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Meadow Brook Musings              
By John Callaghan          

A few years back (I won't say how many), I tried to imagine what it would be like to retire, but  I couldn't picture anything specific, as some do, such as world travel, tending to grandchildren, or playing multiple rounds of golf.  I could imagine, though, that by the time I handed in my final grade book, the world of learning and teaching would be much different, if not much improved.   Read More>>>
MBWP Teacher-Consultants Take        
a Summer Stroll on WIDE PATHS                
By Cornelia Porkzrywa                     

Meadow Brook Writing Project TCs Rebecca Rivard ('08), Cornelia Pokrzywa ('08), and Shaun Moore ('09) attended the WIDE PATHS conference (Writing in Digital Environments: Pedagogies and Theories) on the campus of Michigan State University, August 10-13, 2009. Read More>>>
The Professional Writing Retreat
By Laura Gabrion                

Ever since my children were small, I imagined the somber day when I would have to drive them to college.  In this vision were plenty of tear-laden hugs and the instant realization that one of my children had, despite my fierce resistance, grown up.  An unexpected ripple disrupted this dream in August when my three children, my husband, and our dog dropped me off at college for thirty hours of writing and sharing the NWP way.  Read More>>>
The 2009 Summer Institute   
By Kathleen Skomski       

To narrow down the MBWP summer 09 institute's offerings to lessons learned, practices and processes observed and discussed, and words written and shared would only skim the surface of the obvious and expected; but the summer institute produced, instilled, and inspired so much more. I think I can speak for all this year's participants when I say that it was the most amazing four weeks of our writing lives. Read More>>>
Implementing "Poetry Friday"          
By Desiree Harrison                      

When I was in middle school, I never understood poetry.  I didn't get the point and sometimes it frustrated me when other people picked up a book of poetry to read just for pleasure.  I had never gotten any pleasure out of poetry, so how could they?  Read More>>>
The Gallery of Writing in                          
Social Networks
An Interview with Cornelia Pokrzywa 
By Lori Ostergaard                      

On October 20, 2009, writers around the country celebrated the first National Day on Writing. As a part of the celebrations, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) sponsored a National Gallery of Writing where writers could contribute everything from business letters to poems, emails to research papers. MBWP's own Cornelia Pokrzywa proposed and curated her own gallery on social networking sites: "Add to Friends: Writing in Social Networks." Read More>>>
New Tools for Composition          
By Lori Ostergaard                   

The truly odd thing about my appointment as Technology Liaison for the Meadow Brook Writing Project is that I tend to be a bit of a technology skeptic, even a technophobe. More often than not, the technology I use in my classes fails me   Read More>>>
A Room of Her Own          
By Mary Cox                  

This summer I had the wonderful experience of attending a writers' workshop with a four-year-old organization, A Room of Her Own – AROHO.  I learned about the organization and the workshop from the list serve of NWP's Urban Sites Network. Read More>>>
Member News

Congratulations go out to John Jeffire. John placed 7th out of 100 top finalists in the 78th Annual Writer's Digest Screenwriting Contest for his adaptation of his novel Motown Burning.

Please join us in also congratulating Cornelia Pokrzywa who has recently been awarded a $2000 Building the Civic Net grant. Cornelia's grant will help to create a "Rochester Oral History Archive," a publicly available digital archive of oral histories from Rochester area residents ages 55 and older. Read More>>>
Winter 2009
Volume 1, Issue 3
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November 21, 2009
The Renaissance City website (edited by MBWP TC John Jeffire) will have its official launch party at Maxwell's Arts and Treasures in Garden City.  Festivities commence at 7 p.m. and will feature music, poetry, and food. For more information, contact John at

July 5-30, 2010

We are now now accepting applications and nominations for participation in our 2010 Invitational Summer Institute for teachers to be held at Oakland University. The institute provides a community of teachers with an opportunity to support each other with innovative ideas and practices to take back to classrooms. More information about the ISI is available here. To apply online, go here.

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