese and Chinese History while preparing for his new venture.

"All of my courses contributed greatly to my decision to move to China and open Marco Polo," says Boesky. "In addition, Oakland University provided me with the opportunity to study in Beijing at the Beijing Foreign Affairs University -- an experience I will never forget."

With a desire to ignite similar passion among the SBA's current student body, Boesky returned to OU last winter to share his enthusiasm and insight for international business with a group of SBA scholars. Boesky encouraged them to take advantage of the chance to study abroad, even going as far as offering to pay for airfare to China.
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International audience seeks OU professor's take on financial crisis


Professor J. Austin Murphy

As the financial crisis continues to play out in this country, increasing numbers of researchers are turning to a voice from Oakland University's School of Business Administration for answers.

A paper by OU Finance Professor J. Austin Murphy has been among the top ten downloaded papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). The Internet network serves as an international clearinghouse for social science research.

Murphy's piece, "An Analysis of the Financial Crisis of 2008: Causes and Solutions," assigns most of the blame for the country's financial crisis to the faulty pricing of credit default swaps. He describes credit default swaps as insurance policies for investments in debt. Their mispricing is the result of theoretical modeling based on unrealistic assumptions, he writes. And the widespread, unregulated use of these swaps left the market vulnerable to disaster when the country started seeing unprecedented levels of residential mortgage defaults.
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Organization gives SBA students experience, confidence to pursue goals

Brennon Edwards doesn't hold back when he describes the impact participating in the SBA's Students in Free Enterprise +(SIFE) organization has had on his life.

"It was the best experience I had in college by far," says Edwards, who spent a year and a half as the chapter president before graduating this spring with a degree in public administration.

SIFE is an international organization comprising more than 35,000 students representing 1,400 colleges and universities in 41 countries, chapter adviser Wayne Blizman says.

Like OU's other student organizations, SIFE strives to give students opportunities for growth they wouldn't necessarily receive in the classroom. SIFE members participate in community outreach activities that prepare them for a future as socially responsible business leaders.
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Local communities offer students first-rate internships

 Natalia Pulawska
Connecting with the business community – across the globe or across the street – opens the door to valuable experiences for SBA students. In fact, the SBA's – and OU's -- strong partnership with neighbors Rochester and Rochester Hills is bringing SBA students real-world experience through a variety of internships.

In Rochester Hills, OU President Gary Russi is co-chair of the Mayor's Business Council, a group of government, business and academic leaders focused on economic development, and Mohan Tanniru, dean, OU's School of Business Administration, is a part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation subcommittee. Through this collaboration, the SBA's Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) is offering business expertise -- and interns -- to the city.

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Summer camps promote relationships between SBA, business world and high school students

 IA campers working on a project
In business, relationships are critical.

That's why the SBA's Center for Integrated Business Research and Education (CIBRE) constantly works to connect business professionals, students and academicians to address and shape the future of business research and business education locally, regionally and globally.

One significant approach CIBRE employs is community outreach through two summer camp programs this year. While the camps focus on two very different subjects – entrepreneurship and general business – and different high school populations, both give area high school students opportunities to explore subjects of interest with help from OU students and local business representatives.
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The OU experience and persistence leads to success for GMAC VP

An Ivy League education isn't necessary to land powerful positions and lucrative careers. Just ask Toni Simonetti (CAS '79, MBA '90), vice president of global communications and chief communications officer for GMAC Financial Services. She earned her degrees from Oakland University.

"I appreciate and respect the Ivy League schools. They are great institutions," Simonetti says. "At the end of the day, however, individuals are responsible for their own learning process. I acquired a great skill set from Oakland University and I enjoyed my time there. It worked for me."

It worked for her indeed. Born and raised in Michigan, Simonetti enrolled at OU as an undecided major. After taking journalism and French courses her first semester, she had her major and minor mapped out.
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