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For Immediate Release
Monday, Aug. 19, 2013

Badenoch to use $50K grant to design military vehicle enhancements

     Sterling Heights, Mich. – The new Michigan Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Matching Funds Program (MD.MFP), hosted by the Macomb-OU INCubator, recently kicked off its award process by granting $50,000 in matching funds to Badenoch LLC, a Michigan small business conducting research and development in the defense and energy industries.

     Badenoch was awarded a DARPA contract to prove a radical new concept for combat vehicles that promise to save lives and limbs of soldiers by neutralizing the effects of improvised explosive devices, or roadside bombs. With the addition of the MD.MFP award, Badenoch will collaborate with General Dynamics Land Systems to build a prototype and conduct a series of blast tests to prove the concept in live fire testing.

     "For us, the MEDC's MD.MFP is a godsend. Sequestration and an unpredictable federal budget process have brought challenges to Michigan's research community, and the funds from MD.MFP will allow us to move forward with confidence knowing that both our state and DARPA are behind us," said Scott Badenoch, founder and CEO of Badenoch LLC.

     The MD.MFP award to Badenoch will have long-term military impact by lessening combat-induced traumatic brain injury and limb loss, as well as economic impact by creating and retaining jobs. Local prime contractors are anticipated to compete for contracts requiring the new technology, which is valued in the multi-billions of dollars.

     "Many DARPA awarded engagements are directed towards projects that are at the zenith of defense research and development innovation. These advanced activities sometimes mature into commercial applications and have led to the birth and evolution of new industries, including pre-Internet, global positioning systems technology and unmanned aerial vehicles," said Larry Herriman, director of MD.MFP and the Macomb-OU INCubator's assistant executive director.

     "As Michigan encourages researchers and entrepreneurs to engage in these activities, we continually prove that we value and support a high-tech, competitive business environment. Our state possesses the talent, resources and capacity to pursue these opportunities, and Michigan can position itself in a manner by which it can be a recipient of more of these advanced projects. Badenoch is proof of this."

     Through the Macomb-OU INCubator, the Michigan DARPA Matching Funds Program brings more coveted research and development dollars to Michigan, creates and retains jobs that enhance the development of cutting-edge technologies and generates opportunities that spur new industries. The incubator collaborates with the defense and business development communities to increase DARPA activity in the State of Michigan. For more information, visit

     Funds for this initiative were provided by the 21st Century Jobs Fund, a Michigan Strategic Fund program designed to accelerate the growth and diversification of Michigan's economy. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), a public-private partnership between the state and local communities, provides administrative support for the 21st Century Jobs Fund. The MEDC markets Michigan and provides the tools and environment to drive job creation and investment. For more information on the 21st Century Jobs Fund Initiative, visit

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